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Monthly Activities and Celebrations SY 2020-2021

Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021

The Department of Education (DepEd) released the DepEd Order (DO) No. 7, S. 2020 titled “School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2020-2021“. The DO contains enclosures and one of those is the Monthly Activities and Celebrations/Observances Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021.

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 DepEd Order No. 007, s. 2020 (Enclosure 3)

Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021

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Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021 (Page 1)

Month/ Date

Activities and/or Observances

Legal Bases





Health Workers Day

Republic Act (RA) No. 10069


Commemoration of the Philippine-Australia

Friendship Day

Presidential Proclamation

(PP) No. 1282, s. 2016

May 28-

June 12

National Flag Day Celebration

RA No. 8491, s. 1998

PP No. 374, s. 1965

Executive Order (EO) No.

179, s. 1994


World No Tobacco Day

Res WHA 42.19, 1988







Dengue Awareness Month

PP No. 1204, s. 1998

National Kidney Month

PP No. 184, s. 1993

W.A.T.C.H. (We Advocate Time

Consciousness and Honesty Month

PP No. 1782, s. 2009


World Environment Day

PP No. 1149, s. 1973

3rd week

National Safe Kids Week

PP No. 1307, s. 2007


Department of Education Founding


Administrative Order (AO)

No. 322, s. 1997


International Day Against Drug Abuse and

Illicit Trafficking

PP No. 264, s. 1988


Commemoration of the Historic Siege of Baler and Philippine-Spanish Friendship


RA No. 9187, s. 2003





National Disaster Resilience Month

EO No. 29, s. 2017

Nutrition Month

PP No. 491, s. 1974

3rd Week

National Disability Prevention and

Rehabilitation Week

PP No. 361, s. 2000

PP No. 1870, s. 1979


Commemoration of the Philippine-Japan

Friendship Day

PP No. 854, s. 2005


Career Guidance Week for High School


DepEd Order (DO) No. 25,

s. 2013

Last Week

Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino

PP No. 933, s. 2014






Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa

Proklamasyon Blg. 1041, s.



PP No. 282, s. 2017

National Adolescent Immunization Month

Department of Health

(DOH) Calendar 2020

National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

RA No. 10028, s. 2009

National Lung Month

PP No. 1761 s. 1978

Sight Saving Month

DOH Calendar 2019


Philippine History Month

PP No. 339, s. 2012


White Cane Safety Day

RA No. 6759, s. 1989

1st Week

Sight Conservation Week

PP No. 40, s. 1954


National Indigenous Peoples Day

RA No. 10689, s. 2015


Philippine International Youth Day

PP No. 229, s. 2002

Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021 (Page 2)

Month/ Date

Activities and/or Observances

Legal Bases


Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary

of President Manuel L. Quezon

RA No. 6741, s. 1989


National Tech-Voc Day

RA No. 10970, s. 2018





National Peace Consciousness Month

PP No. 675, s. 2004


National Crime Prevention Week

PP No. 461, s. 1994

DepEd Memorandum (DM)

