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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 6

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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 6


TLE Part 6

1. When a designer or an ordinary person translates his or her design idea with the use only of paper and pencil, what is the name of the activity?
A. architectural delineation
B. freehand sketching
C. geometric construction
D. drafting

2. After the 2-dimensional drawings are done and all the shapes ang sizes being laid-out next step to be executed to complete the process is called ____________ .
A. dimensioning
B. tolerancing
C. graphics
D. shape and size description

3. With the help of drawing instruments such as T-square and triangles one produces quick and accurate delineations for an intended project. The process is considered as ________
A. drafting
B. pictorial drawing
C. graphics
D. shape and size descriptions

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4. Technical drafting the manipulation of the elements of geometry to make accurate description of shapes. Which term is referred to by engineers?
A. blueprint reading
B. Geometric construction
C. line weights
D. measurements

5. Objects to be drawn are not always solid in nature and if we want to explain complex objects to the reader of our blueprints, we need an imaginary cut through a component (part) or an assembly drawing to portray exactly what is inside. This element is called _______ .
A. sectioning
B. parallel perspective
C. etching
D. dimensioning

6. To make drawings look more professional, the notes, dimensions and other specifications must be professionally executed. In manual drafting this is called _____ .
A. lettering by hand
B. scaling
C. drawing of views
D. legibility

7. IN various engineering fields multiple line weights tare being used to emphasize or deemphasize areas of a drawing. It is also standardized in order for a uniform interpretation of drawings. The term is called ____ .

A. horizontal line
B. center line
C. drawing of views
D. dimensioning

8. It is about placing units of measure to the height, width and length of an object to convey accurate instructions to produce that part. In old English it is called “dimensions”. In drafting this means ________ .
A. tolerancing
B. datum
C. axis
D. dimensioning

9. Which is a method of representing the exact shape and size of an object drawn to scale on “set of planes” of projection? It is also known as 3-view drawing.
A. orthographic projection
B. perspective construction
C. isometric drawing
D. fourth dimension

10. Which technique in pictorial drawings appear like 3- dimensional but the lines are exactly 30 degrees from the horizontal part of the object?
A. Isometric drawing
B. Cabinet drawing
C. Oblique drawing
D. Perspective drawing

11. As far as the appearance of the drawing is concerned, it is the most important part for the usefulness of the drawing it can be ruined if it is done carelessly.
Which referred to?
A. Painting
B. Lettering
C. Etching
D. Calligraphy

12. There are six secrets of lettering namely: form proportion, stability, density, spacing. Identify the sixth secret by completing this adage “a good drafts man will never letter without the use of _______.
A. line
B. guidelines
C. horizontal lines
D. border lines

13. Five guidelines are accepted in the drafting field. Which of them are laided-our to touch the capital letter C aside from the base line?
A. base line
B. Cap line
C. Drop line
D. Waist line

14. Which of these are positioned to limit letter g aside from the waist line?
A. cap line
B. drop line
C. waist line
D. Base line

15. Of the many styles of letters, the most commonly used are script or italics, Gothic, Old English and Roman. Which of them is most commonly used for college diploma?
A. Roman
B. Script or Italics
C. Old English
D. Gothic

16. Extended letters of a given height are more legible while compressed letters are used when _____ .
A. space id limited
B. space is wide
C. space is limitless
D. space is narrow

17. Time is gold so a drafter must not get into a habit of making excessively time consuming letters, single-stroke letters are advised with ______ .
A. rapidity of strokes
B. sloppiness
C. laziness
D. free and natural fashion

18. A grade 9 student understood that the roman letters consist of thick and thin lines and was asking to himself what were those small thin lines at the end of every letter except O? In the drafting field the lines area called_____ .
A. serifs
B. stem
C. dash line
D. ditto

19. Prior to the introduction of computer-aided design and drafting there area tools in lettering which are made of either plastic or aluminum on which the drafter just traced the letter using a technical pen to produce each letter. The instrument is called _____.
A. lettering template
B. lettering bx
C. Leroy guide
D. pressure-sensitive guide

20. For beginning drafters the suggested height of letters to practice first is 6mm and then shift to a height of ____.
A. 30mm
B. 3mm
C. 1mm
D. 50mm

