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LET Reviewer: Social Science Part 4

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LET Reviewer: Social Science Part 4


Social Science Part 4

1. ESD involves topics on peace education, global citizenship and human rights in addition to environmental education. What teaching-learning approach is recommended for ESD?
a. Project-based
b. Outcome-based
c. Problem-based
d. Concept-based

2. In teaching ESD what kills are considered essential for integrating effective participation in both work and society?
a. Assertiveness and mediation
b. Social and emotional skills
c. Negotiation and conflict management
d. Stress and time management

3. Which BEST describes the whole-school approach in teaching-learning social studies?
a. It transforms the teaching and learning towards holistic life skills and values.
b. It transmits changes in social institutions.
c. It integrates goals and targets in the curriculum through projects.
d. It demonstrates problem-based and project-based practices.

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4. Challenge-based learning builds on the practice of problem-based learning in which students work on real world problems. What BEST describes the learning experiences of teachers and learners?
a. Global
b. Integrative
c. Collaborative
d. Cultural

5. In grade distribution of a class the _____ is basic numerical data as the average of grades.
a. median
b. mode
c. mean
d. measure

6. An IQ test given before admission which is used by schools to determine general intelligence which has _________ that measures specific attributes of students.
a. predictive validity
b. construct validity
c. criterion validity
d. aptitude validity

7. Teacher A is analyzing income distribution which is symmetrical. Which measure/s of central tendency will be most appropriate?
a. Mean and median
b. Mode
c. Median
d. Mean and mode

8. Schools provide pre-assessment test to determine fitness of students in college for some courses or in high school for learning sections. This test is ____________ evaluation.
a. formative
b. diagnostic
c. achievement
d. placement

9. In observing students as part of evaluation outside of tests, the teacher needs to be ___________ to be fair and accurate in judging students.
a. objective
b. subjective
c. partisan
d. biased

10. In the test-retest method for reliability if the ordering of the two tests is exactly the same they the correlation co-efficient is 1.00 for ________ reliability.
a. doubtful
b. imperfect
c. perfect
d. invalid

11. It is natural for parents to want to get involved in their children's school work but teachers need to be __________ about skills and subjects for which students need to be assisted or reinforced.
a. specific
b. general
c. extensive
d. broad

12. Which is the middle value in a set of grades representing the point of distribution where one-half of 50% fall or are above the grade distribution of the whole class?
a. Mean
b. Median
c. Mode
d. Measure

13. Which is a measure of central location computed by the greatest number of frequency in a distribution of grades?
a. Media
b. Mean
c. Mode
d. Measure

14. Teacher-made-test can help determine progress of student for remedial instruction if needed. This test is for __________ purposes.
a. diagnostic
b. placement
c. formative
d. summative

15. These are correct types of evaluation and tools used, EXCEPT ___________.
a. diagnostic :: observations, interviews
b. formative :: teacher-made tests and checklists
c. placement :: teacher made tests
d. summative :: standardized tests and rating scales

16. Which one is meant to measure the learner's awareness of values?
a. Anecdotal record
b. Moral dilemma
c. Projective technique
d. Likert scales

17. Which assessment tools is MOST authentic?
a. True-False test
b. Essay test
c. Portfolio
d. Projects

18. Standard deviation is to variability as mode is to _________.
a. level of difficulty
b. correlation
c. tendency
d. discrimination

19. How is evaluation differentiated from assessment?
a. Evaluation is value judgment of the quality of performance, assessment is the process of collecting, synthesizing and interpreting information to aid in decision making.
b. Evaluation is the weighing of assessment information against some standards to improve instruction.
c. Assessment uses scoring guide; evaluation has no scoring guide.
d. Evaluation makes use of traditional tools, assessment uses authentic tools.

20. What is the distinct feature of a rubric?
a. It is a scoring guide using numerical score given to learners.
b. It motivates learners to engage more an application and reasoning skills.
c. It encourages learners' self-evaluation when they receive their report card grades.
d. It has specific performance characteristics arranged in levels indicating the degree to which a standard has been met.

