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LET Reviewer: Social Science Part 6

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LET Reviewer: Social Science Part 6


Social Science Part 6
1. Without becoming actively involved in social reform what can sociologists do to advance social activism in their profession?
a. Increase social research studies
b. Improve scientific validity of researches
c. Urge more recent grants
d. Make their views known public issues

2. Which area of sociology can be advanced so that it is not merely for speculative thinking of theories and methods?
a. Population studies :: on planned parenthood
b. Applied sociology :: for social change
c. Human studies :: on social ills, e.g. drug use, crime, etc.
d. Sociological theory :: for social knowledge

3. To select a topic for social research, personal _______ can ensure enthusiasm in completing a selected study.
a. validity
b. feasibility
c. interest
d. relevant

4. An anthropologist understands other cultures from the perspective of an insider?
a. Yes
b. No, should be from the point of view of an outsider
c. No, should be from the point of view of an anthropologist
d. Yes, if the insiders are literate.

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5. When acculturation takes place, what happens?
a. Members of the culture adopt features of another
b. Members of their culture disregard their culture and adopt another?
c. Members of one culture look down on other culture.
d. Members of one culture exclude members from other cultures.

6.When you judge by results regardless of your relations to the people involved, which Filipino trait do you counteract?
a. Particularism
b. Supernativalism
c. Personalism
d. Non-radionalism

7. if you keep seeing your way of doing things as the right way and everybody else's as the wrong way, you tend to have the attitude called __________.
a. cultural relativism
b. ethnocentrism
c. cultural pluralism
d. multiculturalism

8. On what basis is the caste system of social structure and stratification?
a. Religious beliefs
b. Achievement status
c. Ethnicity
d. Inherited inequality

9. Which is considered as positive or favorable consequences of tough competition?
a. Personal stress
b. Achievement is stimulated
c. Cooperation is reduced
d. Social inequalities

10. The Chinese minority group in the Philippines adopts the language, history, and manners of mainstream Filipino culture as its own. What pattern of interaction occurs?
a. Alteration
b. Accommodation
c. Amalgamation
d. Acculturation

11. Which illustrate horizontal mobility in the social ladder?
a. The promotion of a teacher to principal.
b. The demotion from principal to teacher.
c. A teacher remains as a teacher in the same school.
d. A teacher leaves for the same position at another school.

12. Karl Marx divided industrial society into bourgeoisie and proletariat.
What was one of his major bases of classification?
a. Gender role and classification?
b. Racial and ethnic origins
c. Whether or not they have royal or noble blood
d. Whether or not they own the means of production

13. Which of the following may result at the departure country when
Filipino professionals emigrate to other countries?
a. brain drain
b. ethnic diversity
c. population increase
d. culture shock

14. If a Catholic researcher makes a study on polygamy as practiced in
Islam, what influence will likely add subjectivity to his/her findings?
a. Cultural gap
b. Economic difference
c. Religious bias
d. Class distinction

15. If government sponsors a research on social poverty, what factor will
likely influence the research?
a. Timeliness of study
b. Lack of funding
c. Scope of research
d. Political criticism

16. What attitude is needed before one engages in data-gathering for
a. Return investment for firm
b. Corporate social responsibility
c. Press relations for company
d. Philanthropic dole-out

17. what attitude is needed before one engages in data- gathering for research?
a. Prejudgment on result
b. Bias on hypothesis
c. Open-minded skepticism
d. Inadequacy in time

18. When are laws said to be unscientific? When laws ________.
a. serve political interests
b. are not supported by research
c. focus on funding allocation
d. are irrelevant

19. How should social scientist view culture?
a. Difference in mores of people
b. Refinement in the arts
c. All facets of social life
d. Ways of ethical conduct

20. Color, emblem, gestures, designs, words are part of __________ language that makes man different from animals.
a. symbolic
b. material
c. denotative
d. abstract

21. The value marker of ___________ is conveyed by the EDSA people power revolution.
a. human rights
b. justice
c. freedom
d. integrity

22. What issue is controversial for church people but is a need of secular society?
a. Birth control
b. Social media
c. Human rights
d. Information bill

