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DepED Hiring Guidelines (Teacher 1 Ranking Process 2023-2024)

DepEd Ranking Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position

After passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), you might already be thinking or planning to have yourself ranked in the Department of Education (DepEd). This is another challenge for all aspiring public school teachers. In this post, you will find the instructions/guidelines on how to apply for a teaching position in the Department of Education. Learn more about the updated (1) DepEd pointing system for hiring/ranking, (2) DepEd Requirements for hiring/ranking (3) Full text of the DepEd ranking/hiring guidelines as per DepEd Order. Read more about DepEd Hiring Guidelines (Teacher 1 Ranking Process 2023-2024) below:

DepEd Hiring Guidelines (Pointing System Criteria)
Before everything else, let’s first enumerate the criteria that will serve as the basis for scoring. It’s important that you know this so that you will be guided in the preparation for your application. Here are the criteria to get the ranking scores:

  • Education – 20 Ranking Points
  • Teaching Experience – 15 Ranking Points
  • LET Rating – 15 Ranking Points
  • Specialized Training Documents – 10 Ranking Points
  • Interview – 10 Ranking Points
  • Demonstration Teaching – 15 Ranking Points
  • Communication Skills – 15 Ranking Points

These DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position were released as DepEd Order No. 7, S. 2015. You can download the full pdf here: DO. No.7, S. 2015

DOWNLOAD: Downloadable Free EPT Reviewer for DepEd Teacher Applicants

DepEd Hiring Guidelines (Teacher 1 Ranking Process 2023-2024)

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The Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes that the success of any education system greatly relies on the competence of its teachers. Hence. one of the primary issues the Department aims to address through its comprehensive implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program is the need for highly competent teachers in public elementary and secondary schools. The program plans to achieve this objective through significantly improving professional standards that will better ensure that the teachers hired are able to substantially contribute to the development of lifelong learners. Furthermore, the hiring system is also set to provide opportunities for the absorption of all qualified kindergarten volunteers and LGU-hired teachers into the national plantilla.

Faithful to the merit and fitness principle of the Civil Service Doctrine of the Constitution and DepEd’s continuing thrust to enhance the quality of basic education, these hiring guidelines are hereby promulgated for Teacher I positions consistent with the pertinent provisions of existing laws, rules and regulations effective School Year 2015-2016.


These guidelines, which will apply to the filling-up of newly created and/or natural vacancies for Teacher I positions in public elementary (including kindergarten) and secondary schools shall cover the following areas/aspects:

2.1 Announcement of Vacancies and Receipt of Applications

2.2 Verification and Validation of Documents Submitted

2.3 Evaluation and Selection of Qualified Applicants

2.4 Appointment of Qualified Applicants

2.5 Monitoring of Division Office Compliance with Hiring Guidelines by the Regional Office

3.0 DEFINITION OF TERMS – DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position

3.1 Applicant refers to a person who holds a valid certificate of registration/professional license as a teacher from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) seeking to be appointed to a Teacher I Position.

3.2 Bonafide resident refers to an applicant who has been residing for at least six (6) months at the barangay, municipality, city or province in which the school being applied to for a teaching position is located, as evidenced by the Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, Revised 2005) and a Voter’s Identification Card or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee.

3.2.1 An applicant who has taught as an LGU-funded teacher, Kindergarten Volunteer Teacher (KVT) or substitute teacher for at least one (1)school year in the barangay, municipality, city or province where the school being applied to for a teaching position is located shall also be considered as a bona fide resident, to be validated by a certificate of employment.

3.3 Locality refers to the barangay, municipality, city or province where the school being applied for is located.

3.4 Qualified applicant refers to an applicant who has been screened and who, therefore, meets the evaluation and selection criteria used by the Schools Division as provided for in the enclosed guidelines.

3.5 Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) refers to the official list cf applicants who obtained an overall score of seventy (70) points and above based on the criteria set and as a result of the evaluation and selection processes.