No. 158, s. 2013


Literacy Week

PP No. 239, s. 1993

September 5 –October


National Teacher’s Month

PP No. 242, s. 2011

DM 99, s. 2015


World Suicide Prevention Day

DOH Calendar 2020


Commemoration of the Anniversary of the

Declaration of Martial Law

PP No. 1081, s. 1972

3rd Sunday

International Coastal Clean-up Day

PP No. 470, s. 2003

3rd Week

Linggo ng Kasuotang Filipino

PP No. 241, s. 1993

4th Monday

Family Day

PP 1895, s. 2009

Last Week

Family Week

PP No. 60, s. 1992





Consumers Welfare Month

PP No. 1098, s. 1997

National Indigenous Peoples (IP) Month

PP No. 1906, s. 2009

Scouting Month

PP No. 1326, s. 1974

1st Week

Elderly Filipino Week

PP No. 470, s. 1994


World Teachers’ Day

DM 46, s. 2016

National Teachers’ Day

RA No. 10743, s. 2016

2nd Week

National Mental Health Week

PP No. 452, s. 1994


Commemoration of the Leyte Gulf Landing

PP No. 653, s. 1993


United Nations Week

PP No. 483, s. 2003

4th Week

Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness


PP 489, s. 2012





Filipino Values Month

PP No. 479, s. 1994

Malaria Awareness Month

PP No. 1168, s. 2006

National Children’s Month

RA No. 10661, s. 2015

Philippine Environment Month

PP No. 237, s. 1998


Library and Information Services Month

PP No. 837, s. 1991


Deafness Awareness Week

PP No. 829, s. 1991

2nd Week

Economic and Financial Literacy Week

RA No. 10922, s. 2016


Global Warming and Climate Change

Consciousness Week

PP No. 1667, s. 2008



National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and

Children (VAWC)

RA No. 10398, s. 2013

National Day for Youth in Climate Action

PP No. 1160, s. 2015


National Day for Youth in Climate Action

PP No. 1160, s. 2015

Nov. 25 –

Dec. 12

18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against

Women (VAW)

PP No. 1172, s. 2006


Araw ng Pagbasa

RA No.10556, s. 2013

4th Week

National Week for the Gifted and Talented

PP No. 199, s. 1999

National Science and Technology Week

PP No. 78, s. 2019

Last Week

National Music Week for Young Artists

PP No. 25, s. 1998


Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021 (Page 3)

Month/ Date

Activities and/or Observances

Legal Bases





World AIDS Day

DM 270, s. 2001


International Day of Persons with

Disabilities in the Philippines

PP No. 1157, s. 2006


Firecrackers Injury Prevention Month

DOH Calendar 2019

Rizal Month

PP No. 126, s. 2001


National Human Rights Consciousness Week

RA No. 9201, s. 2002

2nd Sunday

Linggo ng Kabataan

PP No. 99, s. 1985

2nd Sunday

National Children’s Broadcasting Day

RA No. 8296, s. 1997

2nd Week

Education Week

PP 2399, s. 1985





Food Conservation Week

PP No. 1398, s. 1975

Zero Waste Month

PP No. 760, s. 2014

3rd Week

National Cancer Consciousness Week

PP No. 1348, s. 1974

3rd Week

Autism Consciousness Week

PP No. 711, s. 1996


Commemoration of the First Philippine

Republic Day

RA No. 11014, s. 2018





National Arts Month

PP No. 683, s. 1991

National Dental Health Month

PP No. 559, s. 2004

Philippine Heart Month

PP No. 1096, s. 1973



Adoption Consciousness Day

PP No. 72, s. 1999


International Day of Women and Girls in


UN Gen Assembly


2nd Week

National Awareness Week for the Prevention

of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

PP No. 731, s. 1996

DM No. 5, s. 2015



Safer Internet Day for Children Philippines

PP No. 417, s. 2018


National Children with Intellectual

Disabilities Week

PP No. 1385, s. 1975


EDSA People Power Commemoration Week

PP No. 1224, s. 2007

Last Week

Leprosy Control Week

PP No. 467, s. 1965





Fire Prevention Month

PP No. 115-A, s. 1966

1st Week

Women’s Week

PP No. 224, s. 1988


Women’s Rights and International Peace Day

PP No. 224, s. 1975


Women’s Role in History Month

PP No. 227, s. 1988

4th Week

Protection and Gender-Fair Treatment of the

Girl Child

PP No. 759, s. 1996





National Intellectual Property Month

PP No. 190, s. 2017


Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of

Francisco ‘Balagtas’ Baltazar

PP No. 964, s. 1997


Commemoration of the Araw ng Kagitingan

EO No. 203, s. 1987

RA No. 3022, s. 1961

Monthly Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law SY 2020-2021 is the Enclosure No. 3 of DepEd Order No. 7, S. 2020.

Read more about this DepEd Order: DO No. 7, S. 2020

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