23. Which can explain the fact that we still observe the nod of respect (mano po) to our elders as our forebears?
a. Punishment for lack of respect
b. Modeling (gaya-gaya)
c. Folkways change slowly
d. Herd mentality

24. What constitutional reform did Filipino constitutionalists including those who framed the Malolos Constitution introduce to eliminate the dominance of the church over the state?
a. Expulsion of friars
b. Taxation on religious schools
c. Prohibiting religious from political meddling
d. Separation of church and state

25. What could you accept as true from the varied propositions of Herbert Spencer?
a. Societies complete by way of survival of the fittest
b. Societies develop from simplicity to complexity
c. Social development should not be interfered by legislators
d. Planned change will disrupt the evolution of society.

26. The following facts show Emile Durkheim has reason to assume that individuals are products, not creators of society EXCEPT __________.
a. laws impose conformity
b. man's behavior follows customs
c. moral codes declare
d. systems are made by man

27. Which explains Spencer's theory of progressive evolution of human societies?
a. Societies inevitably progress.
b. Societies have to adapt to survive or else perish
c. Societies have to complete to survive
d. Human individuals adapt but not human societies.

28. Fr. Reuter wrote : In a survey in Asia, they discovered that the happiest people in Asia are the Filipinos. The most miserable are the Japanese. The Japanese have money. We don't have money, but we have the smile, the warm embrace, the song, the laughter, the joy of living." What does this prove?
a. That the Filipinos don't care are about material wealth.
b. That the Filipinos are happy-go-lucky people.
c. That the Filipinos are rich in the treasures of the spirit.
d. That the Filipinos are healthy and happy people.

29. If there is anything positive in "ningas-cogon" Filipino trait, which one?
a. It makes a person detached
b. It renders one inactive
c. It makes one unable to initiate things
d. It makes one persevere

30. Arctic dwellers have ice and snow houses, and desert dwellers have animal skin tents; in windy Batanes are heavy limestone shelters, and in other areas are light bamboo and grass huts. The main reason for these cultural variations is ___________.
a. isolation
b. technology
c. environment
d. biological differences

31. Filipinos tend to look at the world and nature as peopled by supernatural being and governed y forces above him. They manifest _________.
a. particularism
b. personalism
c. nonrationalism
d. rationalism

32. Which refers to the total way of life share by members of a society?
a. Sociology
b. Biosociology
c. Race
d. Culture

33. Which are the shared rules of conduct that specify how people outh to think and act called?
a. Norms
b. Values
c. Sanctions
d. Subcultures

34. Which when violated may cause the violator to be regarded as eccentric, weir, or crazy?
a. Folkways
b. Mores
c. Laws
d. Institutions

35. Which of the following does NOT accurately describe the true nature of culture?
a. Culture is learned from interaction with other people.
b. Culture is tell us how we ought to act and believe.
c. Culture is transmitted through biological inheritance.
d. Culture helps us solve problems and adapt to our environment.

36. Social institutions are enduring social structures that provide ready-made arrangements to meet basic human problems. Which of these basic social institutions provides community coordination, law and order, and defense?
a. the family
b. the economy
c. religion
d. government

37. Which element of social structure refers to a set of norms specifying the rights and obligations associated with a status?
a. value
b. culture trait
c. role
d. dysfunction

38. What social process occurs when people work together to achieve shared goals?
a. Exchange
b. Conflict
c. Competition
d. Cooperation

39. Which is considered as positive or favorable consequences of tough competition?
a. Personal stress.
b. Achievement is stimulated
c. Cooperation is reduced
d. Social inequalities is encouraged.