The following are the rules about DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position:

4.1 Public school teachers requesting for transfer to another station are not considered new applicants and are therefore not subject to these hiring guidelines. DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2013, otherwise known as the “Revised Guidelines on the Transfer of Teachers from One Station to Another” shall be strictly observed.

4.2 Upon a teacher’s appointment, assignment to a station, and acceptance of the position, he or she shall not be transferred to another school until after rendering at least three (3)years of service in that school.

4.3 Residents of the locality, LGU-funded teachers, substitute teachers, volunteer teachers, and Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) graduates under the 1000 Teachers Program (1000TP) shall be subject to these hiring guidelines.

4.4 As provided in Section 26 (b) Paragraph 2 of RA 9293 entitled “An Act Amending Certain Sections of Republic Act Numbered Seventy-eight Hundred and Thirty-six (RA 7836), Otherwise Known as the Philippine Teachers Professionalization. Act of 1994,” teachers who have not practiced their profession for the past five (5) years shall be required to take at least twelve (12) units in education courses, consisting of at least six (6)units of content courses.


Listed below are the requirements for DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position:

5.1 All applicants shall register to the Department’s online system at, where they must encode their Personal Data Sheet and select the division where they want to be ranked. Once submitted, an Applicant Number will be issued. In the submission of application requirements, this Number must be indicated.

a. Each division shall assign an e-mail address (either its official division office’s e-mail or its HR’s e-mail) where the system will forward the applications.

b. Applicants who have already submitted requirements prior to the release of these Guidelines must still register to the online system, after which they shall submit their Applicant Number to the division office.

5.2 An applicant shall submit to the head of elementary or secondary school where a teacher shortage or vacancy (regular and/or natural) exists, a written application, with the Applicant Number indicated, supported by the following documents:

a. CSC Form 212 Revised 2017 in two copies with the latest 2×2 ID picture

b. Certified photocopy of PRC professional identification card or a PRC certification showing the teacher’s name, LET rating, and other information recorded in the PRC Office

c. Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)

d. Certified copy of transcript of records

e. Copies of service records, performance rating, and school clearance for those with teaching experience. If unavailable, the applicant must submit a justification citing the reason/s for unavailability.

f. Certificates of specialized training, if any

g. Certified copy of the Voter’s ID and/or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee

h. NBI Clearance

i. Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant

5.3 The applicant assumes full responsibility and accountability on the validity and authenticity of the documents submitted, as evidenced by the Omnibus certification of authenticity (Item 5.2.i above). Any violation will automatically disqualify the applicant from the selection process.


6.1 The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) shall issue a Memorandum organizing and designating the members of the following committees:

6.1.1 School Screening Committee

6.1.2 Division Selection Committee

6.2 The Committees shall have the following compositions and functions:

6.2.1 School Screening Committee Composition

a. The Committee at the elementary level shall be chaired by the School Head with four (4) teachers as members. In the case of primary. incomplete elementary and multi-grade (MG) schools, the Committee shall be chaired by the cluster school head with four (4)teachers from the cluster schools as members.

b. The Committee at the secondary level shall be chaired by the School Head. The Department Head concerned and three (3) teachers from the different learning areas (as needed based on the school’s vacancies) shall be members. For small secondary schools that do not have department heads, the School Head shall be the Committee Chair with four (4) subject leaders from different learning areas as members.

c. Committee members shall be identified by the School Head using the above-mentioned specifications. The School Head shall then transmit the Composition of the School Screening Committee to the Schools Division Superintendent for the issuance of a corresponding Designation Order. Functions

a. Ensures that the updated lists of vacancies are regularly posted at conspicuous places and at the websites cf schools and teacher education training institutions at all times. The step-by-step procedure in applying for Teacher I positions, including a copy of this Order, must be posted as well.

b. Receives applications and documents.

c. Verifies and certifies as to completeness, veracity, accuracy, and authenticity of documents.

