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LET Reviewer: Social Science Part 5


Social Science Part 5

1. The national weapon of Persians (500 B.C.) was the ______ an their cavalry was the main strength of their armies.
a. sword
b. spear
c. bow
d. ax

2. In imperial Athens (429 B.C.) _________ was the outstanding figure in public life who believed that every citizen should have equal opportunity in the state.
a. Cyrus
b. Solon
c. Philip
d. Pericles

3. Among the finest and most splendid public construction an Ancient Athens was the _____ temple of Athena.
a. acropolis
b. citadel
c. parthenon
d. persepolis

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4. The far-sighted Greek statesman Pericles had beauty of face and bearing such that he was often compared to the Olympian _________.
a. Adonis
b. Zeus
c. Mars
d. Mercury

5. When Alexander died (325 B.C.) his huge empire broke into large kingdoms including the Saleucids which did NOT cover _________.
a. Africa
b. Persia
c. Mesopotamia
d. Syria

6. Where did women (200 B.C. ) enjoy full property of rights and could manage their own business affairs?
a. Italy and Sicily
b. Athens and Sparta
c. Egypt and Babylonia
d. Near East and Middle East

7. What method is used by historians to learn the truth about past ages in man's life?
a. Exploring tradition
b. Interviewing people
c. Uncovering recorded evidence
d. Viewing historical films

8. Which is most crude among ways civilizations recorded thoughts and deeds after the art of writing was invented five, six thousand years ago?
a. On papyri paper
b. On leather skin
c. On wood
d. On stone or pottery

9. The earlier period of which we have no written evidence of written records (letters, contracts, accounts, etc.) that comprise people's literature is technically known as _________.
a. prehistoric
b. primordial
c. pristine
d. predated

10. These people belong to the great Mongolian or yellow EXCEPT __________.
a. Japanese
b. Chinese
c. American Indians
d. Arabs

11. Which buildings believed to be symbols of American economic power, was attached by Islamic fundamentalists on September 11, 2011.
a. Empire State Building
b. Bubonic Plague
c. World Trade Center
d. The Cold War

12. The "lightning war" that Hitler introduced in World War II is called ____________.
a. The Greatest War
b. Scharnhorst
c. Lebensraum
d. Blitzkrieg

13. Asia is said to be the "cradle of civilization" while ___________ is said to be the "birthplace of the Human species."
a. Australia
b. Africa
c. South America
d. Antarctica

14. The only Southeast Asian country never colonized by European power is ___________.
a. Japan
b. Thailand
c. Korea
d. Malaysia

15. The state of Israel was known in ancient time as
a. Palestine
b. India
c. Canaan
d. Galilea

16. Which country is NOT a member of the ASEAN?
a. Vietnam
b. Cambodia
c. China
d. Myanmar

17. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro underscored the vital role in sustainable development of these people due to their tradition, identity and culture. Who are they?
a. Indigenous people
b. Immigrants
c. Urban folks
d. Rural folks

18. What was declared as the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World by the United Nations?
a. 1995-2005
b. 2005- 2015
c. 1990-2000
d. 2001-2010

19. Which country first hosted the International Congress which promoted the Culture of Peace?
a. Brazil
b. America
c. Africa
d. Germany

20. Sumerian tales like the Gilgamesh story of creation and the flood are __________ literature.
a. prophetic
b. epic
c. poetic
d. romantic

21. Among the national god of Egypt of early dynasties was believed to have incarnated in the form of a ________.
a. crocodile
b. cat
c. jackal
d. ram

22. Egyptians mummified the bodies of their dead because of their belief in the _______ of the soul.
a. spirituality
b. sanctity
c. immortality
d. personality

23. While Ancient Egypt maintained medical schools for practice of medicine, surgery treatment was not always scientific because these used ___________ and magical arts.
a. ointments
b. herbs
c. charms
d. drugs

24 In the world, the Phoenicians were known for many skills but NOT as ___________
a. keen traders
b. mercenary soldiers
c. expert shipbuilders
d. skillful craftsmen

25. The greatest contribution of the Phoenicians to the progress of the ancient world was their adoption of _________.
a. alphabet
b. mercenary soldiers
c. expert shipbuilders
d. skillful craftsmen

26. The greatest contribution of the Israelites to civilization that culminated in Solomon's temple to the god Jehovah was _____ in nature.
a. economic
b. religious
c. political
d. artistic