40. What group is Characterized by intimate, face-to-face interaction?
a. Primary
b. Aggregate
c. Gesselschaft
d. Bureaucracy

41. What do you call the feeling of disorganization and frustration that an overseas contract worker may experience when he encounters entirely different patterns of behavior, ideas, and artifacts at his destination in a foreign country?
a. Cultural integration
b. Cultural shock
c. Assimilation
d. Discrimination

42. Punishment is form of social control. If death penalty is imposed to scare offenders and the rest of society into following the rules, the purpose of punishment is _________.
a. retribution
b. deterrence
c. reformation
d. prevention

43. Emile Durcheim believed that major cause of suicide in industrialized nations was the situation where the norms of society are unclear or no longer applicable to current conditions. He called this situation __________.
a. taboo
b. anomie
c. tecnic way
d. deviance

44. Wealth, prestige, and power- much unequally distributed in third world countries like the Philippines- are the bases of divisions into social classes. This patterned inequality is called __________.
a. social movement
b. social stratification
c. social problem
d. social mobility

45. Philippine social development efforts include anti- poverty and pro-poor programs. In determining who are the poor and how poor are the poor, the government fixes the amount of money a family would need to meet the minimum requirements of a decent standard of living. What do you call this amount so fixed?
a. Relative poverty
b. Per capital income
c. Culture of poverty

46. Legislations grating special privileges to senior citizens help to neutralize prejudice and discrimination toward a social category based on ____________.
a. race
b. ethnicity
c. sex
d. age

47. There is a growing number of advocates of gender sensitivity. In sociology, gender means ____________.
a. a biological characteristic, male or female
b. the expected dispositions and behaviors that culture assign to each sex
c. the rights and obligations for women as provided by the Constitution
d. homosexuality as a deviant behavior

48. Which type of family is more prevalent in the third world than in industrialized countries?
a. extended family
b. nuclear family
c. family of orientation
d. family of procreation

49. Persistent nepotism in our society is generally explained as repayment to family members of a debt of gratitude which to Filipinos is termed :
a. hiya
b. ningas cogon
c. utang-na-loob
d. bahala na

50. There is a revival through cooperatives of social unity, neighborliness and mutual helpfulness of Filipinos where they voluntarily work together and pool their resources to achieve shared goals. This Filipino practice is known as:
a. compadre system
b. barangay
c. amor propio
d. bayanihan

51. There forcible expulsion of a particular ethnic group from a certain territory is termed as :
a. ethnic cleansing
b. ethnocentrism
c. genocide
d. racial prejudice

52. Which of the following consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature?
a. Prostitution
b. Sex discrimination
c. Sexual harassment
d. Pornography

53.Which one is positive trends in the area of Philippines politics?
a. Shift is role of government from a regulatory agency to a facilitative role through deregulation and privatization
b. Growing influence of crime lords in political governance
c. Empowerment of local government units
d. AC

54. For those who desire change, __________ should be the practical advocacy amid social and political upheavals in the country and the world.
a. social reforms
b. religious conversion
c. cultural reformation
d. state alliances

55. What can be a practical initiative as an application of Robert Merton's proposition that couples should be clear about hidden functions like parental obligations before marriage?
a. Disallow civil marriages.
b. Allow trial marriages
c. Legalize divorce
d. Teach marital obligations in sex education

56. Human rights advocates clamor for various rights such as land, housing, lower oil prices, etc. What should be taught as a counterpart of civil rights?
a. Bayanihan by citizens
b. Reconciliation among parties
c. Civic duties
d. Cooperative movement

57. Under the Exchange Theory (work should be warded), what advance professional work through the effort of the Professional Regulation Commission?
a. Board examination
b. Licensure examination
c. Examination produces computerization
d. Outstanding professional awards

58. How can congressional hearings e.g. on drugs in the national penitentiary , be a scientific approach to social legislation?
a. Seeking new approaches to public service
b. Allowing Congress to examine issues
c. Defining provisions of laws
d. Scrutinizing via TV coverage

59. How can social research serve policy-makers in corporate and public sectors?
a. Redirect policies towards poverty alleviation
b. Provide data for social policies
c. Add professionalism among leaders
d. Advance social awareness among sectors

60. What is the good argument that sociologists should not be purists and be ethnically neutral to social problems e.g. poverty, human rights violations, etc.
a. To be neutral is to support the status quo
b. Sociology is the queen of social sciences
c. Advance the science of sciences
d. Sociologists are academicians

61. Among cities in Central Mindanao is the highly urbanized _________ and the resource which gave it fame.
a. Tacurong :: bird sanctuary
b. Kidipawan :: spring in the highland
c. General Santos City :: yellow tuna
d. Koronadal :: sports mecca

