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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 4

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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 4


TLE Part 4

1. Which hand tool is used solely for cutting metals
A. Utility knife
B. Saw
C. Magnifying Glass
D. Paint brush

2. What is the reason why threads become stripped?
A. Screws are over tightened
B. Screws are heated
C. Screws are molded
D. Screws are painted

3. In what instrument is the Ohm meter found?
A. Ammeter
B. Tube tester
C. capacitor tester

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4. From what part of the ohmmeter do you resistance reading?
A. range multiplier
B. reading scale
C. test probes
D. pointer

5. Which instrument serves as 3 measuring instruments in one?
A. Audio generator
B. Oscilloscope
C. Signal generator

6. Which device produces simple waveforms?
A. audio amplifier
C. Signal tracer
D. Signal generator

7. What is another name for connection diagram?
A. Wiring diagram
B. Block diagram
C. Pictorial diagram
D. Schematic diagram

8. Which equipment is used to discharge electrical charges produced by the human body?
A. Audio generator
B. Signal generator

9. Which term refers to the set of rules practices to ensure no accident prevention?
A. safety practices
B. rules and regulation
C. Policy order
D. Action plan

10. What is the best place of electronic hand tools and equipment?
A. tool box
B. tool cabinet
C. tool room
D. tool bag

11. What tools are not recommended to be used in electronics works?
A. brand new tools
B. branded tools
C. damaged tools
D. Locally produced tools

12. Which type of lines is used to show mechanical linkage between components or part components on schematic diagram?
A. Connecting lines
B. Dashed lines
C. medium lines
D. Thin lines

13. What does VOM mean?
A. Ac voltmeter
B. Ohmmeter
C. DC Milliameter
D. Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter

14. Which fool is used to cut the insulation without cutting the wire?
A. Utility knife
B. Hacksaw
C. Side cutter
D. Wire stripper

15. What does LED stand for?
A. light emitting display
B. Low energy display
C. Light emitting diode
D. Light emitting detector

16. Which picture or sketch shows the component of a circuit and how these components are connected together?
A. Wiring diagram
B. Block diagram
C. Pictorial diagram
D. Schematic diagram

17. 3 Pcs. Of resistor in which the values are 1- ohms, 2 ohms, and 50 ohms. If the 20 ohms is open what will be the reading in the ohmmeter?
A. 60 ohms
B. 0 ohms
C. infinite
D. 80 Ohms

18. Why does an AM receiver or pick-up sign despite the far distance from the transmitter compared to the FM receiver?
A. The Am receiver picks up signal easily because of the transistor
B. The Am receiver picks up signal easily because the signal transmitted by Am transmitted is by means of line to sight.
C. The Am receiver picks up signal easily because the transmitted by Am transmitter is by means of line to ground
D. The Am receiver picks up signal easily because the signals transmitted by Am transmitter is by means of the line to sight

19. Why is it needed to antenna in higher or an elevated area particular in a mountainous place?
I. All signals transmitted by the transmitter station is by mean of line to ground; the higher antenna the more signal can be received
II. The antenna is placed in higher or elevated area in order to capture the direction.
III. Signals transmitted by the transmitter station is by means of line to sight the higher antenna the more signal can be received.

A. I only
B. III only
C. III only
D. I, II and III

20. A service electronics technician cleaned the terminal of the component using sand paper or knife before it soldered to the PCB. What is the main purpose of that cleaning?
A. To attracted more charges
B. To remove the insulator so that soldering can be made easily
C. To attract electron, protons and neutron
D. To maximize the desired voltages

21. A diode is an electronic part that is expected to do one of the following functions all times. Which one?
A. Allow current to flow in both directions
B. Multiply voltage
C. Allow current to flow in one directions only
D. Do not allow current flow

22. There are four types of diodes. The diode that acts as a regular is the _______________ diode.
A. silicon
B. crystal
C. lightning
D. zener

23. You will find an electrode nearest the white band on a rectifier. What is it?
A. anode
B. cathode
C. gate
D. Main terminal

24. When a diode is tested and the reading is zero, it means that the diode is _____ .
A. shorted
B. open
C. leaky
D. good

25. If the transistor is an NPN type the base is _______ .
A. negative and positive
B. negative
C. positive
D. common

26. If the arrow of the transistor is pointing inward it tells us the transistor is ______ .
C. bipolar
D. injunction

27. In the electronic sysmbol of a transistor,the electrode with an arrow is the ________ .
A. emitter
B. base
C. collector
D. cathode

