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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 4

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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 4


51. Which is NOT true of chicken pox?
A. Touching the fluids of chicken pox blisters can get you the disease
B. Inhalation of airborne droplets from a patient with chicken pox can get you the disease
C. When the blisters start crusting the patient is no longer contagious.
D. Even after the resolution of the disease the virus remains inactive in certain nerves of our body.

52. The abuse of this substance is notorious for destroying for destroying the nasal septum leading to nasal bleeding, loss of sense of smell, chronically runny nose, hoarseness, etc. Which substance is referred to?
A. Heroin
B. Marijuana
C. Cocaine
D. Rubber-based contact cement (“rugby”)

53. Who among the following has the least risk of having a heart attack?
A. A 47-year-old female
B. A 46-years-old male
C. A female with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30
D. A male with a high LDL cholesterol

54. A person with bloodshot eyes, paranoia, rapid heartbeat, constant cough could be abusing__________.
A. heroin
B. marijuana
C. methamphetamine

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55. A depressive person tried committing suicide by slashing her wrist; which major artery is commonly cut in such a situation?
A. Radial artery
B. Ulnar artery
C. Carpal artery
D. Median artery

56. In the Philippines, 13 mothers die everyday due to pregnancy-related complications. What is the major cause of maternal mortality:
A. Post-partum hemorrhage
B. Infection
C. Undernourishment
D. Abortion

57. TRUE regarding rabies post-exposure prophylaxis?
A. Infants and pregnancy women should never be given rabies vaccine
B. Babies born to rabid mothers become naturally immune to rabies.
C. If you get bitten by a pig you need anti-rabies vaccine.
D. No vaccine is needed if your neighbor’s dog caused a minor scratch in your leg.

58. Which is NOT TRUE regarding the Ebola virus disease:
I. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals
II. Up to 90% of infected individuals die of the disease
III. Reston ebolavirus, a species of the genus ebolavirus, can be found in the Philippines
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I, II, and III

59. A supply of clean air to breath is very important for good health. But air pollutants are everywhere. Which of the following techniques will most likely minimize your exposure to air pollutants?
A. Proper location of dump sites.
B. Don’t cook on a charcoal barbecue in an enclosed space.
C. Protect yourself from medical radiation.
D. Do not use a microwave over if the door does not close properly.

60. The presence of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is important because it___________.
A. reduces the amount of acid rain and urban song
B. enhance the greenhouse effect
C. has led to sharp increases in all types skip cancer
D. absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation

61. High caloric needs sleep requirements of adolescents are directly related to which of the following?
A. Elevated level of testosterone or estrogen in the body
B. High rates of metabolic activity associated with growth and development
C. increased level of physical activity beyond childhood
D. increased in stress due to the competing demands of school, family and peer group

62. Which of the following method would be most appropriate for students to develop refusal skills?
A. Have the students role –play various refusal skills
B. Have students hold lengthy discussion on how to stand up to peer pressure
C. Lecture about the concepts of refusal skills
D. Have the students collect and bring in magazines to create college

63. if you believe that one of your students has a drug problem, which should you do to address the situation?”
A. Report the situation to the principal
B. Obtain information about student behavior
C. Take with an experienced counselor about setting up intervention
D. Offer your support during treatment

64. Rudy’s habit is gotten out of control. His habit has a negative impact on his health. His characteristic include craving, loss control, and escalation. Rudy’s behaviors indicate _______ .
A. intoxication
B. addiction
C. dependence
d. Abuse

65. According to the chain of infection model, the use of disposable spoon and fork in food chain control the spread of communicable disease primarily by interfering with ______ .
A. size of the human reservoir available has its host to the pathogen
B. production of large numbers of the pathogen in a host
C. establishment of the disease in a new host
D. portal of entry of the pathogen into new host

66. A family consist of a mother with two children and a father with three children. Each child is biologically related to only one of the adults in the family. Which of the following best describes this family structure?
A. A single –parent family
B. A Blended family
C. An extended family
D. An adoptive family

