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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 5

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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 5


1. Which is/are a general rule/s for safety when swimming in the beach?
I. Warm up before you swim.
II. Stay out of water during thunderstorm.
III. It is more exciting to swim during a thunderstorm.
A. I, II and III
B. III only
C. I and II
D. I only

2. Which is rule for safety when swimming in the beach?
A. Don’t rely on swimming aids.
B. Swim immediately after a meal.
C. Do not jump from a beach raft or dive underneath.
D. Swim in the dark.

3. What does this mean?
A. Swim at your own risk.
B. Don’t feed the sharks.
C. There is report of sharks in the activity.
D. Should you spots sharks in the area, call 111.

4. Which are safety advice on how to avoid shark?
I. Do not swim at dawn, at dusk or at night.
II. Do not swim if you are bleeding or have any open wound.
III. If schooling fish start to behave erratically or start to congregate in unusually large numbers, leave the water.
IV. If a large fish is sighted in the area, leave the water as quickly and quickly and calmly as possible.
A. I, II, III and IV
B. I, II and III
C. I and II
D. II and III and IV

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5. Arrange the steps in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
1. Check the pulse for signs of life
2. Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on land, if possible, o in the water if injured persons needs immediate life-and-death measures.
3. Strongly breathe four times into the mouth of the injured persons as you pinch his or her nose. This helps air get past any water that is clogging the breathing passageways and the lungs.
4. Turn the drowning person’s head to the side, allowing any water to drain from his or her mouth or nose. Turn the head back to the center.
5. After four strong breaths, put your ear near the mouth and watch the chest for any breathing movement.
A. 4-2-3-5-6-1
B. 2-3-4-6-5-1
C. 1-2-3-4-5-6
D. 4-2-3-5-1-6

6. Which is executed by moving the hand from the wrist either clockwise or counter clockwise?
A. Kulintang
B. Kumintang
C. Cross arm
D. Outside Hand

7. With the weight of the body on one foot, hit the floor with the ball of the other foot after which the lift foot from the floor. This is a dance term called ________ step.
A. close
B. brush
C. touch
D. slide

8. Which is done when one crosses the right foot or left foot in front of the left ( R ), bends the body slightly forward and crosses the hands down in front with the right ( L ) hand over the left ( R )?
A. Saludo
B. Sarok
C. Arms in lateral position
D. Set

9. Which one referred to when one places the foot in a certain desired position without putting weight on it and make the sole of the foot rest flat on the floor?
A. Point
B. Place
C. Saludo
D. Set

10. What position sis described when arms are at side, horizontal, elbows bent at the right angle, forearms parallel to the head and palms facing inward?
A. Arms in T position
B. Arms in reverse T position
C. Arms in lateral Position
D. Arms in oblique upward position

11. Whose is known as the “Mother, Dean and Champion of Philippine folk Dance”?
A. Francisca Reyes Aquino
B. Tessy Alfonso
C. Fabia de la Rosa
D. Fely Franquelli

12. Which dance is based on music played at bullfight during the bullfight’ entrance (paseo) or during the passes (faena) just before the kill?
A. Rumba
B. Pasadoble
C. Salsa
D. Samba

13. This is consist of the basic movement of stepping forward or backward and shifting weight between feet, then additional quick set of these steps. Which is described.
A. Cha cha cha
B. Salsa
C. Rumba
D. Pasadoble

14. Which dance is consist of two quick steps and then a third slower step that takes two beats to execute? Dancers use a box-like pattern to their movements.
A. Cha cha cha
B. Salsa
C. Rumba
D. Pasadoble

15. This dance originated ii the Caribbean, although it also has a strong African influence. Couples typically perform this dance together and it centers on a four-beat combination of two quick steps and a slow step with a pause or tap. Which dance is described?
A. Cha cha cha
B. Salsa
C. Rumba
D. Pasadoble

16. Which is one of the most well known Latin dances especially for it’s role Carnival events, where individually dancers perform? Some of which are for dancing couple and others of which are dancers for individuals.
A. Cha cha cha
B. Samba
C. Rumba
D. Pasadoble

17. Which is a lively dance patterend after the drama of the Spanish bullfight?
A. Cha cha cha
B. Samba
C. Rumba
D. Pasadoble

18. Which track event is won by the athlete with the fastest time?
A. Jumping Event
B. Throwing Event
C. Running Events
D. Combined Event

19. Which field event is won by the athlete who has achieved the greatest height in the contestant?
A. Jumping Event
B. Throwing Event
C. Running Event
D. Combined Event

20. In which track event do teams of athletes run and pass on a baton to their team member?
A. Hurdles
B. Relay
C. Pole vault
D. Long jump

21. Which is the most important throws ii outfield?
A. Overwarm
B. Sidearm
C. Underarm
D. Pitch
22. Which of the following players usually covers home plate when the catcher leaves it to the field ball?
A. Left fielder
B. Short stop
C. Right fielder
D. Pitcher

23. Which player usually cover home plate when the catcher leaves it to field ball?
A. The pitcher
B. 1st baseman
C. 3rd baseman
D. short stop

24. A ball that is not swung at, but which is purposely tapped slowly into the infield is called ________ .
A. strike
B. a ball
C. a foul
D. a bunt

25. What is the most important in batting?
A. To keep eyes on the ball
B. To swing hard
C. To swing bat on a level plane
D. Two swing only a good pitches