27. These were the advantages of the world's first coins issued by Lydian kings EXCEPT __________.
a. stamp of rulers guaranteed their value
b. easy to bring around
c. no weight process was needed
d. made of natural alloy of gold or silver

28. The Ancient Greeks valued the education of the __________ to think, to talk and to act.
a. soldier
b. state
c. individual
d. mercenary

29. These were the most important languages of the ancient Indo-European languages (from India across Europe to the Atlantic Ocean around 30 B.C.) EXCEPT )________.
a. Greek
b. English
c. Latin
d. Celtic

30. These are among the modern languages in Europe EXCEPT _________.
a. Latin
b. English
c. French
d. German

31. How can domestic violence best be minimized?
a. Heavier tax on alcohol
b. Stronger anti-illegal drugs drive
c. Award for the Best Father and Mother
d. Effective education on family life

32. What initiative is needed to prevent exploitation of children workers?
a. Scholarship
b. Subsidy for children
c. Socio-economic package
d. Stricter law against child exploitation

33. What can be done to prevent detention of juveniles with adult prisoners?
a. Separate cells of juveniles and adults
b. Lesson years of detention for juveniles
c. Alternative learning system in prisons
d. Upgrade juvenile penology program

34. How should the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights received by RP government?
a. Prevent intervention by the UN
b. Support the covenant
c. Reject criticism on human rights violations
d. Downplay UN reports on human rights violations

35. How can Deng Xiaoping be described by advancing liberal industrialization in China as leader without holding president, premier or secretary general positions?
a. Fascistic
b. Autocratic
c. Democratic
d. Authoritarian

36. China sees the stage of socialism that will lead to a system of _________ ownership with _____________ ownership increasing.
a. public :: corporate
b. private : public
c. public :: private
d. Public :: state

37. Faced with a democratizing world, the pressure of political change in China has advanced political reform towards a ___________ dominated state.
a. elite
b. lower-class
c. middle- class
d. military

38. China's global market economy finds the Communist Party lessening control of the central government in _______ where majority of Mainland Chinese live.
a. rural areas
b. autonomous cities
c. autonomous regions
d. urban areas

39. Among achievements of Mikhael Gobachev as Nobel Prize awardee for Peace, which is most prominent in his effort to prevent a wide scale war using weapons of mass destruction?
a. End of 9-years long Russian occupation of Afghanistan
b. 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
c. Advocate of strengthening private economy in the Soviet Union
d. Fall of Berlin Wall and Reunification of East and West Germany

40. Among pedagogical aids that supplement textbooks the most modern is ________.
a. bulletin board displays
b. graphs, charts and maps
c. transparency cutout to duplicate
d. computer software

41. Mahatma Gandhi is to ________ and Mohammed Ali is to ________.
a. India and South America
b. India and Canada
c. India and North America
d. India and Africa

42. Benito Mussolini is to ________ and Winston Churchill is to ________.
a. Italy and England
b. France and America
c. Spain and Great Britain
d. England and the British Isles

43. The chancellor of Prussia who successfully united Germany and made it a republic was ________.
a. Adolf Hitler
b. Otto von Bismark
c. Lev Caprivi
d. Prinz Max Von Baden

44. Christians engaged Muslims during the ________ in order to win back the Holy Land to Christendom.
a. Holy Wars
b. War of Roses
c. Crusade
d. Punic Wars

45. Know as Virgin Queen who gave England's most prosperous years in wealth and culture was ________.
a. Queen Victoria
b. Queen Elizabeth II
c. Queen Elizabeth I
d. Queen Marie Antoinette

46. The fearless head of the Huns from Mongolia who became the King of Hungary was _________.
a. Genghis Khan
b. Attila
c. Kubla Khan
d. Odoacer

47. Among the great teachers and philosophers of the Chou dynasty, ________ wrote the Tao Te Ching.
a. Mencius
b. Confucius
c. Lao Tzu
d. Chou en Lai

48. Recognized as the author of the American Declaration of Independence was _________.
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. Thomas Paine

49. Among English kings ______ broke off with the Roman Catholic Church in 1534 and established himself as the head of the Church of England.
a. King Richard the Great
b. Kin James I
c. King Charles I
d. King Henry VIII

50. Among great navigators of the world, _________ first completed the circumnavigation of the earth.
a. Sebastian el Canol
b. Vasco de Gama
c. Christopher Columbus
d. Amerigo Vespucci