67. A college student who is waiting for her turn to present an oral report discovers that her heart is pounding and her palms are sweaty. This condition is ______ .
A. nervousness
B. heart attack
C. stress
D. shock

68. Pregnancy is most reliably confirmed by ______ .
A. monitoring changes in daily body temperature
B. the absence of two or more periods
C. having a doctor test for HCG in the blood
D. a positive result on a home pregnancy test

69. Fetal alcohol syndrome is associated with which of the following?/
A. Hepatitis
B. Development disabilities
C. Phenylketonuria
D. Leukemia

70. John is experiencing stress in the school that may bring on asthma attack, As a Health teacher the best way to respond is ________ .
A. call a doctor immediately
B. apply inhale and exhale technique
C. provide medication
D. allow the student to relax

71. Joe is being selected as a class officer in his school and being an officer he has so many responsibilities to do. Although anxiety is produced, it helps him become more effective in physical, social, and physiological functioning. What is Joe is experiencing?
A. Distress
B. Anxiety
C. Eustress
D. Depression

72. As a health teacher, what is the best way to deal with students’ distress? Teacher should _______ .
A. helps the students mentally classify events as they arise and to decide which situation can be personally handled
B. help them learn to accept responsibility for their own behavior
C. teach the students to be optimistic
D. encourage students to reward themselves periodically with emotional or material favors

73. HIV may be transmitted form one individual to another in all of the following ways EXCEPT _____.
A. perinatally from infected mother to her focus
B. through contact made during oral sex
C. through breastmilk from an infected mother and fed to an infant
D. genetically from parent to child

74. Jenny is 6-months pregnant, During her pregnancy she experienced some specific illness such as preeclampsia, pregnancy-induced diabetes and infection. This condition is due to the result of ______ .
A. lack of physical activity and exercise
B. lack of prenatal care
C. disturbed emotional well-being
D. lack of proper nutrition

75. Adolescents with type-1 diabetes can best manage their disease by ______ .
A. avoiding all non-essential physical activity
B. eating frequent meals and sugary snacks
C. a rigorous exercise regimen
D. frequent monitoring of blood sugar and the administration of insulin

76. Strep throat is commonly found in the school setting. Which is the best way to prevent the spread of disease?
A. Tell the students see a doctor.
B. Student with sore throat should be excluded from school until fever and soar throat are gone for twenty-four to forty eight hours.,
C. Allow the students to drink plenty of fluids
D. Complete bed rest and good condition

77. Which of the following statements should a teacher keep in mind about a child having sickle cell anemia in the classroom?
A. Provide some activity such as games, handicrafts, and music in which the child can excel to gain acceptance with the peer group.
B. Do not allow the students to participate in physical exercises and other strenuous activity
C. Teacher should be aware of the emotional and social need of the student.
D. Let the student understand his condition

78. Which of the following is not a statute of Republic Act 9288 OR Newborn Screening (NBS) act of 2004:
A. Every baby born iin the Philippines must undergo NBS
B. A sustainable NBS system within the public health delivery system must be established
C. All health practitioners must be aware of NBS

79. The expand Program on immunization (EPI) ensures that infants, children and mothers have access to routinely recommended vaccine. Which of the following vaccines is NOT included in the EPI:
A. Yubercolosis
B. Poliomyelitis
C. Diptheria
D. Cholera

80. A couple wants a long-term but not permanent family planning method. What would you recommended:
A. Intrauterine
B. Vasectomy
C. Bilateral tubal ligation
D. Injectable contraceptives

81. The most positive way health teacher can help students see the importance of personal health care as a desirable choice is to increase their awareness of _______ .
A. The negative consequences of not practicing good habits
B. Ways to take care of their senses
C. The enormous responsibility of parents
D. how personal health care promote overall wellness

82. Which of the following statements is the best strategy for teacher to explain how proper care of the body can influence growth and development?
A. Prepare a handout that that list each body system and three health practices that affect it.
B. Divide the class into six groups, each representing a different body system with the exception of the reproductive system.
C. Provide students with poster board, and ask the students to make a collage of people with diverse body types and habits that may influence body functioning.
D. Provide students with handouts containing incomplete statements.