d. Issues a certification to each applicant that it has received the application specifying the documents that have been submitted in support of the application.

i. The School Screening Committee shall not refuse acceptance of any application. If any of the required documents are incomplete or invalid, the Committee shall immediately notify the applicant to facilitate the complete and proper submission of documents.

ii. Regardless of being incomplete or invalid, however, all applications must still be forwarded to the Division Selection Committee, albeit such submissions must be noted and marked by the Committee.

e. Produces copies of the received applications and documents before submitting the original submissions to the Division Selection Committee. The copies are then to be compiled and/or bound, with a table of contents and proper pagination, and are to be kept in the Office of the School Head for records purposes.

6.2.2 Division Selection Committee Composition

For Elementary Schools

Chair: Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) Members:

Three (3)Education Program Supervisors/Specialists Division Chapter President of the Philippine Elementary Schools Principals Association (PESPA)

Division Level President of the Parent-Teacher Association (FTA) Authorized representative of an accredited teachers’ union, as evidenced by the Certificate of Accreditation issued by the Civil Service Commission (CSC)

In the evaluation of SPED elementary applicants, the SPED Division Coordinator shall be part of the Committee.

For MG schools, the Division MG Coordinator shall be part of the Committee.

For Secondary Schools (Grades 7 to 10)

Chair: Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Members:

Three (3)Education Program Supervisors/Specialists

Division Chapter President of the National Association of Public Secondary School Heads, Inc. (NAPSSHI) or the National Association of Secondary Schools of the Philippines (NASSHPHIL)

Division Level President of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Authorized representative of an accredited teacher’s union, as evidenced by a Certificate of Accreditation issued by the Civil Service Commission

In the evaluation of SPED secondary applicants, the SPED Division Coordinator shall be part of the Committee.

a. In schools divisions where there is no ASDS, the Superintendent shall designate an Education Program Supervisor as the Chair of the Division Selection Committee.

b. The official in charge of personnel actions shall provide secretariat services and maintain the minutes of proceedings of the selection and deliberation process. The minutes shall be signed by the Chair and all members of the Division Selection Committee. Functions

a. Receives from the School Screening Committee the list of applicants with the corresponding documents.

b. Verifies the documents submitted by the School Screening Committee as to completeness, accuracy, authenticity, and veracity.

d. Evaluates applicants on Education, Teaching Experience, LET/PBET Rating, Interview, Demonstration Teaching, and Specialized Training and Skills based on the criteria set forth in these guidelines.

e. Reviews and consolidates the results of the individual ratings of applicants, based on the scores they obtained in each criterion for evaluation.

f. Prepares separate division-wide RQAs for Kindergarten, Elementary, and Secondary,

g. Sends to each applicant a written communication detailing the scores he or she has received for each evaluation criterion as well as the final overall rating, signed by the Chair.

h. Secures list of its LGU-funded teachers from the office of the provincial governor, city/municipal mayor, or provincial/city/municipal administrator.

i. Ensures that LGU-funded and volunteer teacher applicants go through the application process as provided for in these guidelines.

j. Submits the complete results of the evaluation of applicants, including pertinent records of deliberations, to the SDS for approval.

6.3 In cases involving applicants who may be assigned in a school located in an indigenous peoples (IP) community and/or serving IP learners, the School and Division Screening Committees may appropriately consult with IP elder(s)/leaders recognized by the community to verify and better assess such applications in reference to relevant provisions of these guidelines.

DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position


DepEd Hiring Guidelines for Teacher 1 Position pointing system – Applicants shall be evaluated using the following criteria:

a. Education20
b. Teaching Experience15
c. LET/PBET Rating15
d. Specialized Training and Skills10
e. Interview10
f. Demonstration Teaching15
g. Communication Skills15

7.1 Education – 20 points

Education shall be rated in terms of the applicant’s academic achievement. Thus, all subjects with corresponding units must be included in the computation.

