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Mathematics Basic Operations Worksheets Generator

Use this tool to generate random Mathematics Basic Operation (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division) Worksheets. Feel free to customize the worksheet below.

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Columns:     Rows:
(These will determine the number of items)

Numbers Possible Values

Value 1  – This is the first/upper digit (Addends, Minuend, Factor 1, or, Dividend)
Min:    Max:
Fixed Value:
Value 2  – This is the last/lower digit (Addends, Subtrahend, Factor 2, or, Divisor)
Min:    Max:
Fixed Value:
Value 3  – This is the answer (Sum, Difference, Product, or Quotient)
Min:     Max:
Fixed Value:

Here’s how Value 1, Value 2, and Value 3 work:
  • In addition and/or subtraction:
    Value 1 and Value 2 are the two numbers to be added or subtracted, and Value 3 is the answer.
  • In multiplication:
    Value 1 is one factor, Value 2 is second factor, and Value 3 is the answer.
  • In division:
    Value 1 is the dividend, Value 2 is the divisor, and Value 3 is the answer.
  • In Multiplication/Division things are different:
    In this option, Value 3 is the largest number (the answer for multiplication, and the dividend for division). Values 1 and 2 are the other two numbers (factors in multiplication, and divisor & answer for division). I am sorry for this discrepancy; however it allows for you to make, for example, multiplication/division equations based on basic multiplication tables by setting values 1 and 2 both to be from 2 to 12.

Worksheet Options

Spacing – This is the space below each item
Extra space below “horizontal” operation:

Extra space below “vertical” operations:

Multiplication symbol:
*    x    ·

Division symbol:
/    ÷

Exact division (no remainder) (division only)
No negative answers (subtraction only)
No regrouping in subtraction (borrowing) in any of the problems
Force regrouping in subtraction (borrowing) in all problems
Leave both boxes concerning regrouping unticked if you want problems with and without regrouping in the same worksheet.
Missing addend/subtrahend/minuend/factor/dividend/divisor problems
Use a variable instead of a blank line for the answer (horizontal problems only)
Switch the “=”-sign randomly beginning/end (2 + 4 = ___ versus ___ = 2 + 4)
Switch value 1 and value 2 randomly

Worksheet Design



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