21. How is highlight produced for corrective make-up? A highlight is produced when ________________.
A. A darker foundation than the original one is applied to particular part of the face
B. a lighter shade than the original one is applied to a particular part of the face
C. a medium shade similar to the original one is applied to a particular part of the face
D. a shadow subdues or minimize prominent features

22. What must one remember in giving facial manipulations to induce relaxation?
A. Routine
B. tempo
C. pressure
D. skin type

23. A client comes into the salon for a scalp treatment. She has home obvious abrasions on her scalp. Which treatment would be accepted?
A. Apply an antiseptic scalp treatment with minimum massage
B. Apply an oil treatment with heat cap
C. Advise the client of her scalp condition and reschedule her appointment
D. Give a first aid treatment and proceed with manipulations.

Situation 4-5

Mikay noticeably has gray but she is only 11 years old and she not an albino.

24. What may the cause gray hairs at this early age?
A. Lack of sleep and overexposed to computers
B. She has serious illness
C. She has defect in pigment formation occurring at birth
D. A result of the natural aging process of humans

25. Who is an albino? A person born with _____________________ .
A. A hypertrichosis or superfluous hair, an abnormal development of hair
B. an absence of coloring matter in the hair shaft, which is accompanied by no marked of pigment coloring in the skin or irises of the eyes
C. Androgenetic alopecia
D. a small involuntary muscle attached to the underside of a hair follicle

26. What type of hair cutting is done when one holds the shears at an angle to the hair stranded other than 90 degrees?
A. blunt cut
B. beveled cut
C. graduated cut
D. undercutting

27. Which of the following safety measures in hair cutting is NOT true?
A. Always palm the shears when combining the hair
B. When cutting bangs or any area close to the skin
C. Beginners should always use a guard when razor cutting
D. Cut past the second knuckle when cutting on the inside of the hand

28. Which is an art of arranging the hair with attractive shapes and styles?
A. Hairstyling
B. Hair trimming
C. Curling
D. waving

29. Tenny cut the hair of Miss G. Tenny just did partially wet and partially dry of Miss G’s hair. What would be the result of Miss G’s hair?
A. Even
B. Uneven
C. Perfect
D. Curly

30. Following a haircut, when is texturizing performed most effectively?
A. On dry hair styled the way it will typically be won.
B. At the shampoo bowl after the conditioner is applied
C. On soaking wet hair that has been brushed
D. On moderately damp hair prior to styling

31. The following are some myths about hair growth EXCEPT one. Which one?
A. close clipping, shaving, trimming, cutting or singeing has an effect on the rate of hair growth
B. The application of oils increases hair growth
C. Hair grows after death
D. Normal hair, healthy hair grows

32. Cutting the hair for a graduated effect is called _________ .
A. tapered haircutting
B. wedge haircutting
C. sectioning
D. barbering

33. Which of the following is an art of creating curls is called ____________ .
A. Hairstyling
B. Thermal styling
C. Hair setting
D. Traditional finger waving

34. Which is done to increase the circulation of the blood to scalp, rest and soothe the nerves, stimulate the muscles and the activity of the activity of the scalp glands?
A. shampooing
B. Hair treatment
C. scalp manipulation
D. Rebonding

35. Which is the correct way to remove tangles from the hair before hair styling.
A. crown
B. Forehead
C. Nape of the neck
D. Back of the head

36. Under the circumstances how many strands of hair does an average person shed per day?
A. 20-50
B. 40-100
C. 80-120
D. 150-200

37. Hair is distributed all over the body EXCEPT on
A. soles of the feet
B. earlobe
C. Hands
D. Eyes

38. Which one helps to moisturize the face to return lost moisture and hydrate the skin to slow down the skin aging process?
A. Anti-aging face creams
B. Face-toners
C. Face exfoliators
D. Face creams

39. What among the following would be the first step in giving facial?
A. apply cleansing cream
B. apply treatment mask
C. apply moisturizer
D. apply massage cream

40. Which of the following statement is NOT a concern in analyzing the clients skin? If the_______________.
A. skin is dry normal or oily
B. shape of the face
C. lines creases exist
D. skin texture is smooth or rough

41. Which is the technical term for nail?
A. onyx
B. onychosis
C. onychology
D. keratin

42. Which refer to hand-held tools used in manicure which are durable and must be sanitized after use with each client?
A. cosmetics
B. equipment
C. materials
D. implements

43. Which of the term refers to a light, continuous stroking movement applied with finger and palms in a slow and rhythmic manner?
A. friction
B. vibration
C. petrissage
D. effleurage

44. It is not good to apply massage when a person has ____________________ .
A. high blood pressure and heart condition
B. myoma and diabetic
C. deliver a baby
D. cancer

If you are going to start a home service as a manicurist/pedicurist and your parents give you P500.00 to start with, which equipment, implements, cosmetic and materials should you buy first?