7.1.1 Rating of Education shall be based on the following equivalents, with 1.0 as the highest and 3.0 as the lowest:

General Weighted Average (GWA)Equivalent PointsGeneral Weighted Average (GWA)Equivalent Points
1.912.602.9 – 3.06.60

When the percentage rating is used, the following table of equivalents shall be used, with 1.0 as the highest and 3.0 as the lowest.

Percentage RatingGWAPercentage RatingGWA
99.00 – 1001.086.50 – 87.502.0
97.75 – 98.751.185.25 – 86.252.1
96.50 – 97.501.284.00 – 85.002.2
95.25 – 96.251.382.75 – 83.752.3
94.00 – 95.001.481.50 – 82.502.4
92.75 – 93.751.580.25 – 81.252.5
91.50 – 92.501.679.00 – 80.002.6
90.25 – 91.251.777.75 – 78.752.7
89.00 – 90.001.876.50 – 77.502.8
87.75 – 88.751.975.00 – 76.252.9 – 3.0

Applicants with non-education degrees shall be rated using their GWAs in their baccalaureate degrees and the eighteen (18)professional units in education.

If the school issues a certification of GWA with a corresponding percentage rating that does not conform to the above table, the committee shall refer to the grading system of the school.

For schools with “unique” grading systems, a corresponding transmutation table shall be constructed.

Applicants with a Master’s Degree (MA or MS) shall be given +1 point, while applicants with a Master’s Degree and with a Doctorate (PhD) shall be given +2 points.

7.1.2 Additional requirements for kindergarten applicants

a. He/she must have obtained any of the following degrees, or its equivalent:


Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science in Preschool Education

Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development

Bachelor in Elementary Education, with specialization in Kindergarten, Preschool or Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Bachelor in Elementary Education, Major in Teaching Early Grades

Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree in discipline allied to Education, such as Psychology, Nursing, Music and Arts, et cetera, with at least 18 units in content courses or subjects in ECE


Bachelor in Elementary Education, Major in Special Education (SPED) with 18 units in ECE

Bachelor of Secondary Education with additional Diploma in ECE including Practice Teaching in Kindergarten Education

Other degree courses and/with at least 18 units in Early Childhood Education

The Division Selection Committee may consider any other similar Bachelor’s degree in Early Education.

b. In cases where there are limited eligible teachers with ECE units, the following measures may be adopted.

Upon appointment, the teacher shall be required by the Schools Division Office (SDO) to earn ECE units gradually. Nine (9)ECE units may be earned at the end of Year 1; eighteen (18) units, Year 2; and twenty-one (21)units, Year 3.

c. Kindergarten teacher applicants must not be more than forty-five (45) years old.

7.1.3 Additional requirements for SPED elementary applicants

a. He/she must possess any cf the following qualifications:

Educational QualificationRequirement
BSEEd-BS Special EducationWith Specialization in SPED-Undergrad
BSEEd/BSSPEdWith 18 Units MA-SPED and 3 years actual teaching in SPED
VS Performance Rating
BSEEd/BSSPEdWith 15 units MA-SPED and 4 years of actual teaching in SPED
VS Performance Rating
BSEEd/BSSPEdWith 12 Units in MA-SPED and 5 years of actual teaching in SPED
VS Performace Rating
BSEEd/BSEWith 9 units MA-SPED and 6 years actual teaching in SPED
VS Performance Rating
BSEEd/BSSPEd/BSEWith teaching experience in SPED or Inclusive Setting
VS Performance Rating

In cases where applicants do not have the appropriate educational qualifications for SPED, they may still be evaluated but shall be categorized separately from those who have met the said requirements.

b. He/she must have at least three (3) years of experience in providing educational services to any of the categories of children with special needs. This is to be verified by a certification from the Principal to be submitted as part of the application.

c. A certification from the Principal that the applicant has had a Very Satisfactory performance rating for the last three (3) years must be submitted as part of the application.