26. To which base is a runner always forced?
A. Home base
B. 2nd Base
C. 1st Base
D. 3rd Base

27. In which of the following cases is the batter “out”?
A. The call against the batter is strike 2 and he hits and misses the next ball which is caught by the catcher
B. The call against the batter strike 1 and he tips the next ball which goes straight to the catcher at shoulder height and he holds the ball.
C. There is no runner on base 1 and when the ball is hit, a runner on base 2 runs to base 3 where he arrives after the ball has received by third baseman who does not tag him.
D. The call against the batter is ball 3, Strike 2 ad hits the next ball into the infield and rolls onto foul territory between home and first base

28. When does a batter receive a free base or “walk”?
A. After 3 strikes
B. After 4 balls
C. After hitting two fouls
D. When he hits an infield fly

29. Before pitching, a pitcher must ________ .
A. have both feet on the plate
B. have one foot touching the plate
C. hold the ball in front in one hand
D. have both feet together on the plate

30. Which of the following would be called “ball”?
A. The ball passes over the home plate level with the batter’s waist.
B. The ball is struck at by the at by the batter and missed.
C. The ball passes over the home plate level with the batter’s knee.
D. The ball passes over the home plate level with the batter’s armpit

31. What is the formula used to determine the number of games for single elimination ?
A. G=N-1
B. G=2(N-1)
C. G=2 (1-N)

32. How many byers are there in tournament with nine (9) participating teams using single elimination?
A. 3
B. 1
C. 2
D. 0

33. Which is TRUE of the deep catch stroke?
I. More effective than the sculling stroke?
II. Has the deep catch freestyle stroke
III. The arm action resembles that of the paddle
A. I, II and III
B. II only
C. I only
D. II and III

34. Which is TRUE of sculling stroke?
I. Has bent-arm, propeller-inspired motion
II. The arm action resembles that of paddle
III. More efficient and effective than the deep catch stroke
A. I only
B. II only
C. I only
D. II and III

35. Which characterize/s an effective swimming stroke?
I. Should create the least possible water resistance
II. There should be a minimum of splashing
III. Forward motion is smooth and not jerky.
A. I, II and II
B. I only
C. I and II
D. II and III

36. Which do/es NOT characterize butterfly swimming stroke?
I. The body is in a supine position.
II. The body is in a prone position.
III. Involves the dolphin kick with a wind a windmill-like movement of both arms in unison.
A. I only
B. I and II
D. I, II and III

37. When a swimming competitively, what should a swimmer do?
I. Must not swim underwater
II. The only time a swimmer can swim underwater is the first stroke after the start and each turn.
III. Use deep catch stroke
A. I, II and III
B. III only
C. I and II
D. I only

38. Which characterize breast stroke?
I. The body is I a prone position.
II. Involves frog kicking alternates with simultaneous movement of the arms from a point I the front of the head t shoulder level.
III. When swimming competitively, the swimmer’s head must be kept above the surface of the water at all times.
A. I. II and III
B. III only
C. I and II
D. I only

39. Which is swimming that uses any stroke?
A. Freestyle
B. Breast Stroke
C. Dog paddle
D. Back stroke

40. Which is NOT TRUE of backstroke?
A. Done in a prone position
B. Done in a supine position
C. Involve alternative over-the-head arm stroke and a flutter kick dog paddle
D. Freestyle

41. When a Player commits a flagrant foul, the referee’s decision is to ________ .
A. award a point to the opposing team
B. call the attention of the coach
C. eject the player from the game
D. continue game

42. In 2003, NBA made a new rule as regards the stay of players inside the painted area. Who should get out of the painted area every three seconds?
A. Offensive players
B. Defensive players
C. Both offensive and defensive players
D. The player holding the ball

43. You are in the second base with two outs. The batter hits the ball into the air. What should you do?
A. Stay at your base.
B. Run as soon as the batter hits the ball
C. Go back to your base.
D. Wait and see if the ball is caught is before advancing to the next base.

44. What should a defensive do when there is a force out at the second base?
A. Tag the runner
B. Tag the second base
C. Neither is correct
D. Tag the runner and tag the second base

45. Which is the art of passing the ball fairly high and close to the net so that the spiker can spring into the air and smash it into opponent’s court?
A. Overhead Volley
B. Spiking
C. Setting
D. Tossing

46. When the serving team fail to serve the ball legally into the opponent’s court or return the ball into the opponent’s court, the referee gives the decision. Which is referred to?
A. A side-out win no point awarded is called
B. A score of one point is given
C. A fault is declared
D. A time out is declared

47. A team is declared a winner of a set or game in volleyball, when the team is first to score ______.
A. 25 points
B. 15 points with an advantage of one point
C. 15 points with an advantage of one point
D. 19 points with an advantage of one point

48. The objective of the volleyball game is to __________ .
A. serve the ball legally into the opponent’s court
B. send the ball over the net to the ground of the opponent’s court
C. the team to reach least 15 points or more
D. make the ball remain in play without touching the ground

49. In volleyball game, when two teammates contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered two contacts for their team EXCEPT during ___________ .
A. blocking
B. spiking
C. dribbling
D. serving

50. In basketball, if players is fouled out while shooting for a goal and misses the shot, what is the penalty?
A. The ball is awarded to the offensive player
B. One penalty shot
C. Two penalty shot
D. three penalty shot


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