I. Nail cutter, nail pusher, cuticle nipper, assorted nail polish, base coat and top coat
II. Solvent, lotion, cuticle, nail art designs
III. Tray, basket, emery board, orangewood stick, nail brush, nail file and nail polish remover
IV. Finger bowl, manicure pillow, hand towel, antiseptic solution, and nail buffer.

A. I only
B. I and II
C. I and III
D. I and IV

46. In shaping the nails, what comes first?
A. Hold the client’s finger between the thumb and two fingers of the left hand.
B. Hold the file or emery board in the right hand and tilt it slightly so that filling is confined mainly to the underside of the free edge.
C. Discuss with the client the nail shape best suited for him/her. File the nails at the left starting with the little finger & working toward the thumbs
D. shape the nails

Teacher F is MAPEH teacher. Sometime or most of the times she is exposed to the sunlight.

47. What type of skin protection should she apply?
A. face toners
B. anti-aging creams
C. Body mask
D. SPF lotion

48. Which of the following drinks can she take to hydrate herself?
A. Soft drinks
B. Gatorade
C. Cobra juice
D. Plain water

49. Which part of the body is the best for the color testing of a foundation?
A. earlobe
B. jawline
C. nose
D. cheek

50. Which aids in maintaining face?
A. Face cleansers
B. face toner
C. face lotions
D. face serums

51. Which one helps to moisturize the face to return lost moisture and hydrate the skin to slow down the skin aging process?
A. Anti-aging face creams
B. Face-toners
C. Face exfoliators
D. Face creams

52. What among the following would be the first step in giving facial?
A. apply cleansing cream
B. apply treatment mask
C. apply moisturizer
D. apply massage cream

53. Which of the following statement is NOT a concern in analyzing the client’s skin? If the_______________.
A. skin is dry normal or oily
B. shape of the face
C. lines creases exist
D. skin texture is smooth or rough

54. Which of the following is NOT beneficial for facial treatments?
A. softening and improving skin texture and complexion
B. Helping prevent the formation of wrinkles
C. weakening muscle tissue
D. correcting skin disorders

55. Which of the following is a common skin disorder caused by the formation of sebaceous matter within or under the skin?
A. black heads
B. whiteheads
C. pimples
D. Acne

56. Which of the following facial is recommended for dry, scaly skin or skin that is inclined to wrinkle?
A. Plain facial Packs and masks
B. Packs and masks
C. Facial for dry
D. hot oil mask facial

Mitch has acne problem so she went to a cosmetologist for and advice though she is under medical care

57. What would be the role of the cosmetologist?
A. is to work closely with the client’s physician to carry out instructions as to kind and frequency of facial treatments
B. advise the client to stop the medication aside from the physician.
C. she can have her own separate medication aside from the physician
D. Refuse and do not give further service

58. Under medical direction, the following are the measures in cosmetic treatment for acne EXCEPT one.
A. remove blackheads using procedures
B. Reduce the oiliness of the skin by local application
C. Apply moisturizer
D. Clean the face

59. What kind of cosmetic is used to set the foundation, giving a matte finish, and also to conceal small flaws or blemishes?
A. Powder
B. Lipstick
C. eyeliner
D. blush

60. Which of the following provides the backdrop for the entire colorful facial make up artistry?
A. concealer
B. blush
C. check color
D. foundation

61. If you were the pedicurist what would you do?
A. tell your customer to look for another pedicurist
B. refrain from becoming emotional and continue working without being bothered by the complained
C. remain cool and calm pleasant and professional
D. Ask for apology, maintain professionalism and ask what she wants.