7.1.4 Additional requirements for SPED secondary applicants

He/she must possess any cf the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Special Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education plus 18 units in special education in the graduate level

Bachelor of Secondary Education plus 15 units in special education with 2 years of very satisfactory teaching experience in the regular schools and is willing to be trained within a year

Bachelor of Secondary Education plus 12 units in special education with 4 years of very satisfactory teaching experience in the regular schools and is willing to be trained within a year

Bachelor of Secondary Education plus 9 units in special education with 6 years of very satisfactory teaching experience in the regular schools and is willing to train within a year

Bachelor Of Secondary Education plus 2 years of very satisfactory teaching experience as a SPED teacher

7.2 Teaching Experience – 15 points

Teaching experience in Early Childhood (EC) kindergarten/preschool, elementary, secondary, tertiary, higher education, Special Education (SPED), Alternative Learning System (ALS), Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET), learning institutions offering culture-based education programs for indigenous peoples (IP) – even prior to passing the LET – shall be given 1.50 points for every school year but shall not exceed twelve (12)points.

For every month of service, 0.15 point shall be given.

Example: 8 months = 1.20 points
10 months = 1.50 points

The full 0.15 point per month of teaching experience shall be given to the applicants who have come from schools and institutions that are government-accredited or -recognized. Certificate/s of employment shall be used to determine validity of teaching experience.

Teaching experience of kindergarten volunteer teachers (KVT) and LGU-funded teachers shall merit additional points on top of the score they obtain from the above points system, as follows:

Less than 2 years experience = +1 point
2 to less than 5 years experience = +2 points
5 or more years experience = +3 points

7.3 LET/PBET Rating – 15 points

Equivalent points of applicants rating in the LET/PBET shall be as follows:

LET RatingPointsPBET RatingPoints
87 and above1582 and above15
84 – 861479 – 8114
81 – 831376 – 7813
78 – 801273 – 7512
75 – 771170 – 7211

7.4 Specialized Training and Skills – 10 points

Specialized training for skills development in fields related to the work, duties, and functions of the Teacher I position to be filled shall be given a maximum of 10 points.

In the assignment of points, the following should be met:

Presentation of a certificate of at least ten (10) days’ training – 5 points or nothing

Demonstration of the skill – 5 points or nothing

For applicants who may be assigned to a school located in an IP community and/or serving IP learners, knowledge and proficiency in the language(s) and culture of the concerned IP community shall be validated with the following:

Language proficiency

For those applying to teach in Kindergarten -Grade 3:

Fluency in the community language needed to teach using the mother tongue
Can speak the community’s language with adequate fluency and ease to discuss various concerns with adults in the community2
For those applying to teach in Grades 4-10: Familiarity with the day-to-day conversational language of the community needed to interact with community members and culture-bearers *

(* Culture bearers tire elders, leaders, and other community members recognized for their expertise on particular Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSPs) who are willing to facilitate the learning of IKSPs.)
A certificate or any form of attestation from the IP elder(s)/leaders recognized by the community may be submitted to support this

Can take part in simple conversations using the community’s local language

A certificate or any form of attestation from the IP elder(s)/leaders recognized by the community may be submitted to support this
Familiarity with and respect for the community’s cultureA certificate or any form of attestation from the IP elder(s)/leaders recognized by the community3
Competency in indigenization of the teaching-learning process/Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd)
Has undergone training related to the indigenization of the teaching-learning processPresentation of training certificate/s
5 days
7 days
10 days and over
Has practiced appropriate indigenization of the teaching-learning process in previous teaching engagementsCertification from previous learning institution/s served
1 year
2-3 years
4-5 years
6-7 years
7-9 years
10 years and over

If the total points reached by an applicant exceed ten (10) points, a rating of 10 is given.