62. These are true of Davao City EXCEPT _________.
a. largest city in area (2,444 klm) in the Philippines
b. most populous (1.6 M) of cities in Visayas-Mindanao
c. most populous in Mindanao
d. largest city in area (2,444 klm) in the world

63. It is important that China does not militarize the South China Sea because it is a _________ connecting East Asian countries with Southeast Asia.
a. sea lane
b. Philippine territory
c. fishery resource
d. natural oil reserve

64. If the ozone layer in the stratosphere is destroyed, the earth will become _________ to support life.
a. too polluted
b. too cold
c. too hot
d. too cloudy

65. One of the most destructive volcanic eruptions of the 20th century in the Philippines is that of __________.
a. Taal Volcano
b. Mt. Pinatubo
c. Hibok-Hibok
d. Mt. Apo

66. What in nature should we be ultimately thankful for fresh water in out faucets?
a. Meltwater
b. River water source
c. Rain water
d. Water reservoir

67. When does the day begin and end?
a. Midnight
b. Midday
c. subsistence
d. slash-and-burn

68. When our farmers grow crops to feed themselves short of making profit, they are known s _____ farmers.
a. tenant
b. small
c. subsistence
d. slash-and-burn

69. Which country has recorded a rural population extremely higher (91%) compares with the urban population (9%).
a. Brunei
b. Bangladesh
c. Burma
d. Australia

70. Which city is at the center of the land hemisphere of the earth?
a. Melbourne
b. London
c. Washington D.C.
d. New Delhi

71. Which country is closest to the center of the water hemisphere of the earth?
a. India
b. Indonesia
c. New Zealand
d. Philippines

72. Asia, Africa and ________ belong to the eastern hemisphere of the earth.
a. Australia
b. North America
c. South America
d. Canada

73. In reading a map, what is the symbol for a capital city?
a. triangle
b. dot
c. square
d. circled star

74. When the African government kept races apart, giving all economic and political power to white citizens, it imposed _________.
a. clannishness
b. racial discrimination
c. apartheid
d. caste

75. The three islands of the Philippines follow this order of rank from the largest to those lesser in land area:
I. Luzon, Mindanao and Samar
II. Mindanao, Luzon and Cebu
III. Visayan islands, Luzon and Mindanao
IV. Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
a. I
b. II
c. III
d. IV

76. Among unfulfilled goals of Socialist Communism not achieved even today in Russia, North Korea and China is __________.
a. dictatorship of the Communist Party
b. state power by revolutionist leaders
c. revolutionary struggle of a nation
d. prosperity of the working class

77. The correct measure of true development is __________.
a. economic progress
b. human development
c. political sovereignty
d. social equality

78. To what level do nations belong when their gross national product ( GNP) has risen to higher levels but below level of industrialized nations?
a. Second World
b. First World
c. Third World
d. Fourth World

79. To what level do nations belong when their annual per capita income is less than US $200.00?
a. Second World
b. Third World
c. Fourth World
d. First World

80. The great power of tides rushing up arrow inlets of bays can be used produce ________ .
a. light
b. electricity
c. heat
d. water

81. Sociologist and environmentalists predict that typhoons will be strong, even stronger than Yolanda, as the atmosphere of the earth continues to heat up. Typhoon Yolanda, as the atmosphere of the earth continues to heat up? Typhoon Yolanda had gusts of ________ kph making it the strongest typhoon in the country's history.
a. 573
b. 395
c. 735
d. 375

82. In Sociology we develop our capacity to attain _________ wisdom through knowledge-based research.
a. traditional
b. folk
c. conventional
d. empirical

83. Research-based knowledge about social and social patters can replace __________.
a. traditional values
b. folk wisdom
c. superstition
d. conventional practices

84. What do you call the diagrams of kinship relations and maps to show how the people are in communities are related to one another?
a. Genealogies
b. Graphics
c. Organizers
d. Spider map

85. To prevent ethnocentrism, anthropologists and sociologists advocate cross-cultural understanding through a concept known as __________ .
a. cultural relativism
b. ethnical relativism
c. global solidarity
d. acculturation

86. One reason why we do not progress as a nation is due to management by exception syndrome. What does management by exception syndrome mean?
a. The rules are for everybody except to the manager
b. Apply the rule selectively.
c. Applies the rule to all.
d. Change the rule. It is more of an exception.