21. What skills are being recognized to prepare students for increasingly complex life and work in the 21st century?
a. Information literacy skills
b. Learning and innovation skills
c. Media literacy skills
d. Global awareness and communication skills

22. Despite many successful reforms, President Obama wass described as a " lame-duck" president because of _________ by the Republican Party.
a. ban control
b. power politics
c. veto power
d. denial plot

23. These were the effects of Thailand's 2014 National Council of Peace and Order military junta EXCEPT ______.
a. ban on political gatherings
b. nationwide curfew
c. cessation of economic life
d. arrest of politicians

24. What can be done to temper the effects of massive employment of foreign Filipino labor overseas that endanger family intergration?
a. Limit overseas deployment
b. Provide loans to OFW families
c. Safeguard balikbayan boxes
d. Assist OFWs in overseas work

25. What is feasible move to stop the conflict that endangers lives in the Southern Philippines?
a. Peace talks
b. Federal autonomy to regions
c. Enlist Muslim fighters in the AFP
d. Reconciliation among religions

26. How can domestic violence best be minimized?
a. Heavier tax on alcohol
b. Stronger anti-illegal drugs drive
c. Award for the Best Father and Mother
d. Effective education on family life

27. What initiative is needed to prevent exploitation of children workers?
a. Scholarship
b. Subsidy for children
c. Socio-economic package
d. Stricter law against child exploitation

28. What can be done to prevent detention of juveniles with adult prisoners?
a. Separate cells of juveniles and adults
b. Lesson years of detention for juveniles
c. Alternative learning system in prisons
d. Upgrade juvenile penology program

29. How should the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights received by RP government?
a. Prevent intervention by the UN
b. Support the covenant
c. Reject criticism on human rights violations
d. Downplay UN reports on human rights violations

30. How can Deng Xiaoping be described by advancing liberal industrialization in China as leader without holding president, premier or secretary general positions?
a. Fascistic
b. Autocratic
c. Democratic
d. Authoritarian

31. These are traditional values that should be eliminated in private and public sectors EXCEPT ____________.
a. Siesta time up to 2 p.m. (Spanish-owned firm in Makati)
b. "Paki-time in mo ako" (government agency)
c. Paggalang sa boss (private companies)
d. Palakasan sa pwesto (public offices)

32. In the Comprehensive Land Reform Program, what aspect shows that traditional forces were very much around to curtail rights of tenants to the land they till?
a. Making tenants share holders not owners
b. Not applying land reform at all
c. Abolishing the land reform program
d. Not providing inputs for productivity support to farmers

33. What core principle has remained unfulfilled in socialist countries like Russia and China?
a. State ownership of industries
b. Revolutionary conflict
c. Rule of the working class
d. Class struggle

34. What is the main disadvantage of simply following the market economy especially for peasant economies?
a. Producers don't cater to the poor who can't buy.
b. There is production surplus for in industries.
c. Advertising gains from commercial ads.
d. Country stagnates in economic growth.

35. Arrange the chronological evolution of the market economy that led to the industrial revolution.
I. Antiquity's cities and farm countryside
II. Towns an guilds
III. Feudal lords and serfs in manors
IV. Mercantilism through commerce
V. Industrial revolution and self- sustaining growth
a. I, II, II, IV and V
b. II, I, II, IV and V
c. III, II, IV and V
d. I, II, III, IV, V

36. Even during early Hispanic days, the _______ were the oil of the machinery of commerce throughout the archipelago.
a. Creoles
b. native
c. Chinese
d. Peninsulares

37. Which theory of Marx states that the difference between the price of commodity and cost of production belongs to the workers.
a. Theory of exploitation
b. Theory of economic difference
c. Theory of labor rights
d. Theory of price control

38. In 1984, the price of chicken continued to go down despite government removing the price ceiling for chicken and other products. This was because ____________.
a. chicken was abundant
b. people had no purchasing power
c. adobo was favorite dish
d. few liked to eat chicken

39. Inflation is always with us but it is bad when the rise of prices of goods and products is exceptionally _____________.
a. staggered
b. low
c. severe
d. regular

40. The biggest impact of high inflation is on the ______________ Filipino.
a. average
b. employed
c. entrepreneurial
d. rural

41. In the U.S. prices of goods and services are forty to fifty times higher than those in the Philippines but Americans do not feel the impact of high prices because the __________ of the dollar is similarly high.
a. currency float
b. exchange value
c. dividend return
d. stock exchange

42. Innovation as a key to growth is done through various means EXCEPT ________ .
a. inventing new method
b. keeping organizational structure
c. introducing new product
d. opening new markets