7.5 Interview – 10 points

The Division Selection Committee shall interview applicants and ensure that all have equal opportunities to be assessed. Applicants shall be interviewed on topics such as:

  • Professional experiences
  • Instructional skills
  • Technology/computer skills
  • Classroom discipline
  • Classroom management
  • Knowledge of content/materials
  • Planning skills
  • Relationships with administration, staff, parents, and students
  • Personal qualities

Applicants shall be rated based on the competencies and standards indicated below; thus, interview questions should be aligned with these.

Applicants shall be rated based on the competencies and standards indicated below; thus, interview questions should be aligned with these.

I. Teaching Ability: Demonstrates an appropriate knowledge of content and pedagogy

  • Conveys ideas and information clearly
  • Provides reasonable examples cf effective lesson-planning, instructional strategies, and/or student assessment
  • Makes content meaningful to students in the district
  • Sets concrete, ambitious goals for student achievement
  • Addresses the multiple and varied needs of students
  • Focuses on achieving results with students
  • Indicates confidence that all students should be held to high standards
  • Maintains high expectations for students when confronted with setbacks; continues to focus on the students’ academic success
  • Reflects on successes and failures

II. Classroom Management: Demonstrates ability to deal effectively with negative student behavior

  1. Assumes accountability for classroom environment and cultures
  2. Conveys reasonable understanding of potential challenges involved in teaching in a high-need school
  3. Demonstrates ability to deal effectively with negative student behavior
  4. Persists in offering viable or realistic strategies to deal with classroom management challenges
  5. Remains productive and focused when faced with challenges
  6. Conveys willingness to try multiple strategies or something new when things change or when confronted with challenges
  7. Displays willingness to adapt classroom management style to meet the particular needs or culture of a school

III. School Fit: Demonstrates skills and needs for development that can be a good fit with the school

  • Interacts with interviewer in appropriate or professional manner
  • Respects the opinions of others
  • Recognizes that families impact student performance
  • Strategies create positive relationships with administrators, faculty, students
  • Expresses personal and professional expectations and/or preferences that are in line with the school culture
  • Demonstrates interests and skills that match the school’s culture and needs
  • Interacts appropriately with supervisors, colleagues, parents and students

The rater shall make brief notes to support his or her observations and judgments about the individual’s skills as related to the listed competencies and to make a rating, from Not Fully Acceptable (NFA), Fully Acceptable [FA), to Exemplary (E) for each competency, using these standards and equivalent points:

Exemplary (E)
5 points
Fully Acceptable (FA)
3 points
Not Fully Acceptable (NFA)
1 point
Applicant’s response contained many, if not all, of the target behaviors. His/her responses indicate well-developed skills and aptitude for that competency, which would most likely lead to job success. The person’s responses are of superior quality for this job.Applicant’s response covered some of the target behaviors, but not quite at the level that would be ideal for that competency. Still, the quality of the person’s answers leads you to believe that he/she would be successful with some additional exposure and/or training.Applicant’s response contained very few of the target behaviors. Either the behaviors he/she discussed were not at, or even close to. the level indicated in the target behaviors, or the person did not give you enough information for you to have confidence that he/she has that competency at the level needed for success.

The number of points attained for each of the three (3) listed competencies (TeachingAbility, Classroom Management, School Fit) shall be added and then divided by fifteen (15). The quotient shall then be multiplied by 0.10 or 10%. The product shall then be multiplied by 100.

Example: Sum of points attained for the three competencies = 9

[(9/15) x .10] x 100 = 6

Score for Interview = 6 /10

7.6 Demonstration Teaching – 15 points

Applicants shall be evaluated according to the rubrics indicated on the following pages.

7.7 English Communication Skills – 15 points

An English Proficiency Test (EPT) shall be administered to applicants by the National Education Testing and Research Center (NETRC). The respective Division Testing Coordinators shall coordinate with NETRC regarding the conduct and schedule of the exam in their division, which should be within February to March.

The total percentage score obtained by an applicant shall be multiplied by the weight of fifteen (15) points, asfollows:

Percentage Score = 98% or 0.98

Weighted Points = 15

Rating = .98 x 15 = 14.7 points

DepEd Hiring Guidelines


8.1 The RQA is the list of qualified applicants for appointment, which shall include their names, permanent addresses, and final evaluation ratings.