87. "He who does not know to look to the past will never reach destination." To which Filipino trait does this point?
a. Pakikiisa
b. Manana Habit
c. Pakikipagkapwa-tao
d. Utang na loob

88. Which Filipino trait is laziness disguised in religious grab?
a. Utang na loob
b. Manana Habit
c. Bahala na
d. Pakikisama

89. One of the Filipino's favorite word is "kasi" (because). This word implies __________.
I. making a scapegoat out of someone or something
II. evading responsibility
III. posting of action
a. I-II
b. I-III
d. I

90. According to one another, we Filipinos do not learn because our messages create what psychologist call cognitive dissonance. Which behavior demonstrates cognitive dissonance?
a. Our Political leaders spend most of their time arguing.
b. Parents act as role models for their children.
c. Teacher tells students to some on time but comes late.
d. There is so much division in the country.

91. Among 17 regional subdivisions of the Philippines, which is unique in having its own governor and legislative assembly?
b. Calabarzon
d. Davao Region

92. These are reasons why our Muslim brothers in the Southern Philippines deserve autonomy EXCEPT for their ________.
a. own cultural identify
b. traditional Muslim homeland
c. repelling Hispanic and American colonial incursions
d. animosity between mainland and Sulu archipelago Muslims

93. Among prospects in the Cordillera Region, which is a proven economic prospect?
a. Metro Baguio and Easter Cordillera Growth Corridor
b. Tourism in Baguio City as summer capital of the country
c. Rice Terraces UNESCO Rice Terraces World Heritage Site
d. Metallic and non-metallic mineral resources

94.What is the highest mountain in Luzon?
a. Mt. Buhi :: Sorsogon
b. Mt. Mayon :: Albay
c. Mt. Pinatubo ::Zambales
d. Mt. Pulag :: Benguet

95. Not among the World Heritage Sites in the Ilocos region is ________ :
a. Santa Maria Church
b. Paoay Church
c. Vigan
d. Hunderd Islands Nation Park

96. With its agro-industrial business the province of ______ has the biggest contribution to the economic development in the Ilocos region.
a. Pangasinan
b. Ilocos Norte
c. Ilocos Sur
d. La Union

97. The Presidents of the Republic hailed from Ilocano provinces EXCEPT _________.
a. Ferdinand Marcos
b. Elpidio Quirino
c. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
d. Fidel B. Ramos

98. Which province in Central Luzon can continue to advance the claim that the region is the Rice Granary of the Philippines?
a. Bataan
b. Nueva Ecija
c. Tarlac
d. Zambales

99. Which is NOT a right relationship between national figures and their province base in Calabarzon region is _________ :
a. Emilio Aguinaldo : Cavate
b. Jose Rizal :: Laguna
c. Manuel Quezon :: Quezon City
d. Macario Sakay :: Mountain of Rizal

100. The behavioral cause of the diminishing agriculture economy in the Calabarzon region is the __________.
a. growth of manufacturing and light-tech industries
b. urbanization in lifestyle and occupation
c. focus on tourism promotion of historical sites
d. pollution unfavorable to crops

101. Why are lush forest of the mountain ranges of Aklan, Antique and Capiz described as "accessibility impaired?"
a. No travelers can pollute them.
b. Environment is green.
c. Cutters and poachers can't reach them.
d. Good for adventure sports.

