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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 6

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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 6


51. In basketball, which one of the following is NOT allowed?
A. A player, while still dribbling, puts two hands on the ball at the same time.
B. A player receives the ball, fake pass, then dribbles forward.
C. A player dribbles with the right hand, then with the left.
D. A player moves forward dribbling, comes to halt, continues dribbling, then moves dribbling.

52. The following are the team composition of football game, except one. Which one is it?
A. Goal keeper
B. Right Fullback
C. Forwards
D. Right Feilder

53. In basketball, after a field score is scored, the ball is put back to play by throwing it back from the _________ .
A. sideline
B. centering
C. endline
D. corner

54. Which is continuous tapping of the ball with your hands or palm towards the floor with full control and follow though?
A. Passing
B. Dribbling
C. Spiking
D. Stopping

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55. Which foul is committed by a player which involves contact with an opponents?
A. Personal Foul
B. International Foul
C. Double Foul
D. Technical foul

56. In basketball game, how long can a player be on his opponent’s restricted area when his team has a possession of ball without being penalized?
A. Three Seconds
B. Five Seconds
C. Thirty Seconds
D. Ten Seconds

57. Which of the following is against the rules?
A. A player bounces ball to another player.
B. A player takes the ball from the hands of an opposing player.
C. A player dribbling towards goal knocks over an opponents who has is in path.
D. A player rolls the ball along the ground.

58. How many steps is player permitted to take between bounces in a dribble?
A. Two
B. As many as s/he wish
C. One
D. Five

59. When a penalty shot is taken, when are the players to move into the restraining area?
A. Whenever they like
B. When the thrower has been given the ball
C. When the ball leaves the thrower’s hand
D. When the thrower hits the backboard or basket

60. The space over the home plate, between the batter’s armpits and the tip of his knees is called _________ .
A. strike zone
B. penalty zone
C. foul zone
D. foul ball

61. What is the official name of the governing body for gymnastics worldwide?
a. Internationale Federation de Gymnastique
b. Federation Internationale de Gymnastique
c. Gymnastique Federation Internationale
d. None of the above

62. For better execution of an inverted stand, the center of weight must be _________ the center of support.
a. positioned under
b. positioned over
c. positioned behind
d. of the same level as

63. Which gymnastic position is often used to complete a back extension and cartwheel? The weight is supported on one leg while the other leg is extended at the rear. The extended leg is kept straight with the toe pointed and the chest is kept erect.
a. Lunge
b. Pli or Plie
c. Arabesque
d. Relev or Releve

64. In the Filipino Pyramid Guide, gymnastics particularly sports aerobics, can be classified as moderate to vigorous activity. How often should and individual engage in this type of activity to achieve the desired level of fitness.
a. 30 minutes, three to five times a week
b. 35 minutes everyday
c. 50 minutes a day, three to five times a week
d. 120 minutes three times a day

65. Which movements include all movements that the body is able to execute while the feet remain stationary?
a. Locomotion Movements
b. Non Locomotion Movements
c. Locomotor Movements
d. Non Locomotor Movements

66. Lapay Bantique is a mimetic dance. The dance originates from the seagull movements as they are imitated by the native women of Masbate while waiting for the fishermen to arrive. The seagull's movements are characterized by the following except for the _________.
a. swoops
b. glides
c. skips
d. dives

67. Why is folk dancing considered a wholesome form of entertainment?
a. It can be performed both by children and adults.
b. It is simple and inexpensive recreation.
c. It is performed while singing.
d. It depicts the culture and traditions of the people

68. Which was originally an all - male dance performance or Abra presenting mock fight between Ilocano Christians and Non - Christians using sticks.
a. Sakuting
b. Subli
c. Pamulinnawen
d. La Jota de Paoayena

69. What do the circular movements in the Bendian, dance of the Ibalois symbolize?
a. Unity and harmony among the Ibalois
b. Affinity and nature
c. Victory over enemy
d. Endless life

70. Which dance basically shows off balancing skill of the performers? Glasses filled with rice wine are placed on the head and on each hand carefully maneuvered with graceful movements
a. Pandanggo sa Ilaw
b. Subli
c. Rigodon
d. Binasuan

71. Which dance requires balancing skill to maintain the stability of oil lamps, placed on head and at the back of each hand?
a. Binasuan
b. Subli
c. Rigodon
d. Pandanggo sa Ilaw

72. Which is dance, commonly performed in moderate waltz style during festivals in Bohol and other Visayan towns, portrays a young playful couple's attempt to get each other's attention.
a. Kuratsa
b. La Jota Moncadena
c. Rigodon
d. Pandanggo sa Ilaw

73. Which dance from leyte Province is a mimic movement of "tikling birds" hopping over trees, grass stems or over bamboo traps set by farmers? Dancers perform this dance with remarkable grace and speed jumping between bamboo poles.
a. Tinikling
b. La Jota Moncadena
c. Kuratsa
d. Rigodon

74. This was originally performed in Binan, Laguna as a mock - war dance that demonstrates a fight between the Moros and the Christians over the prized latik or coconut meat during the spanish rule.
a. La Jota Manilena
b. Sakuting
c. Pantomina
d. Maglalatik

75. Which is TRUE of the dance, Maglalatik?
I. It has a four - part performance such as the palipasan and the baligtaran showing the intense battle, the paseo and the escaramusa - the reconciliation.
II. Moro dancers wear read trousers while the Christian dancers show up in blue
III. Dancers are male and female with harnesses of coconut shells attached on their chests, back, thighs and hips
a. I and II
b. I only
c. I and III
d. I, II and III