8.2 It shall be used in filling-up new items and natural vacancies for Teacher I positions.

8.3 The cut-off score for inclusion in the RQA is seventy (70)points.

8.4 The RQA should 1) be published in order of highest to lowest scores of the applicants, 2) show both the results of each criterion and the final overall rating, 3) only include those who obtained total scores of seventy (70) and above, 4) indicate the date of posting, and 5) be signed by the SDS.

8.5 Separate RQAs for Kindergarten, Elementary, and Secondary shall be prepared by the Division Selection Committees. The RQA for Kindergarten shall be prepared by the Division Selection Committee for Elementary Schools.

8.6 Subject area specialization of the qualified applicants shall be the primary consideration in the secondary school level. Thus, the applicant to be appointed should have the subject-area specialization needed by the school.

8.7 The RQAs for Secondary Schools shall be prepared by subject area specialization, as follows: English, Filipino, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Araling Panlipunan, Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao, Music & Arts, Physical Education & Health, and SPED. Depending on the schools’ TLE offerings, separate RQAs for Agri-Fishery Arts, Home Economics, Information and Communications Technology (ICT),and Industrial Arts shall be prepared as well.

8.8 In schools with SPED teacher requirements, SPED specialization of qualified applicants shall be the primary consideration. As such, the applicant to be appointed should have the qualifications stated in Section

8.9 Following DepEd Memorandum No. 141, s. 2013 on the Hiring of Graduates of 1000 Teachers Program, of the Philippine Business for Education, qualified applicants under PBEd’s 1000 TP program shall be given priority in hiring.

8.10 The RQAs should be ready by the last week of April of every year so that qualified applicants may be appointed by May 1. The RQA shall be valid for a period of one (1)school year.

8.11 As a general rule, only applicants listed in the RQA are eligible for hiring and appointment, with priority given to bonafide residents of the barangay, municipality, city, or province (in the order as aforestated) where the school is located. 8.11.1 In cases where the number of qualified applicants from the barangay is greater than the number of available Teacher I items, priority in hiring shall be given to applicants from the barangay according to their overall rating (number score) in the RQA, from highest to lowest. The same rule shall apply in the appointment of applicants from the municipality, city, and province.

8.12 In cases where all those in the RQA have been appointed and assigned to their respective stations and there are still available positions, the concerned Schools Division Office shall coordinate with a neighboring SDO whose RQA has not yet been exhausted and facilitate their applicants’ deployment to the Division, subject to the applicants’ written concurrence. If an applicant refuses to be deployed to the other division, no deployment shall be effected. The evaluation process shall not be repeated; the scores given by the neighboring SDO shall be respected.

9.0 APPOINTMENT OF QUALIFIED APPLICANTS The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) shall:

9.1 Post the signed, complete results (RQAs) in at least three (3) conspicuous places in the Division Office and on the website of the Division Office. The RQAs must have the contents indicated in Section 8.4.

9.2 Provide the School District and every kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school with copies of the RQAs for posting in their areas of jurisdiction. Regional Directors, LGUs, and Legislative District Representatives shall also be provided with copies of the RQAs.

9.3 Advise newly-hired teachers to report for their first day of work on May 15, provided that appointment papers are already in order.


Regional Directors shall regularly monitor and ensure strict compliance with the provisions of these hiring guidelines, as follows:

10.1 Dissemination and discussion of these guidelines with teachers, school heads, district supervisors, superintendents, and other schools division officials:

10.2 Preparation of schools to receive and acknowledge applications;

10.3 Organization of Division Selection Committees and School Screening Committees;

10.4 Briefing and orientation of members of these committees regarding their roles and functions;

10.5 Preparation of scoring sheets, interview guides, and tests of applicants:

10.6 Briefing and information-sharing with local governments and other local stakeholders in teacher hiring;

10.7 Preparation of a report on the observations, both positive and negative, in actual division practices in implementing these guidelines; and

10.8 Submission of said report on a quarterly basis to the Office of the Secretary through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning.