102. What is the long-term initiative that placed Western Visayas out of the "hotspot areas" for illegal logging?
a. Surveillance and Monitoring
b. Confiscation of illegally cut trees.
c. Prohibition of possession of forest products
d. Reforestation

103. Among advocacy materials posted in public places, which directly relate to health awareness?
a. No smoking
b. Barya lang po sa umaga
c. Priority Seats for Pregnant Women
d. PWD and Senior Citizen signs

104. The ___________ reverly experience makes the Anti-Atihan pre-Lenten festival popular even for foreign tourists.
a. Black Nazarene
b. Lenten
c. Mardi-gras
d. Marian

105. East Visayas Region VII is recognized as one of the ________ exporting regions in the country.
a. handicraft
b. fish
c. coal
d. sinamay

106. Among landmarks with historical significance in East Visayas is __________.
a. Santo Nino Shrine
b. Agas-Agas bridge
c. Lake Danao
d. MacArthur Landing Memorial

107. Originating in East Visayas region is the national dance ______ .
a. Itik-Itik
b. kuratsa
c. tinikling
d. pandang

108. From East Visayas Region, which is NOT the right relationship in cultural knowledge?
a. Kuratsa :: waray dance
b. Dandansoy :: balad
c. Tinikling :: bamboo pole
d. Irog nga Tuna :: partriotic song

109. These are reasons why Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental were made into one integrated region EXCEPT _________:
a. one dialect
b. holistic development
c. tourism promotion
d. peace and order management

110. These are the cultural relationships in the Negros Region EXCEPT ________ :
a. Bacolod City :: Maskara festival
b. Cadiz City :: sugar central
c. Baiz City :: what and dolphin watching
d. Silay City :: ancestral houses

111. The most active volcano in Negros Region is _________ :
a. Hibok-hibok
b. Mayon
c. Kanlaon
d. Apo

112. Desiring to be third force in the balance of water between U.S. and Russia, conferences in Bandung (1955), Belgrade (1961) and Cario (1964) advanced policy positions for security and peace, EXCEPT ___________.
a. peaceful coexistence
b. new world order
c. general disarmament
d. anti-colonialism

113. The grassroots liberation movement in Latin-America focused a bipolarity peace and progress that focused on eliminating __________ in development.
a. social injustice
b. extreme poverty
c. multi-faceted dependency
d. industrial backwardness

114. Which virtue of the Filipina was MOST congruent to the revolutionary ideals of the Katipunan duing the Hispanic period?
a. Josephine Bracken :: martial devotion
b. Teodora Alonzo :: motherly move
c.Maria Clara :: purity
d. Tandang Sora :: self sacrifice

115. Which has proven to be effective in lessening vehicle volume in the main transportation arties in Metro Manila?
a. Efficient licensing
b. Color Coding
c. Prohibition against illegal parking
d. Apprehension and surveillance

116. Prior to the advent of liberal values in the 1960s, who or what is the center of authority in the Filipino family?
a. Father :: patriarchal society
b. Mother :: matriarchal society
c. Parents :: familial society
d. Family :: nuclear society

117. The Churches do not totally oppose planned parenthood, but they limit birth control methods through _______.
a. contraceptives
b. abstinence
c. sterilization
d. castration

118. The stage of population growth with a natural increase in birth rate lower than one (1) percent coupled with death rate power than the birth rate occurs in the following situations EXCEPT through __________.
a. birth control
b. war
c. famine
d. epidemic

119. Which layer of fertile soil is needed in order to grow crops in a vegetable garden?
a. clay-like
b. leached
c. humus
d. rocky

120. These are major reasons why Northern Mindanao is the largest regional economy in Mindanao EXCEPT ___________.
a. Multinational companies :: investments
b. white water surfing :: adventure sports
c. hydroelectric plants :: energy
d. airport and seaport terminals :: travel and commerce

121. The smallest ocean in the world is the ________ ocean.
a. Pacific
b. Indian
c. Atlantic
d. Arctic

122. A great body of salty water smaller than an ocean, more or less landlocked is a _________.
a. bay
b. gulf
c. sea
d. lake

123. It is important that the South China Sea is not militarized by China or any other country because it is a _________ between East Asian countries and Southeast Asia.
a. canal
b. sea-lane
c. channel
d. demarcation

124. The warm ocean current that moderates surface temperatures of the cold waters of the Pacific off the coast of Peru was called ________ because of occurs around Christmas.
a. Paskua
b. La Nina
c. Monsoon Nino
d. Peru Current

125. A condition when sea surface temperatures in the Pacific are low and the trade winds are very strong is called _________.
a. El Nino
b. La Nina
c. Monsoon drift
d. Tropical Stream