43. The following are among the elements to gauge a country's economic growth EXCEPT ___________.
a. national income
b. gross national product
c. Population Growth
d. gross domestic investment

44. What is needed to build confidence among employers and protect the rights of employees?
a. Benchmark of qualifications
b. Quality assurance of qualifications
c. Internal protection to workers
d. Assurance from companies

45. Which will fast tract inclusive development in the Philippines?
a. Attract Foreign Direct Investments
b. Increase cash assistance to the poor
c. Increase cash for work
d. Attract explorers of natural resources

46. Mang Pido said he does not need the highway built by An Australian Aid program in Samar because he still rides a carabao. What is wrong with the highway?
a. Too expensive to construct
b. Not relevant to individual needs
c. Hidden interest by donor
d. Wrong choice of route

47. The worker' rights to form unions or to strike can be suppressed during times of national emergency. On what is this based?
a. Nobler person - God before man
b. Higher law - inalienable rights before alienable
c. Wider social order the family- the family before the individual
d. Clearer title- the certain before the title

48. When teacher Jackie asks History questions on names of different historical personages she is asking _________ questions.
a. high level
b. moderate
c. low level
d. superior

49. Which of the following is a high level question in a Geography class?
a. Where is the Philippines in the world map?
b. Why is global warming a problem today?
c. Which cities are the adjacent to Manila?
d. Which pollutes more, the smoker or factories?

50. High level questions have the following characteristics EXCEPT ________ .
a. stimulating
b. advanced
c. factual
d. challenging

51. In Bloom's cognitive taxonomy, rote learning corresponds to the knowledge category of ___________.
a. applying
b. understanding
c. analyzing
d. recall

52. Which of the following demonstrates divergent questioning use by teacher Karla in her History class?
a. Who were the other founders of the Katipunan other than Andres Bonifacio?
b. Between Rizal and Bonifacio who is more deserving to be our national hero?
c. During the Philippine independence celebration in Kawit, Cavite which band played the national anthem?
d. How was Gregorio del Pilar killed the Tirad Pass?

53. How do you arrange the logical ordering of pivotal questions that lead to valuing on the issue of drug use among youths?
I. What are illegal drugs?
II. Will you try illegal drugs as a student?
III. How can illegal drugs reach and attract you?
IV. What would be the effects of illegal drugs on you?
a. I, III, IV, and II
b. II, II, IV and I
c. IV, I, II and II
d. III, II, I and IV

54. Which is a question by analogy?
a. Compare democracy in the Philippines and the United States.
b. What elements in democracy are lacking in China today?
c. Is extra judicial killing part of democracy?
d. How is democracy like animals set free?

55. In what probing question was teacher Ana stimulating valuing in her Socio-cultural class?
a. How do you feel about the slay of Ninoy Aquino in the airport tarmac?
b. What events led to the Ninoy Aquino slay?
c. Was the Ninoy slay connected with People Power?
d. How was Ninoy Aquino as politician?

56. Teacher Bong is teaching the use and abuse of social media, e.g. Facebook. Which question is NOT relevant to ask?
a. Why is social media so attractive to high school students?
b. What mobile phones do you use for social media?
c. What do you get out of Facebook postings?
d. What bad experiences were reported about Facebook users?

57. Teaching social change can make effective use of instructional aids, but which of the following has emotional impact such as on the issue of extreme poverty?
a. Graphs on impoverished regions
b. Photo language pictures of poor people
c. Newspaper news on poor communities
d. Entertainment film on Robin Hood heroes

58. The drawback of textbooks is that these are boring and not readable especially among many students who don't enjoy reading. While using textbooks as reference and background there are other valuable sources of learning EXCEPT __________.
a. audio-visual materials
b. hands-on activities
c. marvel comics
d. technology sources

59. Teacher Egay wants to enhance reading kills of his students and _________ is the most useful for integrating ideas of text through analysis, deduction and expansion of main thoughts.
a. underlining
b. note taking
c. copying
d. discussion
60.Teacher Judy assigned her students to develop short skits of life in slums which they shall act out with costumes in class. How do you classify Teacher Judy's activity?
a. Role-playing
b. Games
c. Simulation
d. Group dynamics

