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PRC Online Renewal: How to Renew PRC License?

PRC Online Renewal - How to renew PRC License?

Every Filipino who passed the board examination is entitled to have a PRC License or also known as the PRC Identification Card (PIC). This card has three years of validity. For the professionals to continue practising their profession, PIC has to undergo a renewal process days or months before its expiration. Some registered professionals are familiar with the PRC Online Renewal, and some are not especially those newly board exam passers. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

PRC Renewal Requirements


Before anything else, PRC is now checking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit units as one of the requirements for renewal. The good thing is that you can still renew your PIC without full CPD compliance until December 2020. Renewal is accepted, however, you have to submit an Affidavit of Undertaking. The New PRC ID Renewal Form has now already included this section so you don’t have to print another document for this.

CPD IRR (Resolution No. 2019-1146)

On February 13, 2019, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) issued Resolution No. 2019-1146.

PRC Online Renewal

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has implemented the use of LERIS or the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System. It is a Registration System in the form of a website for basic professional services like Exam Application, Initial Registration, and PRC License Renewal.

Every applicant is now required to use the LERIS for PRC Online Renewal. You must complete first this process to generate a particular form. That form is also one of the requirements that you need to submit to their office.

In this tutorial, you will learn about PRC Online Renewal. You can read below the step-by-step process on how to renew the Professional Identification Card (PIC).

  1. Go to

    If you don’t have a LERIS account, you have to prepare first the following:

    – Your e-mail address (with password)
    – Your mobile number (ex. 09271234567)
    – Personal data (including date of graduation)
    – ID photo in .jpg format saved on your computer, phone or tablet.
    (You can request an e-file if you have your ID photo taken at a photo studio.)
    – Valid ID Card or Cedula

    1. Read the terms of service
    2. Click the “I Agree” button

    If you already have a LERIS account, you may now sign in.
    3. Click the “Sign In” tab and proceed to step 3

  2. Fill out the form

    If you already have the requirements listed above, you may now create an account.

    1. Input First Name
    2. Input Middle Name
    3. Input Last Name
    4. Input Suffix (leave blank if none)
    5. Select Gender
    6. Input Civil Status
    7. Input Birthdate
    8. Input E-mail address
    9. Input desired password (Password must be at least 6 characters and composed of letters, numbers and special characters)

  3. Sign In to your account

    To sign in, follow the steps below:

    1. Input Username (e-mail address)
    2. Input Password
    3. Click to login

  4. Fill out personal information

    Fill out the form of your personal information. Always check the spelling especially the names.

    1. Select Citizenship
    2. Select Birthplace
    3. Select the answer to prompt
    4. Input address
    5. Select Town/City, Province
    6. Input Mobile number
    7. Input Telephone number
    8. Input an Alternate E-mail address (If there is any)
    A. Input Father’s full name
    B. Select Father’s Citizenship
    C. Input Mother’s full name
    D. Select Mother’s Citizenship

  5. Continue filling out the information

    Scroll down to continue filling out information.

    1. Select School Attended
    2. Select the Course taken
    3. Input Date of Graduation
    4. Answer the prompt (Then input the necessary info)
    5. Input a Valid ID number
    6. Input the place where ID was issued
    7. Input Issuance date of ID
    8. Answer the prompt
    9. Select the option concerning notifications
    A. Click to save information (Click the next button to confirm saving of information)
    B. Click on the box if the transaction is for Renewal of PRC ID

  6. Upload your photo

    1. Click the button to proceed
    2. Read the photo requirements
    3. Read the guidelines
    4. Click to upload a photo
    5. Click to choose a photo to upload
    6. Click to zoom in or out of the photo
    7. Click to confirm uploading of photo

  7. Select Transaction

    1. Click to select a transaction
    2. Select Renewal Tab
    3. Select Profession
    4. Input Application Number
    5. Click to confirm the selection

  8. Set an appointment and select payment method

    1. Select PRC Regional Office or Service Center
    2. Click to Proceed
    3. Select the payment option

    Note: If you select PRC -Cashier then you have to pay at the selected appointment place.

    A. Click to select other schedules
    B. Select a new appointment date
    C. Input reason for selecting a new appointment date
    D. Click to confirm the new appointment or cancel the selection

  9. Process the transaction

    1. Click to proceed
    2. Select Payment Option
    3. Click to submit the selection
    4. Click to agree to the Terms and Conditions
    5. Input account number
    6. Input PIN number
    7. Click to submit
    8. Click to confirm

  10. Continue the process

    1. Click to proceed
    2. Click to go back to the profile page

    A. Click to Print Transaction Details
    B. Print sample

  11. Print the document

    1. Click to see Existing Transactions
    2. Click to see Payment Details
    3. Click to Print the document
    4. Click to start printing

    (Proceed to the PRC Regional Office or Service Center you chose at the given appointment date to submit all required documents)

    For technical concerns, please email at [email protected]
    For payment concerns, please email at [email protected] or call at 405-7000

You have now the idea about the PRC Online Renewal. If you followed the steps above, you could complete the online process. Next to this process is the submission of requirements to the PRC. Make sure that you prepared and secured all of those before going to the PRC office.

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