28. The production of magnetic field by current in a conductor is called _______ .
A. electromagnetism
B. ferromagnetic
D. diagmagnetic

29. The type of current which the amplitude drops to zero periodically and is produced in rectifier is known as ________ .
A. Pulsating direct current
B. damped alternating current
C. varying direct current
D. saw tooth wave

30. Printed on the dial of an Am radio is an RF band covering _______.
A. kHz 76-90 Mhz
B. 88-108 Mhz
C. 16Hz-20 kHz
D. 535-1605 kHZ

31. An ordinary radio can be tuned in different stations. The electronic component responsible for this function is the _______ .
A. tuning capacitor
B. oscillator
C. IF transforms
D. detector diode

32. The condition of a loud speaker is tested more accurately using one of the range listed below. Which one?
A. Rx1K
B. Rx10
C. Rx1
D. Rx10K

33. Working efficient is a good work habit. Tinning the tip of soldering iron refers to _____ .
A. cleaning the tip with a sand paper
B. making the tip pointed
C. cutting the tip
D. applying flux the tip

34. The common cause of erratic or distorted sound of a transistor radio is a defective _______ .
A. amplifier
B. volumn control
C. antenna
D. tuner

35. An appliances with 110V Ac supply is accidentally plugged to 220V Ac outlet. What component is usually destroyed?
A. switch
B. Ac plug
C. Line fuse
D. Power transformer

36. Which form of electricity has current flow always in the same direction?
A. Voltage
B. Power
C. Alternating current
D. direct current

37. The form of electricity has currently flow always in the same direction?
A. power
B. resistance
C. electromagnetism
D. frequency

38. Which part of an electrical circuit converts electrical energy into another form of energy to do work?
A. load
B. circuit
C. source
D. control

39. A law that states that the current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance is known as ___________ .
B. Law of resistivity
C. Kirchoff’s law
D. Ohm’s law

40. Circuit breakers are used to protect house hold electrical circuits. What is the capacity rating of the breaker used for convenience outlets of general purpose circuits?
A. 20 Amperes
B. 30 Amperes
C. 15 Amperes
D. 60 Amperes

41. Which of the following is the correct definition of the term “entrepreneur”?
A person who _____ .
A. pursues opportunity without regard to resources
B. starts a new business with the aim of making profit
C. seeks to create value for local communities, people or customers by starting new ventures which exploit new products, processes or markets
D. seeks to generate value through creation or expansion of economic activity, by identifying and exploiting new products, processes or markets

42. Which of the following skills are NOT needed by an entrepreneur?
A. Technical skills
B. Personal entrepreneurial skills
C. Working skills
D. Business management skills

43. Which of the following statement is INAPPROPRIATE in starting a business?
A. study the concepts and principles of entrepreneurial skills
B. Cope with failures of the business
C. Undergo training on entrepreneurial skills
D. know what characteristics are needed to become an entrepreneur

44. Which of the following is NOT a source of fund for Ms. Burgos future business?
A. seek assistance from central bank of the Philippines
B. borrow money from friends and relatives
C. Avail of the government program on financing micro-macro business
D. Use part of her retirement benefit.

45. If her business idea is a boutique, what quality of a future entrepreneur is INAPPROPRAIATE?
A. relaxed
B. hard worker
C. Risk-taker
D. Innovative

46. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an entrepreneur?
A. coping with failure
B. Irritated
C. Opportunity Seeker
D. Persistent

47. Which among these characteristics of an entrepreneur?
A. Coping with failure
B. Goal setter
C. Futuristic
D. Impassive

48. Which of the following is a primary cause of failure in small businesses?
A. Poor financial control
B. Poor location
C. Management mistakes
D. Improper inventory control

49. Which these traits gets an entrepreneur off of his/her feet and puts him/her into action turning daydreams into reality?
A. Perseverance
B. Ambition
C. Creativity
D. Enthusiasm

50. Which entrepreneurial traits gives an entrepreneur a positive outlook in life which gives the energy to pursue his/her endeavors?
A. Perseverance
B. Ambition
C. Creativity
D. Enthusiasm

51. With which trait is an entrepreneur able to withstand the troubles that come with a starting business?
A. Perseverance
B. Ambition
C. Creativity
D. Enthusiasm