83. Pimples, white heads, blackheads, and acne are the results of __________ .
A. germs found in the layer of the epidermis
B. overly active secretion of oil glands in the body
C. overexposure to the sun
D. fungal infection

84. The best thing to do for a child with hearing loss is to _______.
A. speak very loudly
B. detect the condition early and get medical attention
C. look directly to the child
D. administer hearing test

85. Students spend much time during school day sitting at the desk. Which of the following statements will promote good posture upon sitting?
A. The tray of the desk should not be slanted
B. Slightly bend backward the back the chair
C. The seat of the desk should not be higher than the hips
D. Desk should be appropriate in height to allow both feet to touch the floor

86. Children who continually pull on their ears or seem to have NO balance and equilibrium should be referred to an ________ .
A. otologist
B. ophalmologist
C. dermatologist
D. orthodontist

87. Teaching students how to soak his her hands or feet in warm water for atleast 5 minutes is very important because soaking __________ .
A. soaking helps remove bacteria
B. softens their skins
C. softens the nail and make them easier to trim
D. relax both his hands or feet

88. The use of cucumber in your eyelids before going to sleep at night will help
________ .
A. pupils dilate
B. enhance sleeping habits
C. prevent puffiness
D. prevent eye damage

89. If a person has a seizure while bathing, which of the following procedures should come first?
A. Follow the first aid steps for a seizure.
B. Start the water draining from the tub.
C. Call other staff for assistance.
D. Immediately protect and support the head.

90. Ears are special part of our body and like any other organs, we should take care good of them. Which of the following is the safest way to clean your ears?
A. Use cotton swabs.
B. Clean your ears once a week.
C. Be gentle in cleaning your ears.
D. Clean your ears with wash clothes using your finger

91. A person who able to see more than one side of an issue and exhibits good time-management skill is said to possess _______ wellness
A. occupational
B. social
C. intellectual
D. emotional

92. What healthy alternative can one do avoid smoking?
A. Hangout with smoking groups
B. Try one puff to be part of the group
C. Join sports club and organizations
D. Be friendly to smokers

93. If your skin is oily then youi are prone to pimples, blackheads and white heads. The best way to treat oily skin is ________ .
A. to wash your face twice a day with a gentle non-foaming cleanser and warm water.
B. to use toner to help with that tight and flaky feeling
C. not to use moisturizer
D. to exfoliate

94. A neighbor complains that his children often have diarrhea. What is the best advise you can give him?
A. Clean the house regularly with disinfectants.
B. Do not give the children food bought from street vendors.
C. Tell the children to wash their hands properly and regularly.
D. Throw the garbage in the proper bins immediately

95. The “ossicles” are found in ________ .
A. Throat
B. ear
C. vertebral column
D. ankle

96. Which is TRUE od tinea flava?
A. Tincture of iodine
B. Kind of intestinal parasite
C. Loss of taste
D. A fungal skin infection

97. Which eye defect is most common associated with anging?
A. Myopia
B. Presbyopia
C. Astigmatism
D. Conjunctivitis

98. Green leafy vegetables belong to which group?
A. Go foods
B. Grow foods
C. Glow foods
D. Body-building foods

99. Which among the following has the highest dietary fiber content?
A. 1 cup of cooked sweet corn
B. 1 medium-sized raw carrot
C. 1 medium-sized banana
D. 1 cup of lentils (“patani”)

100. Which is the best way to manage diabetes? Help the patient by ________ .
A. motivating him/her to look for experimental options
B. recognize his/her situation as one shared by many of his/her peers
C. allowing him/her to anticipate the dietary effects and exercise choices of his/her health
D. by assisting him/her in understanding why he/she develop the disease


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