76. Which dance is performed in flirtation manner with fans and handkerchiefs to assist the dancers' hide - and - seek movements. It means affectionate and lovable woman.
a. Carinosa
b. Sakuting
c. Kuratsa
d. Pantomina

77. It is courtship dance which imitates the courtship and lovemaking of dove shown in the dance when the men attempt to please the woman.
a. Carinosa
b. Sakuting
c. Kuratsa
d. Pantomina

78. When a serving team commits a violation, it is a ______________.
a. sideout and the other team gains the serve
b. point for the serving team
c. change of court
d. point for the opposing team

79. Player number 3 delivered an ace serve. What did the player earn?
a. A point
b. An award
c. A voilation
d. A ser

80. When the player on the back row jumps to spike the ball, he/she may __________.
a. spike from any position
b. spike the ball form the back row and never cross the attack line
c. spike the ball as long as he/she takes off in front of the attack line
d. spike the ball as long as he/she takes off from behind the attack line.

81. Goal setting is a mechanism that helps one to understand his/her potential and to feel satisfied with its results. Thus, in goal - setting to enhance personal fitness, the first step is to assess current level of _______.
a. motivation
b. fitness
c. readiness
d. current level of understanding

82. What will happen to muscles when exposed to more stress such as resistance training?
a. Muscles get weaker and increase in size.
b. Muscles get weaker and decrease in size.
c. Muscles get stronger and increase in size.
d. Muscles get stronger and decrease in size.

83. Which among the functions of the skeletal system is responsible for improved performance?
a. Skeleton provides framework and shape to the body.
b. Skeleton protects the internal organs of the body.
c. Bone marrow produces red blood cells and platelets
d. Skeleton acts as lever.

84. How do muscles work to produce movement?
a. Pair of muscles acts in opposite directions.
b. Pair of muscles acts towards the same direction.
c. Pair of muscles pulls each other.
d. Pair of muscles pushes each other.

85. In Sepak Takraw, which muscle group is responsible when hitting the ball using the thigh?
a. Hamstrings
b. Triceps
c. Quadriceps
d. Gluteus maximus

86. Which of the following statements does NOT describe the benefit of physical activity?
a. Reduced risk of heart attack and blood pressure
b. Good sense of body image
c. Good chance of winning in a sport competition
d. Meeting new friends

87. Goal setting is a mechanism that helps one to understand his/her potential and to feel satisfied with its results. Thus, in goal - setting to enhance personal fitness, the first step is to assess current level of ___________.
a. motivation
b. fitness
c. readiness to affect change
d. current level of understanding about fitness

88. If you want to determine your fitness program parameters which should you do first?
a. Get a physical examination to identify any physical limitations
b. Construct your fitness plan
c. Commit yourself to your fitness plan
d. Figure out how much time you can have for work outs.

89. If you want to have a personalized fitness training program, which should you do first?
a. Determine your fitness program parameters
b. Select specific physical activities for your fitness program
c. Record your Fitness Training Plan
d. Evaluate your faithfulness to your fitness program

90. How much time should you devote to work outs?
a. Depends on your fitness goals and current level of physical fitness
b. About 150 minutes total of physical activity per week
c. About 200 minutes total of physical activity per week
d. Depends on your age
91. Should you include dietary changes in your personal fitness plan?
a. Yes, no more salty foods.
b. Yes, no more meat
c. Depends on your fitness goals
d. No, the work out will overcome effect of poor diet.

92. Why is it necessary to established your specific goals for personal fitness? Because your goals determine the _______________.
I. types of exercise you should build into your plan
II. amount of time you will need to exercise
III. significant dietary changes, if necessary
a. II and III
b. I and II
c. I only
d. I, II, and III

93. For strength training which are convenient tools?
I. Weight machine
II. Dumbbells
III. Exercise balls
IV. Resistance bands
a. I, II and III and IV
b. I, II and III
c. II and III
d. I and II

94. Which are strength routines that do not require equipment?
I. Push - ups
II. Yoga
III. Dumbbells
IV. Dance workout with video
a. I and II
b. I, II, III and IV
c. I only
d. II and IV

95. Which is NOT part of cardio routines?
a. Jogging
b. Weight machines
c. Jump rope
d. Dance workout videos

96. Which type of gymnastics event combines gymnastics, dance, ballet and apparatus manipulation?
a. Men's Artistic Gymnastics
b. Rhythmic Gymnastics
c. Women Artistic Gymnatics
d. None of the above

97. In gymnastics, safety is of primary concern. What should a performer do when he/she loses balance in a stunt?
a. Land with bended knees
b. Land on both feet
c. Stand straight
d. Roll out

98. Spotting has a twofold purpose. First is the performer's safety and prevention of injury and second, is the guiding of performer to help develop body awareness. Which among the roles of a spotter is the most difficult to perform?
a. To prevent a hazardous fall
b. To help develop self confidence
c. To help support the body weight
d. To assist performer carry out the stunts

99. In a spike position, the body is fully bent forward at the hips while legs are kept straight. Pike can be performed in three positions. What are they?
1. Walking Position
2. Lying Position
3. Sitting Position
4. Standing Position
a. 1, 2 and 3
b. 2, 3 and 4
c. 1, 3 and 4
d. 1, 2 and 4

100. What contribution of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn of Germany made him the "father of modern gymnastics"?
a. He develop the bars (side, horizontal and parallel), balance beam and jumping events.
b. He included physical exercises with other forms of instruction
c. He develop a more graceful form of the sport.
d. He invented more than 30 pieces of apparatus.

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