126. El Nino has bought economic disasters by the way of severe _______ over the western tropical Pacific region and ________ over the eastern Pacific, as well as unusual weather conditions in the world.
a. tsunamis :: flashflood
b. typhoons :: landslide
c. droughts :: floods
d. earthquake :: tremors

127. The most common map used by geography is the ________ because it is a scale model of the three dimensions of the earth.
a. Equal area map
b. Mercator map
c. Polar projections
d. Colored map

128. An ideal tool for teachers and students of geography is the _______ because it is a scale model of the three dimensions of the earth.
a. equal area map
b. Color map
c. Globe
d. World land mass map

129. The condition of the air at any time is the __________.
a. weather
b. climate
c. season
d. atmosphere

130. The pattern of changes of weather over a number of years is the __________ .
a. atmosphere
b. season
c. climate
d. temperature

131. The number of daytime hours and night time hours is exactly equal all over the world during the _________.
a. equinox
b. summer solstice
c. midnight sun
d. tropic of cancer

132. In the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of he year is the __________.
a. equinox
b. midnight sun
c. winter solstice
d. tropic of cancer

133. The process of water constantly moving from ocean to air to land and back to the ocean is called ____________.
a. transpiration
b. hydraulic cycle
c. evaporation
d. precipitation

134. The change of water vapor to rain, snow or hail is known as ________.
a. transpiration
b. condensation
c. precipitation
d. evaporation

135. Prevailing winds called __________ blow in special patterns that change with the seasons.
a. tropical winds
b. cross winds
c. seasonal winds
d. trade winds

136. A storm is called __________ in the Atlantic region and ________ in the Pacific area.
a. cyclone :: monsoon
b. Atlantic storm :: Pacific storm
c. convergence :: divergence
d. hurricane :: typhoon

137. Air in motion is ________, while water in motion is _________.
a. moisture :: waves
b. weather :: climate
c. wind :: current
d. humid :: cold

138. These countries dry-summer subtropical Mediterranean climate EXCEPT __________.
a. Italy
b. Greece
c. Germany
d. France

139. These countries have year-round humid tropical climate with heavy rainfall and high temperatures all year long EXCEPT _______.
a. Tanzania
b. India
c. Zaire
d. Central Africa

140. These countries have very dry or arid climate with little or no rain falls during the year EXCEPT ________.
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Sudan
c. Zaire
d. Gobi desert

141. Half the sphere that divides the earth into two from north to south and from east to west is the _________.
a. equator
b. hemisphere
c. meridian
d. tropic zone

142. Worth preserving because they supply most of the world's supply of oxygen are _________.
a. oceanic ecosystems
b. grasslands
c. rain forests
d. mountain ecosystems

143. Only few groups of people have settled in arctic regions because environment is ___________.
a. harsh
b. unbalanced
c. nocturnal
d. cramp

144. Which of these relationships between human activities and our natural resources cause degradation and imbalance of the ecosystem? This one more directly relates to reduction of biological habitat:
a. Unregulated irrigation :: agricultural products
b. Illegal logging :: forest cover
c. Unrestrained mining :: mineral resources
d. Use of banned pesticides :: farming

145. Polluted air from smoke belching of vehicles and industries can fall to the earth as __________.
a. ice sleets
b. hail storms
c. acid rain
d. drizzles

146. Why didn't the United States and Australia sign the Kyoto Protocol to slash greenhouse gasses by 5.2 percent before 2012?
a. Global warming is a myth.
b. It would hurt their economy.
c. Only non-industrialized countries can comply.
d. They are already cutting green house gas emissions.

147. These can offset uneven distribution and growth of population in countries EXCEPT _________.
a. recycling
b. conservation
c. production
d. alternative resources

148. Earthquake prediction at early and short time periods today is on a __________ basis.
a. measured validity
b. scientific accuracy
c. hit-and-run
d. instrument reliability

149. These are recognized natural agents of erosion EXCEPT _________.
a. water
b. wind
c. ice
d. plants

150. Why were the various regions of the country created as subdivisions of the nation?
a. economic groupings
b. cultural affinity
c. administrative convenience
d. similar language/dialect


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