52. Which general function or market involves the physical meeting point for buyers and seller at the point of production or via some other means of m communication?
A. Specific functions
B. Exchange functions
C. Physical functions
D. Facilitating functions

53. Which types of marketing functions enables the actual flow of commodities through space and time producers to consumer and their transformation to desirable to the consumer?
A. Specific functions
B. Exchange functions
C. Physical functions
D. Facilitating functions

54. From a societal view point, which of the following statements about marketing objective is NOT true?
A. Assist in the efficient allocation of resources
B. create wealth and promote economic growth
C. improve income distribution among different sectors of the economy
D. Maintain instability of supply and demand for marketed goods

55. Which is considered a vehicle for information target market about the enterprise and the products or services?
A. Product
B. Price
C. Place
D. Promotion

56. At the stage of marketing effort does an entrepreneur concentrate on targeting a new market of buyer and talking market share from competitions by price cutting or relaunching the product?
A. introduction
B. growth
C. place
D. Decline

57. Which of the following is NOT appropriate in running a small-scale business?
A. keeping clear records
B. verifying profit and loss
C. Managing cash flow
D. Distribution channel

58. Which marketing channel operates with capital owned directly by the operators and their partners. Or in some cases by shareholders?
A. Co-operatives
B. Independent, locally-based private enterprise
C. Marketing board and other state enterprises
D. Transitional companies

59. At which stage of product life cycle must an entrepreneur decide whether s/he wants to try to rejuvenate the product by inventing in development and aggressive marketing or to quietly admit and exit the market?
A. introduction
B. growth
C. place
D. Decline

60. A marketing mix that can have both tangible and intangible aspects and is the thing you offer to satisfy you customer wants and needs is _______ .
A. product
B. packaging
C. price
D. promotion

61. Which term refers to mathematical business decision that makes orderly delineated sequences of mathematical operatives that leads to a solution?
A. Conceptual model
B. Quantitative model
C. Algorithms
D. Decision

62. Every day we have to calculate the discounted of shopping mall, allocate how much food and shopping and when we get a loan from the bank we calculate the interest. This simply means we need _______ .
A. money
B. calculation
C. mathematics
D. percentage

63. Which is also known as Quantitative Finance that is concerned with financial markets and taking observed market prices as inputs?
A. Mathematical in marketing
B. Mathematical finance
C. Net Income Report
D. Income statement

64. What financial reports reflects the net income sales?
A. Statement of Cash flow
B. Balance Sheet
C. Net income report
D. Income Statement

65. What is the remainder after all the expenses have been deducted from revenues?
A. Repair income
B. Gross income
C. Net income
D. Service income

66. On what financial statements are assets that are used in the operation of business found?
A. Income statement
B. Statement of owners Capital
C. Balance sheet
D. Statement of Cash low

67. The sum of all the expenses from the operation of the business can be found on the ________ .
A. balance sheet
B. statement of cash flow
C. income statement
D. Statement of owners capital

68. To which financial reports are Liabilities and capital added?
A. Statement of cash flow
B. Statement of owners of owners capital
C. income statement
D. Balance sheet

69. What financial statement shows all the received cash from both ongoing operations and external investments sources?
A. Statement of cash flow
B. Statement of owners of owners capital
C. income statement
D. Balance sheet

70. The earning power of the business firm is reported on the __________ .
A. Balance sheet
B. income statement
C. Statement of cash flow
D. Statement of owners of owners capital

71. The balance sheet provides the information about ________________ .
A. all the sales of the firm
B. all the expenses of the firm
C. list of cash received and payments of the firm
D. list of all assets of the firm

72. Recording the increase of income of a Computer Repair Shop should be written on the _________ column.
A. Asset
B. Income
C. Credit
D. Debit

73. In journalizing the, owner’s withdrawal from his firm should be written on the ____________.
A. capital
B. debit
C. credit
D. expenses

74. When a business purchased computer set worth P, 65,000.00 for the office; debit computer set, P65,000.00; credit is __________________ .
A. Accounts payable, P 65,000.00
B. Capital, P 65,000.00
C. Computer set expenses P 65,000.00
D. Cash P 65,000.00

75. Ms. Alien receives her payment from tutorial of Mrs, Yap’s son; debit cash credit, ______ .
A. payment
B. cash
C. fee
D. assets

