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IPCRF 2024 DepED Official Templates

IPCRF Manual and Automated

Every teacher needs to submit paperwork at the end of the school year. These documents include all reports and forms, such as School Forms and IPCRF. Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) is an assessment tool used to rate government employees for their year’s accomplishments. You can download IPCRF 2024 Templates (6 KRAs and 15 Objectives – Manual and Automated Version for T1, T2, T3, and Master Teacher) from the links at the bottom part of this post.

Page Contents

Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF 2024)

The Department of Education (DepEd) is committed to providing the members of its organization with opportunities to:

  • Link their individual achievements and make a meaningful contribution to the attainment of the institution’s Vision and Mission.
  • Promote individual and team growth, participation, and commitment.
  • Grow professionally and personally.

In line with this Philosophy, DepEd implements a Results-Based Performance Management System. It is a shared undertaking between the superior and the employee that allows an open discussion of job expectations, Key Results Areas, Objectives, and how these align with overall departmental goals. It provides a venue for agreement on standards of performance and behaviors that lead to professional and personal growth in the organization.

This form is divided into four parts:

PART I Accomplishments of KRAs and Objectives – Each employee plays a vital part in the achievement of his/her department’s objectives. At the beginning of the Results-Based Performance Management Cycle, the employee and his/her superior jointly determine goals and measures that will lead to the achievement of the overall departmental goals. After which, weights are assigned to those goals based on priorities. The total weights should not exceed 100. At the end of the performance cycle, the employee is rated on the effectiveness/quality, efficiency (including cost), and timeliness in delivering the goals agreed upon.

PART II Competencies – The success of the employee in fulfilling his/her role and delivering exceptional performance is dependent on how s/he applies various competencies on the job. The employee is rated based on the effectiveness and consistency by which s/he demonstrates behaviors relevant to the competencies. The overall rating is computed by adding the rating for each competency and dividing the sum by the total number of competencies. Half-points (e.g. 3.5) may be given if the employee’s performance level falls in between descriptions of the scale positions.

PART III Summary of Ratings for Discussion

PART IV Development Plans – The areas where the employee excels and areas for development are both identified. In this manner, the employee’s strengths are highlighted and recognized. Development needs, on the other hand, are addressed through formal and informal training and development approaches.

(130% and above)
Performance represents an extraordinary level of achievement and commitment in
terms of quality and time, technical skills and knowledge, ingenuity, creativity, and
initiative. Employees at this performance level should have demonstrated exceptional
job mastery in all major areas of responsibility. Employee achievement and contributions
to the organization are of marked excellence.
4Very Satisfactory
(115% – 129%)
Performance exceeded expectations. All goals, objectives, and targets were achieved
above the established standards.
(100% – 114%)
Performance met expectations in terms of quality of work, efficiency, and timelines. The
most critical annual goals were met.
(51% – 99%)
Performance failed to meet expectations, and/or one or more of the most critical goals
were not met.
(50% or below)
Performance was consistently below expectations, and/or reasonable progress toward
critical goals was not made. Significant improvement is needed in one or more important

These ratings refer to the accomplishment of targets or objectives. Evaluation should be based on indicators and measures. CSC MC NO. 13, SERIES OF 1999 (REVISED Policies on the Performance Management System) have the following descriptions:

Outstanding – performance exceeding targets by 30% and above of the planned targets on the previous definition of performance exceeding targets by at least fifty (50%)

Very Satisfactory – performance exceeding targets by 15% to 29% of the planned targets; from the previous range of performance exceeding targets by at least 25% but falls short of what is considered an outstanding performance.

Satisfactory – performance of 100% to 114% of the planned targets. For accomplishments requiring 100% of the targets such as those pertaining to money or accuracy or those which may no longer be exceeded, the usual rating of either 10 for those who met targets or 4 for those who failed or fell short of the targets shall still be enforced. Unsatisfactory – performance of 51% to 99% of the planned targets; and

Poor – performance failing to meet the planned targets by 50% or below.


A Performance Review Committee (PRC) shall be created in DepEd composed of the Undersecretary for Regional Operations, Assistant Secretary for Planning, the highest-ranking official in charge of personnel management, and two representatives from the rank and file nominated by the accredited employee association in the agency as members.

  1. Employees who feel aggrieved or dissatisfied with their final performance rating can file an appeal with the PRC within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of their Performance Report Form from the PRC. Employees, however, shall not be allowed to protest the performance rating of their co-employees. Ratings obtained by other employees can only be used as a basis or reference for comparison in appealing one’s performance rating;
  2. The PRC shall decide on the appeals within one month from receipt. Appeals lodged at any PRC shall follow the hierarchical jurisdiction of various PRCs in an agency. For example, the decision of the Provincial PRC is appealable to the Regional PRC which decision is, in turn, appealable to the National/Central Office PRC. Only in exceptional instances when the decision of the PRC in the central offices of departments may be appealed further to the CSC Commission proper. The decision made on employees’ ratings by the PRC in the local government units may be appealed to the Civil Service Regional Office which has jurisdiction over these units.
  3. An official or employee who was separated from the service on the basis of an unsatisfactory or poor performance rating can appeal his separation to the CSC or its regional office within 15 days from receipt of the order or notice of separation.
Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF)
Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form
Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form

IPCRF 2024 Download

Here are the download links to the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF). We have two versions of this form (Manual and Automated) for T1, T2, T3, and Master Teachers.

Automated IPCRF 2024 (New!!!)

Below are the updated file download links of IPCRF forms for SY 2023-2024 for Teachers 1-3 and Master Teachers. These templates have 5 KRAs and 15 Objectives. Get your free softcopies from the links below

Automated IPCRF for Teachers 1-3 and Master Teachers 1-4 2024XLSXDownload
E-IPCRF for Proficient and Highly Proficient Teachers (Official DepEd BHROD V4.2)XLSMDownload
New! Mid-Year Review Form (MRF) for SY 2023-2024XLSXDownload
New! Mid-Year IPCRF 2023-2024 for TI-TIII (Proficient Teacher)XLSMDownload
New! Mid-Year IPCRF 2023-2024 for MT (Highly Proficient Teacher)XLSMDownload

DepEd Prescribed IPCRF

DepEd Prescribed IPCRF Parts 1-4PDFDownload

IPCRF Manual Version

IPCRF for Teachers 1-3DOCXDownload
IPCRF for Master Teacher 1DOCXDownload
IPCRF for Master Teacher 2DOCXDownload

IPCRF Automated Version

IPCRF for Teachers 1-3XLSXDownload
IPCRF for Master TeachersXLSXDownload
IPCRF for T1-3 and MT (with annotation and coaching form)XLSXDownload

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