Aggrieved qualified applicants in the RQAs of the Schools Division Office and those who are disqualified under Sec. 5.2.i of these guidelines may file a protest or complaint, respectively.


These Guidelines hereby amend DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2014. Other rules, regulations and issuances which are also inconsistent with these guidelines are hereby repealed, rescinded or modified accordingly.


The guidelines and criteria provided in this Order shall take effect immediately.


DepEd Hiring Guidelines – Ranking Process

Now that you know the DepEd Hiring Guidelines, you have now the idea of how the pointing system works. Use that information as your basis as you prepare for the ranking. You will become a public teacher soon. Do your best and God will take care of the rest.

DepEd Hiring Guidelines (Teacher 1 Ranking Process 2023-2024) – Updated: August 24, 2022

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  • My wife ranked number 1 in the whole division of elementary education. But has not been given a permanent position. Whereas, those who are on the rank 5 and 7 are already permanent.
    Connection is the key

  • Good day, ma’am /sir
    When po ang next updating for RQAs this year 2023 ?

    Thank you and more power!

  • I will be ONE of the Public Teachers here in Philippines within this year 2023. I claimed it!

  • valid po ba ito sa buong bansa?kasi po dito aa amin sa bohol ay hindi daw kami bibigyan ng additional points na mga LGU teachees.according sa nakasaad dito.

  • Helo po Admin. For SY 2022-2023. Eto bang DO 17 magagamit or ung latest na do ung DO 50 of 2016.Thank you

    • Hello ma’am,
      Ito pa rin pong DO 7 S, 2015 kasi yung DO 50 S, 2016 po is for Teaching in Schools Implementing Indigenous Peoples Education po. Though it depends po kung saan po kayo mag aapply. 🙂

  • Hi! Question lang po. Pwede po ba itake una ang CB-EPT kahit hindi pa ako nakapag submit ng application ko? Sinagutan ko kasi yung EPT survey last month tapos nagulat ako nakareceive ako ng EPT sched ko last week s email ko, naka schedule ngayong September 22, 2022. I’m confused now kasi di pa naman ako nakapag apply kasi kulang pa ang requirements ko, akala ko kasi survey lng yung pinasagutan. Okay lng po ba magtake ako ng EPT ngayong Sep. 22 kahit next time na ako mag apply for DepEd kapag nag hiring na ulit? Or ano po best na gawin sa case ko? Sana may makasagot po. Maraming salamat. God bless.

    • You can ignore the email po kung ayaw nyo pa mag take, pero kung gusto nyo po pwede nyo naman ituloy. May validity din kasi yung result ng ept so possible na baka by the time na mag aapply na kayo ay mage expire na yung ept score nyo.

  • Pwede po ba maretain ang ept points na 2 yrs ago na natake. Since ang sabi sa memo ang mga nasa rqa po ay pwedeng magretain ng points? Saka po kung hindi pa rin po ba nairreease ang bagong RQA this year at need n po ng new teachers dhil may item available, pwede p rin po ba silang kumuha muna ng teachers sa rqa last yr? or hhintayin po muna nila marelease ang new rqa? thanks po sana masagot.

    • Hello ma’am Camila,
      EPT result has an expiration/validity. However, it will still depend on your division. Kindly ask them or wait for their memorandum regarding this matter. They might require all applicants in the RQA to submit a letter of intent to retain their points.

  • Priority po ba sa item yun mga nagparetain ng points? Yun mga dating nasa rqa na hindi pa rin nabibigyan ng item tapos naabutan ng bagong ranking? Priority po ba kami dun sa mga bagong rqa?

  • Ano pong date ng deadline sa pag pass ng application for teacher position? Salamat po sa sasagot.

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