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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 1

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LET Reviewer: Technology and Livelihood Education Part 1


TLE Part 1
1. Which of the following should be taken into account before preparing the farm lots?
a. Soil and water supply
b. Sunlight and air circulation
c. Accessibility and proximity to market
d. all of the above

2. Which of the ff. is a characteristic of good soil?
a. should be viable
b. fresh and mature
c. damage free and free from seed – borne diseases
d. all of the above

3. It is the first and most important tillage operation in preparing the land for to make it more moisture – retentive
a. Cleaning
b. Plowing
c. Harrowing
d. Pulverizing

4. Is an organic material consisting of very fine routed animal waste, plant parts and other organic and biodegradable material
a. Biomass
b. Compost
c. Heap
d. Fertilizer

5. This method of fish – culture is characterized by the use of net enclosures in shallow protected areas in inland waters
a. Cage method
b. Fishpen method
c. Aquarium method
d. Open – water method

6. The objective of applying fertilizers to fish ponds
a. Promote fish growth
b. Enhance production
c. Neutralize acidity
d. Enhance the color of the water

7. This type of plants contains nitrogen in its roots which is converted to nitrates by rhizolia, thus, contributing to soil fertility
a. Vine crops
b. Root crops
c. Legumes
d. Tubers

8. Which of the ff. is NOT an aspect of fish – culture?
a. Fish cultivation
b. Fish propagation
c. Fish conservation

d. Fish marketing

9. The object is represented by the sides seen at one time
a. perspective
b. projection
c. Orthographic
d. Isometric

10. The system of representing the true shape of any object arranged on a plane in two or more views at right angle to each other
a. Perspective
b. Dimension
c. Orthographic
d. Oblique drawing

11. Isometric projection is drawn on tree axes namely the vertical and 2 ____________ degree lines.
a. 90
b. 60
c. 40
d. 30

12. It is part of the electrical circuit which converts electrical energy into another form to do work
a. Voltage
b. Load
c. Current
d. Ampere

13. The system on which the flow of electricity is always in one direction
a. Power
b. Integrated circuit
c. Alternating current
d. Direct current

14. The amount of heat required to take 1 lb. of water to change its temperature 1 degree F
a. British Thermal Unit (BTU)
b. Voltage
c. Watt
d. Calorie

15. Property of metal w/c can be hammered and flattened into sheets without breaking
a. Ductility
b. Brittleness
c. Elasticity
d. Malleability

16. A system of principles to conduct life
a. Beliefs
b. Values
c. Philosophy
d. Goals and Objectives

17. Process of reaching solution to a problem which is based on family goals,
a. Assessment
b. Reorganization
c. Decision – Making
d. Problem Solving

18. To achieve a satisfying family life, each member is expected to live his role with corresponding ______________
a. loyalty
b. responsibilities
c. needs
d. care

19. Human resources which the family can use to achieve its goals
a. Energy
b. Abilities and skills
c. Knowledge
d. all of the above

20. Earnings of corporations which are distributed among stocksholders
a. profit
b. Retained earnings
c. Stocks
d. Dividends

21. Brings about a successful entrepreneurial activity
a. careful planning
b. good luck
c. big capital
d. proper connection

22. As an entrepreneur, he must be aware if his business is good. He must then identify a good business through?
a. availability of supply, interest in business, capacity and skills
b. pricing of the products and services
c. human – resources oriented
d. profit – oriented

23. It is the profile of an entrepreneur’s intuitions, philosophy, ideals, perception and details of a planned project
a. Thesis
b. Project proposal
c. Project description
d. Rationale

24. Provides the entrepreneur information on market, sources and consumption of products and services
a. Consultancy assistance
b. Organizational assistance
c. Training assistance
d. Marketing assistance

25. There are agencies that provide counseling or consultancy serviced to entrepreneurs who have difficulty solving their own business problems
a. Technology and livelihood Center
b. National Manpower and youth Council
c. UP Institute of Small Scale Industries
d. All of the above


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