61. In communist country, the following holds true EXCEPT __________.
a. productive resources are owned by government
b. the citizens vote on some economic policies
c. the government determines what shall be produced and in what quantity
d. the government sets wages and prices

62. What is that economic situation where one company controls the supply of a unique kind of product?
a. Inflation
b. Monopoly
c. Equilibrium
d. Economic stability

63. The growth of a free economy follows the path of a roller coaster. Which one is referred to as the belief and small decline in business activity?
a. Depression
b. Recession
c. Boom
d. stability

64. A free economy has its glorious and not so glorious periods. Which one is referred to as the period of above average business activity?
a. depression
b. recession
c. boom
d. stability

65. The growth of a free economy follows the ups and downs of a roller coaster. Which one is a referred to as large drops in economic growth for a comparatively longer period of time?
a. Stability
b. Recession
c. Boom
d. Depression

66. The following happen during a recession on a depression EXCEPT ___________.
a. people love their jobs
b. business rake bigger profits
c. total spending drops
d. production slows down

67. Two most important methods used by nations to restrict world trade are:
I. tariff
II. import quota
III. monopoly
IV. cartel
a. I and II
b. I and III
c. I and IV
d. II and IV

68. Which economic principle states that each country should concentrate in producing those goods it can make most efficiently and buy from other countries those goods it cannot produced as efficiently?
a. Comparative advantage
b. Economic stability
c. Competition
d. Monopoly

69. Nations create world trade barriers for which healthy reason?
I. To protect local enable to complete with foreign more efficient producers.
II. To discourage dependence on foreign sources of supply in the event
III. To protect infant industries
IV. For local industries to gain monopoly over certain products.
a. II, III, IV
b. I, II, IV
c. I, III, IV
d. I, II, III

70. The value of all goods and services produced by a country in a given period refers to _________ .
a. National income
b. Gross national product
c. Net income
d. Per capital

71. The law which state that the opportunity cost of each additional unit of output of a good over a period increases as more of that good is produced is the law of __________.
a. increasing cost
b. diminishing marginality
c. supply and demand
d. supply

72. When the government discuss to spending or increase taxes or both it engages in _________.
a. expansionary fiscal policy
b. concretionary fiscal policy
c. fiscal policy
d. monetary policy

73. An action taken by Central Bank to influence the money supply and stabilize the economy is called ___________.
a. stabilization policy
b. interest roles policy
c. fiscal policy
d. monetary policy

74. The trend in international trade is the promotion of worldwide trade liberalization. This is the function of
c. IMF
d. UN

75. The law which states that as more and more of one commodity is consumed additional or extra satisfaction decreases as :
a. marginal utility
b. diminishing marginal utility
c. diminishing return
d. law of downward sloping demand

76. Which economic system upholds the unlimited right to private property and pursuit of profit to the exclusion of the considerations?
a. Exaggerated capitalism
b. Moderate capitalism
c. Socialism
d. Communism

77. Which prescribes the abolition of private property by force?
a. Exaggerated capitalism
b. Socialism
c. Communism
d. Moderate capitalism

78. Which is a feature of exaggerated capitalism?
a. Social ownership of some means of production
b. Individualistic concept of wealth
c. Abolition of private property
d. Sense of social justice
79. What happens to the pesos when there is inflation?
I. The purchasing power of the pesos decreases.
II. The purchasing power of the pesos decreases.
III. The peso gets devalued.
a. I-III
b. II
c. I
d. III

80. When government attempts to control inflation, what does it do?
a. It devalues the peso.
b. It increases its import
c. It decreases its export
d. It strengthens the purchasing power of the peso

81. For economic knowledge which does NOT apply as a scientific process?
a. Understanding
b. Analysis
c. Common sense
d. Evaluation

82. Dr. Jose Rizal's observation that Filipinos are lazy because we were influenced by Spaniards to "take it easy" is a/an _________ that has to be proven empirically.
a. truth
b. fact
c. nonsense
d. opinion

83. Which is not factual in relation to present debate on birth control?
a. Population is teachable.
b. RP population is not high.
c. Farm productivity is labor intensive.
d. Contraceptives prevent pregnancy.

