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DepEd LIS: Learner Information System (FAQ)

DepEd Learner Information System LIS

In this post, we will discuss the DepEd Learner Information System (LIS). Continue reading below to know more about the meaning of DepEd LIS, the history of the system, the data encoded, functions and etc. You may also download the DepEd LIS pdf user manual at the end of the post.

What is Learner Information System (LIS)?

The DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) is an online facility that provides for the registration of learners enrolled in schools run or licensed by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines. It is the national registry of all learners in Basic Education.

Quick History of the LIS

Take a look at the history of the Learner Information System (LIS).

YearDepEd OrderDetails
2011DO 67 s. 2011Buildup of Learner BD. ALl public schools called upon to submit master list of learners for SY 2011.
2012DO 22 s. 2012LRNs created for every public-school learner. Online database of learner from public school launched.
2013DO 33 s. 2013Online updating of learner via LIS
2014DO 13 & 42 s. 2014Full implementation of LIS
2015DO25.2015ALS and private schools
DO 48 s. 2015Early registration for SHS
2016DO 25 s. 2016SHS enrollment in all public schools
DO 34 s. 2015SHS enrollment in private schools

Data in the LIS

The following are the data present in the Learner Information System:

  • Basic personal data of the learner
  • Enrollment history (formal and non-formal)
  • Classes and class advisers (for formal)
  • Learning facilitators (for ALS and Abot-Alam)
  • Grades and evaluation results;
  • Indication of benefits (4Ps, CCT, ESC, QVR)
  • Health and nutritional status
  • Etc.

Who’s In Charge?

  • Owned by the Department of Education
    • Process Owner: EMISD-PS
    • Development: ICTS-SDD
    • Support & Training: ICTS-USD

LIS Users

  • The following must register and update their learners’ profile in the LIS (DO 22 s. 2012, DO 16 s. 2015, and DO 52 s. 2016)
    • All public and private elementary and secondary schools
    • State universities and colleges (SUC), local universities and colleges (LUC), and higher education institutions (HEI) offering elementary and secondary schools
    • All programs under the Alternative Learning System (ALS, including Abot-Alam, whether DepEd-Delivered, -procured, or – partnered)

LIS Functional Design

  • Registry of all learners in the Philippines
  • Enrollment Data
  • Class Management
  • Transfers/movement of Learners
  • Learner Promotion/Graduation
  • Alternative Learning System

DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) Users Manual v1.2

The Department of Education (DepEd) provided a Users Manual for the utilization of the LIS. This was uploaded as a PDF and it contains all the steps and instructions on how to use the Learner Information System (LIS). You may download the manual at the end of this post. Below is the list of topics included in the said manual:

  • LIS Dashboard – This is the introductory part of the LIS manual.
    • Logging in and out of the LIS – Simple steps on how to access the LIS
    • Account Check – This is also known as the “Update Password” page wherein there is a mandatory prompt for you to change your password if it is your first time logging in using the default school user account.
  • LIS Dashboard – Here, you will see the dashboard that contains: Masterlist, List of Classes, and School Forms
  • List of Classes – This will show you the list of classes for each grade/year level including the total number of learners enrolled.
    • Create New Class/Section – The steps on how to add or create a new class/section can be found here.
  • Enrolment of Learner – This is the page where you can enrol a specific learner.
    • There is also instruction on how you can enrol a learner from the previous school year
    • You can also enrol more than one learner through “Batch enrolment”
    • You will also find the steps on how you can enrol a new learner or transferee from another school
    • There is also a figure explaining the Enrolment of “accelerated” learners or PEPT
    • Steps on how to un-enrol or remove a learner from the class were also explained in the manual
  • Updating Enrolment Status of Learners (EOSY Updating) – Here you can find the following:
    • Updating Enrolment Status by Class
    • Class Finalization of EOSY Updates
    • School FInalization of EOSY Updates
    • Reversion of Finalized EOSY Updates
  • Masterlist of Learners – This page displays the list of learners by school year, grade and section. This component also provides the facility to search for a learner, register a learner and enrol a learner individually or by class through the batch enrolment facility.
  • School Forms – This facility enables the generation of reports which includes the following:
    • Form 1 – School Register
    • Form 4 – Monthly Report on Learner Movement & Attendance
    • Form 5 – Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency
DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) Users Manual PDFDownload

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