76. Mr. Albert Patac bought and invested coffee Vending Machine worth P 35,000.00. Debit machine; machine credit _______ .
A. Cash P 35,000.00
B. A Patac, capital P 35,000.00
C. Asset P 35,000.00
D. Expenses, P35,000.00

77. Purchased office supplies and equipment on credit card are ________ .
A. debit office, supplies, credit cash
B. debit office supplies, credit accounts payable
C. debit office supplies and equipment, credit cash
D. debit office supplies and equipment, credit accounts payable

78. To find the current liability, one must look at the _______ .
A. mortage payable
B. loans payable
C. bonds payable
D. salaries

79. The resources that s firm acquires through creditors is called ________ .
A. liability
B. capital
C. assets
D. income

80. Business owned that will be due not to exceed a year is referred to as ________ .
A. current asset
B. current liability
C. fixed asset
D. fixed liability

81. Which is owed by the business that requires prompt payment?
A. Non-current liability
B. Non-current asset
C. fixed asset
D. fixed liability

82. Which refers to a business obligation that requires 15 months of payment?
A. Current liability
B. long-term liability
C. current asset
D. current liability

83. Which of these terms best applies o current asset?
A. Account receivable
B. Account payable
C. Notes receivable
D. Notes payable

84. What is an example of non-current assets?
A. Prepaid expenses
B. Cash in the bank
C. Accounts receivable
D. Properties and equipment

85. What are resources owned for the operation of the business?
A. assets
B. liability
C. capital
D. expenses

86. Some resources of the firm acquired their asset through obligation. What does this refer to?
A. Expenses
B. Assets
C. Liability
D. capital

87. After a month, Mr. Patac was able to get all coins he earned form his coffee vending machine worth P 11, 755.00 and paid his water bill P 750.00 and electricity P 1,300.00.
A. P 9,705.00
B. P 10, 455.00
C. P 11, 755.00
D. P. 11, 005.00

88. How much is the net sales of Mr. Patac after a month of his business?
A. P. 11, 005.00
B. P 10, 455.00
C. P 9,705.00
D. P 11, 755.00

89. Mr. Patac bought motorcycle worth P 72,000.00 to monitor his expanding coffee vending machine business. After five (5) years, the said motorcycle will become P 15,000.00 value. How much is he going to set aside per month for depreciation?
A. P 57,000.00
B. P 11,400.00
C. P 950.00
D. P 850.00

90. Giving 10% depreciation for the 5 additional units of coffee Vending machine that is worth P 35,000.00 each. How much is the depreciation cost of each machine?
A. P 17,000.00
B. P 3,500.00
C. P 4,250.00
D. P 1,750.00

91. What is the term that describes the total of cash, plus purchase, plus the customers obligation to the business?
A. Assets
B. Inventory
C. Profit
D. liability

92. Which term refers to gross increase in owner’s equity arising from increase in assets received in exchange for the delivery of goods or services to customers?
A. Assets
B. liability
C. income
D. expenses

93. Which term refers to decreases in owner’s equity that increases because goods or service are delivered to customers?
A. Profit
B. Expenses
C. Earnings
D. Revenue

94. Which is considered to be the best way to assess entrepreneurial project or business ventures?
A. environmental analysis
B. SWOT analysis
C. competition analysis
D. PEST analysis

95. An analysis that provides the details for opportunities and threats of a business to make batter decision regarding marketing plan is termed ______ .
A. environmental analysis
B. SWOT analysis
C. competition analysis
D. PEST analysis

96. The acronym SWOT stands for _____ .
A. Strengths-Weaknesses-Option-Threats
B. Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunity- Testing
C. Strengths-Weaknesses- Operations-Tactics
D. Strengths-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats

97. Which question is asked at the first stage in the marketing planning process of an enterprise?
A. Where are we now?
B. Where are we heading?
C. Are we on course?
D. Where would we like to be?

98. Which of these stages is the final stage in the marketing planning process flow chart?
A. Control
B. Marketing planning
C. Setting marketing objectives
D. Setting the product price

99. An entrepreneur might select a target market probably because the target market _____ .
A. is attractive to the business and matches its supply capabilities
B. is large and well-served with existing products
C. is fully understood by the entrepreneur
D. has a proven track record for buying product

100. A carefully thought structured formal commercial report that is extraordinarily well documented and clearly written to safe any wastage of further investments project is called ______ .
A. portfolio
B. business plan
C. resume
D. feasibility


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