84. These are examples of what economists refer to as "capital" that can produce other goods EXCEPT _____________.
a. fishing implements
b. production machinery
c. household furniture
d. marketing transport vehicles

85. These are household capital resources that support productivity but the LEAST useful is the ____________.
a. cooking stove
b. bath tub
c. sewing machine
d. desktop computer

86. Why does the United State demand that China, an exporter of vast quantities of commercial exports, lower or devalue its yuan local currency?
a. Increase value of yuan in the world market.
b. Make yuan competitive with the dollar
c. Build up china's economy
d. Dampen China's goods production.

87. These are the best ways we can deal with scarcity of resources EXCEPT ___________.
a. making right choices in capital goods
b. keeping resources as unused reserve
c. using resources efficiently
d. distributing resources equitably

88. Manager Jose wants equality and so he pays all workers with the same pay. Why is this not advisable?
a. Workers will ask increase of pay.
b. Disincentive to good workers.
c. Rank-and-file will not like it.
d. Workers will resign.

89. There are disadvantages to the Filipino extended family culture (one house for grandparents, nieces, etc.) EXCEPT ___________ .
a. available baby sitters
b. more people to feed
c. relationship
d. lower life quality

90. What is an unacceptable problem with the Filipino tradition of having household helpers?
a. Treatment as second-hand humans
b. inefficient services
c. Difficult to manage
d. Disciplinary problem

91. Which concept is NOT an acceptable assumption for the building of a democratic economy?
a. Common good
b. Enterprise
c. Private capital
d. State control

92. Economics studies and seeks to allocate __________ human and non-human resources for the material welfare of all.
a. scare
b. abundant
c. bountiful
d. unlimited

93. Which does NOT apply as an economic issue relating to the science of economics?
a. High unemployment
b. High prices of foods
c. Use of digital gadgets
d. Low food production

94. For Adam Smith, the ___________ of a free market economy will keep prices low that guides the economy to prosperity.
a. invisible hand
b. beacon of consumers
c. common interest
d. automatic check

95. These pieces of evidence disprove the hypothesis that Filipinos are lazy or indolent EXCEPT _______.
a. farmers toil till dawn
b. indulgences in digital toys and gadgets
c. scavengers dig scrap in garbage dumps
d. OFWs work overseas sacrificing family life

96. Population control economic development is not done through immoral means exemplified by _____________.
a. ligation
b. abstinence
c. ultra-uterine device
d. abortion

97. Which problem of resources fall under the task of economic allocation?
a. Quality
b. Scarcity
c. Standards
d. Excellence

98. Non-economic wants and needs revolve around the issue of ___________.
a. job underemployment
b. high prices of commodities
c. women's role in society
d. lowered family income

99. In Economics, economic wants and needs are exemplified by ________.
a. plight of political prisoners
b. movement for gay rights
c. excellence in the professions
d. OFW work remittance

100. One example of a complementary need that supplements basic needs is ____________.
a. dress
b. haircut
c. house
d. food

101. Needs are created by commercial advertising but some goods can be harmful such as ________.
a. fast-foods
b. condos
c. cigarettes
d. beverages

102. The Engel theory is that "as income increases the percentage of income spent on non-food items also increase". To what sector will this principle not apply?
a. Entrepreneurs
b. Middle Class
c. Unemployed
d. Corporate managers

103. Which is privatized by government along the principle of easing budget burden on social programs?
a. Public education system
b. Waterworks system
c. Electricity distribution services
d. Mass media outlets

104. There are non-conventional sources of energy that can be harnessed to soften adverse consequences on the economy but ________ is NOT one of them.
a. wind-turbines
b. geo-thermal
c. fossil fuel
d. solar panels

105. How is the concept of market economy best understood?
a. Companies have an economic vision.
b. Producers look at consumers on signals for what to sell.
c. Owner care about products, not consumers
d. Parent company abroad dictates consumption

106. What did Adam Smith see as an outcome of competition and profit-seeking?
a. Prosperity
b. Business security
c. Honestly in enterprise
d. Rich get richer

107. These were the new corps introduced by Spanish missionaries to the natives during early Hispanic days EXCEPT ________.
a. watermelons and peas
b. cocoa and wheat
c. squash and coffee
d. Rich gets richer

108. Few landholdings and millions of peasant farmers characterized the Hispanic agricultural economy a situation described as _________ in land ownership.
a. monism
b. monopolism
c. dualism
d. altruism