62. Which of the following first thing the pedicurist should do to avoid such situation
A. Be courteous
B. ask the customer what she wants for her toenails like the shape, color etc.
C. Decide your own design and styles
D. Proceed to the service right after customer A says she wants pedicuring

63. Which is not desirable quality for effective client relation?
A. emotional control
B. positive approach
C. good manner
D. discussing personal life

64. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
A. cosmetologist is one of the best advertisements for a salon
B. salon owners and managers do not consider appearance, personality, and poise to be important as technical knowledge a manual skill
C. The female cosmetologist should wear stylish shoes that fit and are comfortable at the end of a long day.
D. the female stylist should have their hair done least once a week and their hair should reflect the best workmanship of the salon

65. The following are guidelines for good human relations and professional attitude EXCEPT one. Which is the exception?
A. Always greet a client by name with a pleasant tone of voice
B. Show some interest in the client personal preferences
C. Make a good impression by wearing obstructive jewelry to look at your best
D. Be ethical in all your dealings with clients and others with whom you come in contact.

Situation 6-7

Lersa applied as public teacher. She doesn’t have any experience for job interview. Could you please help her decide?

66. What type of clothing will she wear?
A. Casual dress
B. Sunday dress
C. Business Attire
D. Party dress

67. What type of make may she put-on?
A. corrective make-up
B. light makeup
C. heavy makeup
D. Photographic makeup

Situation 8-10

Miss T was invited as one of the principle sponsors in her best friend’2 daughter’ wedding. She went salon to have hairstyle, makeup, manicure and pedicure.

68. Miss T wants a neatly finished up style. Which of style is best suited for her?
A. French Twist Hairstyle
B. Laced-Up and elegant Hair style
C. Chignon
D. Peta and blooms hairstyle

69. Which of the following makeup does she need?
A. Day makeup
B. Evening makeup
C. Photographic make up
D. Theatrical/Fantasy make-up

70. Miss T has short nail. What nails shape is best for her?
A. Round Nail
B. Oval Nail
C. Square nail
D. Pointed nail

Situation 11.13
Mrs. P just finished her discussion about the equipment =, implements, cosmetic and material in manicuring and pedicuring. She asked her student to classify the following items;’

Nail brush, cuticle nipper, assorted colored polish, chair, finger, bowl, cuticle pusher, cotton , top coat, antiseptic solution, cuticle remover, hand towel, manicure, pillow, nail file orange wood stick, nail polish remover base coat and nail polish remover.

71. Which of these are implements?
A. Chair, manicure pillow, and finger bowl
B. Assorted colored polish, top coat, base coat and cuticle remover
C. Cuticle, hand towel, cuticle nipper, nail file and orange wood stick
D. Cotton, hand towel, antiseptic solution, alcohol and nail polish remover

72. Which of these are cosmetics?
A. cotton, hand towel. Antiseptic solution, alcohol and nail polish remover
B. top coat, base coat, assorted colored polish and cuticle remover
C. Finger bowl, manicure pillow and chair
D. Orange wood stick cuticle nipper, nail file and nail brush

73. Which of these is equipment?
A. Cuticle remover, base coat, top coat assorted colored polish
B. Cuticle nipper, nail file nail brush orange wood stick and cuticle pusher
C. Hand towel, nail polish remover and antiseptic solution
D. Manicure pillow, chair and finger bowl

74. Which of these is the correct way to use cuticle nail file?
A. The pointed side used push back and moisten the cuticle
B. The dull spade side is used to scrape and moisten the cuticle.
C. The pointed side is used to push back and remove the cuticles
D. The dull spade side is used to push back and loosen the cuticle

75. Which of these is the correct way to use nail brush? Insert the ring finger and pinky in the nail brush handle and brush the nails _____________________ .
A. with a downward motion from the base to the fingertips to clean the nails and fingers
B. with a sideward motion from the base to the fingertips to clean the nails
C. with an upward motion from the base to the finger tips to clean the nails and fingers
D. With a sawing motion from the base to the finger tips to clean the nails and fingers

76. Which is created by allowing the nail to grow out straight and then filing the straight across at right angles with the rest of the nail place?
A. Round nail
B. Square nail
C. Pointed nail
D. Oval nail

77. Massage is part of manicuring and pedicuring services. When is massage applied? Before _________ .
A. removing old polish
B. coloring polish
C. base coat
D. Top coat

