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LET Reviewer: Values Education Part 4

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LET Reviewer: Values Education Part 4


Values Education Part 4
1. Which of the following should be considered in order to combat the negative factors that destroy the solidarity of the Filipino family?
a. Strengthen faithfulness of husband to their wives
b. Seek help from all sectors of the community
c. Be responsible member of their families
d. Believe in a formidable family

2. Which behavior shows that you can think/act locally and globally at the same time?
a. Patronize indigenous culture
b. Maintain global awareness on various issues
c. Travel to many attractive places around the world
d. Be proud of the local products, export the same for consumption

3. What are the factors that contribute to the family’s success in values formation for their children?
I. Effective child rearing methods II. Empathy and well directed love foe the children
III. Schooling experiences and religious instruction IV. Permissive and modern ways of bringing up children
a. I, II and IV
b. I, III and IV
c. II, III and IV
d. II and IV

4. Which is a technique used in a qualitative evaluation of values development?
a. Teacher made examination
b. Semantic differential scale
c. Achievement test
d. Diagnostic test

5. What level of affective domain is develop if he teacher wanted to enhance the student’s sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others?
a. Receiving
b. Responding
c. Characterization
d. Valuing

6. Our will is to come to the fullest love the supreme goodness which is called:
a. Animal
b. Universe
c. Man
d. God

7. Values Education seeks to form the spiritual faculties of the INTELLECT whose function, purpose, goal and the highest human fulfillment is called:
a. To acknowledge, internalize and uphold wisdom
b. To think and to choose goodness and virtue
c. To think and know truth and wisdom
d. None of the above

8. Values Education seeks to form the spiritual faculties of the WILL whose function, purpose, goal and highest human fulfillment is:
a. To control, fell, direct and understand
b. To do/act, to choose/love, goodness and virtue
c. To know, decide and act for the common good
d. None of the above

9. If a person believes she has the right over her own body and therefore, believes her unborn child can be aborted?
a. She does not violate anything
b. She id expressing moral values
c. She is expressing behavioral values
d. The decision is but normal, it is acceptable in other countries

10. A type of justice among equals which demands respects for the property or reputation of others to ensure solidarity and fellowship among men is:
a. Commutative
b. Legal justice
c. Social justice
d. Distributive

11. Television is an ally of education on values when:
a. It only entertain the viewer
b. It foster and concepts all opinions
c. It encourage several patrons and sponsors
d. It is placed at the service of man through objective and truthful information

12. The objective of the intellect is:
a. Goodness
b. Truth
c. Love
d. Understanding

13. In the education of values, it is important to establish the child’s emotional stability and self-confidence. This could be best achieved through:
a. Ambivalent child
b. Authoritarian child
c. Authoritative child
d. Permissive child

14. The following are the expected scope of the values education teaching learning process except one:
a. Involves not just cognitive but all the faculties of the learner
b. The learner conforms to the ideas and opinions of the majority
c. One learners value the way children learn things from their parents
d. Has direct and immediate relevance to the relevance to the personal life of the learner

15. As a rational organism, man acquires knowledge of the universal truth through the intellect in three steps:
a. Cognition, imagination and memory
b. Observation, reasoning and judgment
c. Reasoning, apprehension and judgment
d. Simple, apprehension, judgment and reasoning

16. A more general summative evaluation of a values development program should be carried out because:
a. Values cannot be develop as easily as cognitive skills
b. The immediate outcome is more important than its long term effects
c. Behavior indicators are apparent after a relatively long period of time
d. It facilities testing and measurement which provide data for further development

17. Continuous exposure of Filipinos to foreign TV programs result in:
a. The implanting of basic values
b. The domination of ruling class
c. The cultural penetration and influences
d. The transmission of foreign messages

18. The interaction an individual experiences, acquires and learn from his family, his church, the school and other social institutions helps him to:
a. Be consistent in his attitudes and actions
b. Adopt moral beliefs, attitudes and values
c. Stand for the hard right against the easy wrong
d. Discover his character in the choice of life wants to live

19. If the church wants to be truly effective in promoting moral and spiritual values, it should:
a. It shows in deeds what it preaches by mouth
b. Stand condemned if it fails to live its preaching
c. Study and pronounce the mission of preaching
d. Set the example with regards to the implementation of justice

20. A value is said to be a powerful emotional commitment when:
a. It can be used explicitly to judge the worth of things
b. People care deeply about the things that they value
c. It contains ideas about two or more conflicting desires
d. It is supported by feelings of sympathy for poor people or other

21. If values are associated with past experiences or with persons with whom those experiences were encountered they are:
a. Hierarchical
b. Subjective
c. Transmitted
d. Relative

22. Exponents of values define value as the stance that the self takes to the world through the feelings, ideas, imagination and:
a. Emotional expressions
b. Internalization
c. degrees of importance
d. behavior of the individual

23. The goal of values education in the Philippines is to provide and promote values at all three levels of the education system for the development of the human person committed to:
a. An abiding faith in God as a reflection of spirituality
b. The development of sense of nationalism
c. The development of cultural values
d. Building just and human society

24. The concept that everything is connected top everything else refers to:
a. Sharing and involvement
b. Interdependence
c. Collective effort
d. Harmony in diversity

25. Significant role models strongly influence the values of our young positively or negatively. Who among the following have generally the greatest influence on the young?
a. Favorite book characters
b. Teachers
c. Actor/actress idols
d. Parents


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