109. Which paradox argued that the faucet water is a most useful commodity but is priced lower than diamonds disproves the principle that price of commodities is based on how useful it is or utility?
a. Water-diamond
b. Useful-not useful
c. price-priceless
d. liquid- solid

110. Adding to the suffering of the _____ is the greatest evil of inflation.
a. wealthy
b. poor
c. middle class
d. businessman

111. The Consumer Price Index measures changes in prices of goods and commodities as these affect the standards of living of _______ family.
a. typical
b. rural
c. urban
d. peasant

112. The shrinking peso refers to the decrease in the ___________ power of the peso.
a. potential
b. actual
c. purchasing
d. hidden
113. To counter the law of diminishing return (same input decreases output), the following are applied EXCEPT _________.
a. improve technology
b. watch the market
c. apply more capital
d. equip labor with greater skill

114. Economically speaking, which is a glorious period?
a. Stability
b. Depression
c. Boom
d. Recession

115. The following are the elements that make possible nations to produce goods and services EXCEPT one :
a. Labor force
b. Capital
c. National resources
d. Geographical locations

116. In order to grow, a nations economy must ____________.
I. add to its productive resources
II. increase its citizen's standard of living
III. locate and develop additional natural resources
IV. create new technologies, train scientists workers and business managers
a. II, III, IV
b. I, III, IV
c. I, II, IV
d. I, II, III

117. The rate of growth of a nation's economy is measured by the ______.
I. the abundance of its natural resources
II. the presence of scientific and business research and inventions
III. the change in its gross national product over a period of years
IV. the standard living of its people
a. I, II
b. II, III
c. III, IV
d. I, IV

118. Per capital GNP is obtained __________.
a. By dividing as nation's total gross national product by 5 years
b. By dividing a nation's total gross product by the average Filipino
c. By dividing a nation's total gross product by the number of its citizens ages 18 and above
d. By dividing a nation's total gross product by its entire population

119. Which economic system is otherwise known as free enterprise?
a. Capitalism
b. Communism
c. Mixed economics
d. Totalitarianism

120. Adam Smith believed that the desire of business people to earn a profit, when regulated by competitive would produced what consumers want. Hence, government should not interfere. Smith's philosophy is known as ________.
a. democratic socialism
b. socialism
c. laissez faire
d. modified free enterprise

121. In ancient Greek, the form of government was aristocracy which was the "rule of the best" meaning ___________.
a. slaves
b. nobles
c. soldiers
d. senators

122. From a feeling of unity in 750 B.C. for their race against colonies, ancient Greeks called their land ______ and themselves _______.
a. Olympus :: Olympians
b. Greece :: Grecians
c. Helas :: Hellenes
d. Athens :: Athenians

123. Greek women of the Dorian race in Sparta were strong like men and had the spirit of courage and duty to the state accordingly given training in __________.
a. gymnastics
b. soldiery
c. chivalry
d. public service

124. The Helots formed majority (180,000) of conquered subjects of Sparta and closely watched for possible conspiracy by a system of _________.
a. civil registry
b. conscription
c. secret police
d. public service

125. Most liberal, just and humane Cyrus allowed religious freedom giving the following privileges to exiled Jews EXCEPT ________.
a. return to Judea
b. worship of one god Ahura-Mazda
c. rebuild the temple in Jerusalem
d. set up a vassal state led by a high priest

126. For official communication with their subjects in Mesopotamia and Syria, the Persians used ________ later adopting this as their own language.
a. Aramaic
b. Cuneiform
c. Greek
d. Persian

127. Who was the one supreme god of the Persians Zoroastrian religion who was believed to be the creator of all life and the god of light and truth?
a. Isis
b. Jehovah
c. Ahura-Mazda
d. El Shaddai

128. After World War II, which country was occupied and administered by the United States with the emperor assuming a primarily symbolic role as the head of the monarchial state?
a. Cambodia
b. Japan
c. Thailand
d. Korea

129. The Huang Ho River of China is sometimes referred to as China's Sorrow because it
a. periodically devastated large areas by flooding
b. claimed, lives of Chinese people
c. dried up and .80 can no longer irrigate farm lands
d. it is now heavily polluted

130. The collapse of the world economy in the 1930's is referred to as
a. Black Death
b. Bubunic Plague
c. Great Depression
d. The Cold war