78. Which of the following is the last step in manicuring/pedicuring?
A. Apply top coat
B. Clean under free edge
C. Re-examine nails and cuticles
D. Dry fingertips

79. Which of these is an imaginative and artistic process of caring for the nails and, toenail, involving special care and expertise for bringing out the best effects?
A. Nail tattoo
B. Nail art
C. Nail extender
D. Nail technician

80. Which of the following statement is correct?
A. adult fingernails grow at an average rate of 1/8 inch a month
B. Older people nail grow slowly than younger people
C. Fingernails grow more easily than toenails
D. The rate of nail growth is greatest during winter

81. In the field of drafting each line has a specific meaning. This is to establish a uniform way interpreting complex blueprints of objects and other mega projects. These lines area called _____ .
A. alphabet of lines
B. alpha numeric lines
C. language of lines
D. lines of sight

82. Based on a blueprint, a machinist is about to drill a form 16mm diameter holes a piece of 100mm x 120mm flat bar. Which lines in the alphabet of lines must look first?
A. hidden line
B. phantom line
C. center line
D. section line

83. When a drawing the different views in orthographic projection a drafter must acknowledge that there are hidden edges that must be emphasized in order to produce a complete drawing information. Which line is he going to use?
A. hidden line
B. section line
C. center line
D. object line

84. A drawing teacher on a local high school was discussing a feature on which the surface appears to have been imaginary cut along the cutting plane line. Which line is she going to apply to the surface where the cutting plane cut through?

A. center line
B. dimension line
C. section line
D. invisible line

85. There are six principal views of an object; the top view, the front view, right side view, left side view, bottom view and the rear views. Which of the following views are accepted by the industry as standard multi-views according to the 3rd angle projection?
A. top view, the front view, right side view, left side view
B. side view, bottom view and rear views
C. right side view, left side view, and bottom views
D. Front view, rear view, side views

86. A group of students is experimenting on views in orthographic projection. They extract first the front view of a simple object using a transparent material as discussed by their teachers. What technique are they using?
A. glass box technique
B. onion skin technique
C. Japanese paper technique
D. polycarbonate technique

87. Orthographic projection goes farther than right angle. A drafter can actually extract views for more details of the object provided that the projection are parallel to each other and normal to the plane projection. The additional plane is called ______ .
A. frontal plane
B. auxiliary plane
C. profile plane
D. horizontal plane

88. All of the object have distinct limits which can be considered as the width, depth and height. So when a drafter is working on the difference in elevation between any two points, measured as the perpendicular distance between a pair of horizontal lines, he is now engaged in the ____ of the object.
A. depth
B. height
C. width
D. bottom

89. When an engineer is engaged in the preparation of views prior to formal drafting activities, he practically bases his information on actual and accurate observation. This process is regarded as ____ .
A. pencil and paper exercise
B. glass box technique
C. orthographic sketch
D. order of drawing

90. After all the views are given the drafter must know now work on the real form of the objects based on actual result of the orthographic projection. This process is called _____ .
A. pictorial drawing
B. depth dimensions
C. height dimensions
D. center dimensions

91. In isometric drawings the angle used to aid in the construction of the object is 30 degrees and all vertical lines are equal to their actual lengths or scale but in oblique drawing the angle used is ______ .
A. 40 degrees
B. 45 degrees
C. 30 degrees
D. 60 degrees

92. In oblique drawing, the depth of the object is reduced to ½ in case of cabinet oblique, ¾ in case of a general oblique, and true or same measurement in ____ oblique.
A. width
B. cavalier
C. specific
D. object

93. Which technique is commonly used around the world as a graphic method of representing a-3-dimensional object and intended to combine the illusion of depth, with the undistorted presentation of the object principal dimensions?