51. Which of the following, did NOT belong to the original states of the United State of America?
a. North America
b. Connecticut
c. California
d. New Hampshire

52.Who was the son of Philip of Macedonia who led his powerful army for successful conquest across Persia up to the western border of India?
a. Alexander the Great
b. Charles Martel
c. Ivan the Great
d. Cyrus the Great

53. From Sung Dynasty sources in 982 A.D. how did early Chinese traders and geographers call our islands?
a. Malilu
b. Ma-yi
c. Mintolang
d. Lusung

54. What new name was proposed for the islands during the Marcos regime to eliminate the colonial connotation of the country's present name?
a. Maharlika
b. Egyptian
c. Babylonian
d. Assyrian

55. Hammurabi the greatest of early kings who published a great code of law belonged to the ______ empire.
a. Persian
b. Egyptian
c. Babylonian
d. Assyrian

56. The Chaldean King _____________ made Babylon to be the most splendid city in the ancient world. (REM
a. Ptolemaios
b. Hammurabi
c. Cyrus
d. Nebuchadnezzar

57. Where was the starting point of western civilization?
a. Mesopotamia
b. Egypt
c. India
d. China

58. The ziggurat towers of the Sumerians were used for ________.
a. palace
b. military post
c. worship
d. watchtower

59. Who was one of the earliest Greek statesman whose laws gave all classes of citizens some voice in government?
a. Alexander
b. Solon
c. Pericles
d. Philip

60. Who is known in history as the "greatest king" who conquered for Persia (550 B.C.) the Median Empire, Lydia, Babylonia and subject state?
a. Cyrus
b. Darius
c. Xerxes
d. Philip

61. Criticism on the past administration in Malaysia was its being _________ such as in suppressing the press.
a. laissez faire
b. autocratic
c. fascistic
d. authoritarian

62. Singapore is a de-facto ________ state with lack of separation of powers between the executive branch and the courts.
a. alliance
b. one-party
c. multi-party
d. coalition

63. With the dominant People's Action Party Singapore has de-facto _________.
a. rigged
b. multi-party
c. party-free
d. fraudulent

64. Singapore is recognized by Transparency International as the __________ punishment which is one of the highest in the world.
a. modestly
b. most
c. least
d. extremely

65. Singapore's rigid anti-crime policies is characterized by ________ punishment which is one of the highest in the world.
a. caning
b. capital
c. corporal
d. heavy fines

66. Singapore proves that democracy is not a ________ solution for states.
a. effective
b. panacea
c. one-size-fits-all
d. flawless

67. U.S. Government is much alike that of the Philippines with few exceptions such as presidential elections won by ________ votes.
a. congressional
b. populist
c. electoral college
d. parliamentary

68. The government of Indonesia is much alike that the Philippines except for _________ presidential elections during Suharto's regime.
a. parliamentary
b. direct
c. popular
d. indirect

69. Until it recovered after the Asian financial crisis, the Indonesian Yudhoyano administration was beset by several issues EXCEPT __________.
a. corruption
b. social unrest
c. extreme poverty
d. terrorism

70. Prior to the sixties, massive manhunt against rebels in Indonesia cause the killing of 500 thousand to one million people suspected of communism comprised by several groups EXCEPT _________.
a. Christians
b. leftists
c. communists
d. ethnic Chinese

71. Until the revolution in 1932, Thailand was an absolute __________.
a. republic
b. dictatorship
c. commonwealth
d. monarchy

72. Several coups changed Thailand's government into a __________.
a. constitutional democracy
b. people's republic
c. military dictatorship
d. absolute monarchy

73. What most basic human right is violated by alleged extra-judicial killings such as by vigilantes?
a. Right to life
b. Freedom of conscience
c. Freedom o assembly
d. Freedom and justice

74. What right is violated by propaganda that suppresses opposition news?
a. Freedom of conscience
b. Freedom of the press
c. Freedom of assembly
d. Freedom against conscription

75. Through what highest organ of the state does China remain representative of its people under its accepted national leadership?
a. National People's Congress
b. Communist Party cadre
c. Communist politburo
d. Secretary General of the Communist Party

76. In China the _________ government builds the consensus among party leaders, influential party members and the people.
a. local
b. district
c. central
d. provincial

77. China's National People's Congress build is the highest organization of the state government which meets every __________.
a. week
b. month
c. year
d. day

78. No one is above the law. Ours is a government of laws and not of men. Which principle is referred to ?
a. Right of the minority
b. Rule of law
c. Sovereignty of the people
d. Democracy