131. Which was NOT in keeping with Mao Tse Tung's Great Leap Forward in 1958?
a. Development of backyard factories
b. Establishment of huge agricultural consumers
c. Raising of agricultural and industrial output
d. Distribution of lands to the landless

132. China's Cultural Revolution was Mao Tse Tungs attempt to ___________.
a. revive revolutionary zeal among the people
b. destroy all capitalist forces within society
c. modernize China
d. revive revolutionary zeal among the people and destroy all capitalism forces within society

133. Which statement(s) wrongly tell(s) something about the history of Korea?
a. After Japan's defeat in World War II Soviet Troops occupied Northern Korean while United States military occupied the South.
b. China annexed Korea for many centuries
c. In 1948 2 separate government were found
d. After several border clashes, North Korea invaded South Korea in 1980.

134. Which is (are) TRUE of Kuwait?
I. Kuwait's oil wealth is removable.
II. Kuwait allied itself with Iraq in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.
III. Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990
IV. Kuwait allied itself with Iran in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.
a. I, II, III
b. II, III, IV
c. I, III, IV
d. I, II, IV

135. What was the communist forces in Cambodia that increased in number there to the relentless bombing by US military and which was overtaken in a River Republic in 1925?
a. National United Front of Kempucher
b. Khmber Rouge
c. Red Gerards

136. According to historians, the success of Hongkong could be attributed to the following EXCEPT _______________.
a. its excellent deep water harbor
b. its cheap labor force
c. its being a freeport
d. its small population

137. Japan can pride itself with each of the following EXCEPT ____________.
a. high productivity
b. negligible inflation
c. low crime with
d. nuclear capability

138.The next century is said to be the Age of the Pacific. Two factors that make it so are:
A. Japan one of the world's most industrialized nations, will dominate the economic development of the region.
B. Hongkong, a British colony, was reverted to Chinese rule.
C. China, the most popular nation will dominate the political development of the region.
D. In the Pacific are many ethnic groups.
a. B & D
b. A & B
c. A & C
d. A & D

139. The Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro is viewed as generating the momentum to end horizontal conflicts and achieve peace accord in Mindanao. What are horizontal conflicts."
a. Lateral land ownerships
b. Public-private resource projects
c. Land ownership of indigenous people
d. Interethnic violence and interclan feuding

140. Historically, what document apportioned the seats of the House of Representatives in the Philippine Congress and appended in the 1987 Constitution?
a. Legislation
b. Resolution
c. Ordinance
d. Constitution

141. Which is a guarantee of independence for the judiciary?
a. Administrative function
b. Judicial power
c. Quasi-judicial autonomy
d. Fiscal autonomy

142. What should allow increased U.S. Military presence in the Philippines?
a. Visiting American Forces Agreement
b. Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
c. Philippine-US Treaty
d. Subic Base Treaty

143. The main item product during the early galleon trade was __________.
a. rugs from Persia
b. Precious metals from India
c. Chinese silk
d. Philippine products

144. In 1972 the Tobacco monopoly was established and there was massive cultivation of Tobacco EXCEPT in this province.
a. Nueva Ecija
b. Batangas
c. Cagayan
d. Marinduque

145. By the end of the 19th century the most notable land owners in the Philippines owning up to a total of 172,000 hectares were ________.
a. mestizos
b. Spanish hacenderos
c. Spanish friars
d. natives

146. The ASEAN National Qualification Framework shall be implemented by the member countries in _________.
a. 2015
b. 2018
c. 2015
d. 2020

147. Which Executive Order institutionalizes the Philippine Qualifications Framework?
a. Executive Order No. 43
b. Executive Order No. 80
c. Executive Order No. 83
d. Executive Order No. 42

148. Foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the Philippines is the lowest in the ASEAN according to a report of the Foundation for Economic Freedom. Which provision in the Constitution is planned to be amended by Congress?
a. Open door policy on the use of natural resources
b. Economic growth based on consumption-driven
c. Restrictions on foreign ownership and investments
d. Restriction on borderless competition

149. The concept of ___________ was NOT part of Deng Xiaopeng's 1984 market revolution in China.
a. market prices
b. private business
c. capital market
d. free play of market forces

150. In democratic economies ____________ is not advance in economic literacy education.
a. private enterprise
b. state-owned economy
c. capital market
d. free play of market forces


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