A. cavalier oblique
B. Isometric drawing
C. Cabinet oblique
D. General oblique

94. When an observer stands in the middle of a street, the end of the street seems to narrow as far as his eyes can see. Then he tries to draw the building as its appears on his visual observations. This process is called _____ .
A. perspective drawing
B. isometric drawing
C. diametric drawing
D. cabinet drawing

95. A student in drafting has done drawing the three views, his next task is to indicate the dimensions to complete the information. What is the distance of the first dimensions from the views?
A. 1”
B. 2”
C. 1/8”
D. ½”

96. There is a good reason why we shouldn’t place dimensions directly on the drawing itself. This is to avoid ____ .
A. super dimensioning
B. overcrowding dimensions
C. inaccurate dimensions
D. aligned dimensioning

97. The radius of an arc should always be specified by the drafter in the form of a symbol which denotes______ .
A. R
B. r
C. rad
D. ra

98. It is important for the drafting student to place the overall dimension of a part or view to appear more pleasing to the reader. It is placed starting from the _____ .
A. shortest dimension line outside he views
B. longest dimension line outside the view
C. longer dimension inside the view
D. shorter dimension inside the view

99. Some drafters often place dimensions on every view while this may be permitted in some drafting classes let’s keep in mind that these are repetitions and can be avoided. This is referred to as _____ .
A. superfluous dimensioning
B. unidirectional dimensioning
C. aligned dimensioning
D. tolerance dimensioning

100 . In the rule of section drawing. All visible edges exposed by the cutting plane line must be emphasized and a series of lines can now be drawn. This process I called _____ .
A., filling-up of section lines
B. eliminating hidden lines
C. eliminating object lines
D. symmetric objects

101. What types of switch is used to control alternately three-phase line system using two sources of power?
A. double pole single throw switch
B. singles pole double throw switch
C. triple pole single throw switched
D. triple pole double throw switch

102. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity?
A. copper
B. aluminum
C. silver
D. gold

103. What type of switch when you want to control one lamp or group of lamps in two different locations?
A. two, 3-way switch
B. One, 4-way switch
C. two, single switch
D. duplex switch

104. Cells are connected in parallel to increase the _______ capacity of the cells.
A. current
B. voltage
C. resistance
D. Inductance

105. The resistors are to be connected in four possible types of circuit connections namely series, parallel, series parallel and parallel-series. Which type of connection will give the least amount of equivalent resistance?
A. series
B. parallel
C. series-parallel
D. parallel

106. Which is an exposed wiring method that uses cleats, knobs, tubes and flexible tubing for the protection and support of single insulated conductor run in or on building and not concealed by the building structure?
A. Open wiring on insulators
B. Armored cable wiring
C. Concealed knob and tube wiring
D. Metal clad cable wiring

107. What will happen if two 100-W, 230 V incandescent lamps are connected in series across a 230 V sources?
A. both lamps
B. both lamps will get burnt
C. each lamp will give lesser output lights
D. each lamp will give more output lights

108. What is the mean why electrical appliances are connected in parallel rather than in series?
A. parallel connection consumes lesser power
B. parallel connection is simpler
C. each appliance consumes more power if connected in series
D. it makes the operation of each appliance independent of each other

109. When replacing a busted fuse which of the following is important?
A. same size and type
B. same type but different rating
C. same size but different rating
D. different size and type

110. Which of the following is a source of alternating current?
A. dynamo
B. battery
C. Dry cell
D. Alternator

111. When there is a break in the circuit and the current could not pass through the circuit is ________ .
A. Closed
B. shorted
C. grounded
D. alternator

112. Which term usually refers to a device that produces an electric current when light falls upon them?
A. solar cell
B. dry cell
C. solar lamp
D. solar light

113. Which is a synchronous alternating-current machine that changes mechanical power into electrical power?
A. dynamo
B. Motor
C. Alternator
D. Lathe machine

114. Which battery CANNOT be recharge after its chemical energy has been depleted?
A. energizer
B. Eveready
C. Primary battery
D. secondary battery

115. Which generates direct current?
A. alternator
B. Dynamo
C. Battery
D. Adaptor

116. Which battery can be recharged after each chemical energy has been depleted.
A. primary battery
B. energizer
C. Eveready
D. Secondary battery

117. Which is used to change mechanical energy into electrical energy?
A. battery
B. circuit
C. Dry cells
D. generator

118. A process in splitting the atom of uranium is called _____.
A. fusion
B. fission
C. friction
D. tension

119. A process in joining hydrogen atoms which causes heat hotter than the sun is called _______ .
A. fusion
B. fission
C. friction
D. tension

120. Which transform heat energy to electric energy?
A. transformer
B. battery
C. generator
D. thermocouple


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