79. When Joseph concealed the fact during marriage that he was a homosexual, he committed the crime of __________.
a. concubinage
b. adultery
c. fraud
d. no crime

80. When the court granted Pete and Jerry separation from bed and board this frees the from _______.
a. sleeping in one bed and one house
b. conjugal relations and same domicile
c. care or children
d. share in financing

81. How is marriage considered if a spouse discovers that the person he/she married has psychological incapacity?
a. Void from the beginning
b. Void after the discovery
c. Valid until annulled
d. Valid and licit

82. These area cases when marriage is not allowed under the Family Code of the Philippines, EXCEPT _________.
a. grandparent with grandchild
b. collateral blood relations to 5th degree
c. step-parent with step-child
d. parent-in-law and children-in-law

83. What is the human rights violation in mind by the 1995 UN Committee on Economic and International Rights when it reprimanded entrenched conservative religious influences?
a. Freedom of religious conscience
b. Freedom of speech
c. Freedom to travel
d. Right to planned parenthood

84. The political parties in Malaysia re viewed as being not modern because they are comprised by _________ individuals and groups.
a. conservative
b. elitist
c. interest
d. religious

85. The Hispanic Governor General ruled like a monarch in the Philippines and Marianas, Carolines and Palaus then part of the Hispanic Philippines for many reason EXCEPT ________.
a. act as president of the royal audiencia
b. directly appoint parish priests and settle religious controversies
c. appoint and receive ambassadors from other countries
d. exercise Cumplase veto power over Hispanic law in the Philippines

86. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Histen Loong's salary which is six times higher than that of the U.S. president in justified by the need for a __________ state.
a. corruption-free
b. religious
c. autocratic
d. Confucian

87. Despite many successful reforms, President Obama wass described as a " lame-duck" president because of _________ by the Republican Party.
a. ban control
b. power politics
c. veto power
d. denial plot

88. These were the effects of Thailand's 2014 National Council of Peace and Order military junta EXCEPT ______.
a. ban on political gatherings
b. nationwide curfew
c. cessation of economic life
d. arrest of politicians

89. What can be done to temper the effects of massive employment of foreign Filipino labor overseas that endanger family integration?
a. Limit overseas deployment
b. Provide loans to OFW families
c. Safeguard balikbayan boxes
d. Assist OFWs in overseas work

90. What is feasible move to stop the conflict that endangers lives in the Southern Philippines?
a. Peace talks
b. Federal autonomy to regions
c. Enlist Muslim fighters in the AFP
d. Reconciliation among religions

91. Over population resulting from high fertility and low mortality most likely will result in __________.
a. women having more involvement in social structures outside the family
b. the population becoming younger
c. shortages in the labor force
d. more successful poverty reduction programs

92.One of the Definitive trends today is women's political empowerment. Which are indicators of political women empowerment?
I. General legislations have been enacted such as Anti-Sexual Harassment Act.
II. The proportion of women elected to various positions is on an upswing.
III. The women outnumber the men in the teaching profession.
IV. International summits or conferences include women and gender issues among the priority development agenda.
a. I, II, III
b. II, III, IV
c. I, III, IV
d. I, II, IV

93. A research conducted by International Labor Organization found out that women-headed households are more vulnerable to poverty. This can be attributed to the following factors EXCEPT ________.
a. women must combine earning an income with this household
b. women have limited access to the labor market and narrow range of technical skills
c. women are weaker
d. women have less to land, capital, and technology.

94. In the field of education which one is a positive trend in the Philippines?
a. Oversubscription in higher education courses like teacher education and commerce
b. Prioritization of "poorest to the poor" provinces
c. Universalization of basic education
d. Virtual absence of new technologies in classroom

95. U.S. President Barack Obama remarked that "immigration is in America's DNA." What did he mean?
a. He welcomes ethnic diversity
b. He supports a literal immigration system
c. He pledges new immigration policies
d. He confirms that America is a melting pot

96. What hinder foreign and local investments?
a. Peace and order
b. Natural disasters and political conflict
c. Poverty incidence
d. Inequality of social and economic development

97. What was the basis of John Dewey's commitment to naturalism?
a. James' naturalistic psychology
b. Darwin's theory of evolution
c. Hegelian idealism
d. Peirce philosophical theory

Read the test below, then answer questions 8 and 9.
Anthropologically speaking, we are living in a money culture.
Its cult and rites dominate... our laws and politics and the incidence
of human association depend upon a novel combination of the
machine and money....
John Dewey
98. What socio-economic aspect is referred to by Dewey?
a. Progressivism
b. Pragmatism
c. Industrialism
d. Materialism

99. The text refers to people, society, and culture affecting ___________ factors.
a. social
b. political
c. educational
d. spiritual

100. Philippine society has turned secular away from culture of Hispanic religiosity? What does this prove?
a. Culture is not static.
b. Culture is secular
c. Culture is not deeply rooted
d. Culture is folkloric

101. What influence made Filipinos today use utensils and not eat with their hands?
a. Hygienic need
b. Chinese tradition
c. American influence
d. Fast food culture

102. Which can explain why the Ten Commandments are always observed?
a. Ten Commandments are a myth.
b. Mores are observed as they satisfy needs.
c. Observance is for the religious only.
d. Mores are difficult to follow.

103. Which can serve as explanation as to why people feel guilty in not observing Church mores?
a. We are human. (tao lamang)
b. People are onion-skinned
c. Filipinos are religious by nature
d. Guilt is central to religious belief.

104. Culturally, why are state laws against killing similar to religious mores?
a. It is universal law not to kill.
b. Laws can grow out of folkways and mores.
c. Killing is a gruesome act.
d. Lawmakers are religious.

105. Which can be one reason why it is difficult to pass the divorce law in the Philippines?
a. It does not reflect old folkways and mores.
b. The Philippines is a patriarchal society.
c. Filipinos love family and children.
d. Divorce is expensive due to alimony.

106. Why do fads, fashion, craze easily come and go?
a. People change a lot.
b. We go with trends to stay "in".
c. Keep in step or lose the rain.
d. Some norms are short-lived.

107. Why do men no longer wear bell-bottom pants and women the saya't baro?
a. People prefer ready-to-wear clothes.
b. People keep abreast with style.
c. These are convenient to wear.
d. These are economical.

108. Why are awards like TOTM and TOWN necessary?
a. Award-giving is for vested interests.
b. Publicity helps the giver.
c. Rewards ensure norms are followed.
d. Awards are tax deductible.

109. Why are the Japanese honest, orderly and respectful?
a. Belief that their emperor is a god
b. Closeness to nature and virtue
c. Dominant cultural behavior
d. Repentance for past misdeeds

110. What is the best method for values inculcation?
a. Orientation
b. Modeling
c. Reflection
d. Drills

111. If you take a position of cultural relativism, which one do you observe?
a. Imposing culture change as an outsider
b. Respect for all cultural differences
c. Condoning instances mass suicide
d. Show ethnocentrism

112. According to anthropologists from whom should change of practice come?
a. from within a culture
b. from outside a culture
c. from religious leaders
d. from educational leaders

113. With rapid globalization and tough business competition, Filipino business orientations are becoming more:
a. fatalistic
b. personal
c. manipulative
d. traditional

114. With industrialization a must possible future Philippines political cultural scenario if without interventions shall be:
I. erosive of family value
II. physical dislocation of families
III. preference to foreign ways and tastes
IV. insurgency
a. III, IV
b. II, III
c. I, II
d. I, IV

115. During the Marcos regime, what shift in form of government was made that introduced the new positions of a prime minister and single legislative body of assemblymen?
a. Constitutional
b. Federal
c. Parliamentary
d. Welfare state

116. Which constitutional safeguard exists such that the executive can turn down legislative measures and Congress can move to remove the President.
a. Check-and-balance
b. Boycott
c. Veto power
d. Welfare state

117. Which privilege gives any person in the Philippines to be bodily presented in court for charges of a crime for which he has right of counsel ad trial?
a. ex-post facto law
b. writ of habeas corpus
c. fourth amendment
d. writ of habeas data

118. Which state gave the Philippines the first recognition as an independent republic that was formally inaugurated during World War II?
a. China
b. United States
c. Japan
d. Spain

119. During the Hispanic era, who can directly check abuses of the governor general and cause immediate punishment of corrupt Spanish officials?
a. Visitator or investigating officer
b. Viceroy of Mexico
c. Spanish friars
d. Royal Audiencia

120. The tribute was a symbol of vassalage by families and unmarried native Filipinos, who in the beginning paid reals equivalent to _____ in money or kind.
a. fifty pesos
b. one peso
c. ten pesos
d. hundred pesos


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