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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 3

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LET Reviewer: MAPEH Part 3


1. K to Grade 3 children have difficulty in shooting a basketball through an upright hoop because of this vision-related factor? Which factor I referred to?
A. Figured-ground perception
B. Hand-and-eye coordination
C. Depth perception
D. Peripheral vision

2. Unlike adults and older children, children up to the age 17 are unable to understand coaching instructions, rules or strategies, or to contemplate doing two things at the same time. Which theory explains this?
A. Kolb’s learning style
B. Bandura’s social cognitive development ( self-efficacy )
C. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development ( preoperational stage of thinking )
D. Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences ( bodily-kinesthetic intelligences )

3. Children aged up to 7 focus on dribbling the football only but do not consider the possibility of passing the ball to a teammate. This is illustration of _____ .
A. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development ( preoperational stage of thinking )
B. Bandura’s social cognitive theory ( self-efficacy )
C. Kolb’s learning style
D. Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligence ( bodily – kinesthetic intelligence )

4. Which of the following BEST describes the main goal of Physical Education?
A. Improve the cognitive, affective ( socio-emotional ) and psychomotor capacities of students through physical activities
B. Teaching the knowledge, skills and values for students to live a healthy lifestyle now and in the future
C. Improve the physical fitness of all students, regardless of individual differences in abilities and backgrounds
D. Promote physical fitness and health that complements the rest of the school curriculum

5. What is the most important factor that contributes to the decline of PE recently?
A. More subjects in the school curriculum and focus on academics leading to reduce time allocation in PE
B. Dominance of technology and prevalence of sedentariness ( inadequate physical activity ) leading to irrelevance of PE as a subject
C. Lack of professionalization in PE ( PE teachers are not specialist; poor quality of degree programs in PE )
D. Focus on sports that cater t athletes’ needs instead of the majority of students’ need to achieve and maintain fitness and health through sporting activities

6. Physical Education traces its origin in.
A. ancient Greek belief in ‘a sound mind in a sound body.
B. ancient Olympics Games
C. PE movement in Europe (end of Renaissance era ) that centered around gymnastics and calisthenics
D. military training and preparation of war.

7. In the attribution motivation theory ( Weiner ), teachers would most prefer their students ______ .
A. be intrinsically motivated
B. ascribed their performance to their environment such as God’s help, others’ support, their competitors, the game officials, playing facilities and equipment
C. ascribe their performance outcomes to their own ability and effort
D. be extrinsically motivated

8. Physical literacy is the best described as a composite of ______ .
A. health-related, skill-related and physiological fitness that enables students to perform a variety of physical activities
B. body management, locomotor and non-locomotor and object control or maintenance of good health
C. games, sports, rhythms and dance that leads to improved fitness and maintenance of good health
D. fundamental movement, motor- and activity- specific skills that equip students for an active lifestyle

9. Perseverance is most likely to be encourage by physical education activities that ____
A. are challenging, yet within the reach of students’ capabilities
B. allow students to experience both success and failure so they strive to do their best everytime
C. extremely challenge, requiring a high degree of skill
D. extremely easy in order to obtain many opportunities for positive feedback

10. After completing their personal fitness assessments, the teacher ask each students to write down an individual fitness goal and three possible ways achieves this. Which is the primary benefit of this activity?
A. It allows the student the opportunity to focus either on area of strength or weakness
B. It minimize student resistance to participate in efforts to improve fitness.
C. It gives the students student greater individual responsibility for his/her own learning and fitness.
D. It maintain the the privacy of each student in developing and pursuing fitness goals

11. With which educational philosophy does Physical Education meet strong opposition because of its emphasis on the basics and other academics subject?
A. Essentialism
B. Progressivism
C. Existentialism
D. Idealism

12. Comprehensive health education fosters student resilience through the coordinated teaching of health, family and consumer sciences and physical education. What does this imply?
A. For greater focus in-depth treatment of topics in health topics are discussed in Health.
B. The health of children is the primary and sole responsibility of parents.
C. Health education integrates, Health, Home Economics and Physical Education.
D. The child’s health is primarily his/her own making.

13. Comprehensive health education encompasses health education, physical education, and family and costumer sciences. What does the statement imply about then nature of health education in schools?
A. Inherently interdisciplinary
B. Consider minor subject only
C. Indispensable in the curriculum
D. Concern of Health Education teachers only

14. Does collaborative health education include foodservice at the school canteen?
A. Definitely yes.
B. Definitely no.
C. Maybe
D. No. The curriculum has nothing to do with food service.

15. Read the following then answer 15 and 16.
Our vocational high school, with the support of the staff members organize the clean-up of the barangay, as well as beautifying our school grounds. The Home Economics curriculum devotes several hours to health, including safety, personal hygiene, sanitation, food-borne illness, menu planning, and nutrition. Our newest endeavor is an attempt to bridge the gap between our students and the elderly by inviting several senior citizen to lunch at our student-operated restaurant each month. They are accompanied by the students and welcome to tour our facilities.

What does this prove?
I. Health can be taught and learned in many different class rooms and discipline
II. An effective health education is collaborative in approach.
III. An effective heath education is integrative in approach.
A. I, II and III
B. I only
C. I and II
D. II and III

16. Which principles of teaching is illustrated in the Health Education described above?
I. Effective teaching is integrative
II. Learning by doing
III. Learning is inquiry-based
A. I and II
B. II only
C. I only
D. I, II and III

17. Student concerns, interest, views, and ideas are central to active learning and to the classroom assessment of the comprehensive health education. This principle states that an effective health education is _____ .
A. collaborative
B. multiple Intelligence-Based
C. responsive and relevant
D. interactive

18. Scare stories and blanket admonitions about responsibility are insufficient t help students to assess risk rationally or make health-enhancing decisions. What does this imply about health education?
A. Teach student to inquire reason, and solve problem
B. Make students memorize health tips
C. Follow up children’s eating habit at home.
D. Inspect packed lunch to ensures that children eat health food.

19. Teacher A makes it a point to give the song its historical background before teaching it to the class. On which principle of the music education is her practice based?
A. Music is an opportunity to each moral and spiritual values.
B. Music is an opportunity for self-expression through a group activity
C. Music offers .an opportunity for understanding other people and their cultures
D. Music is a means to teach the duties of citizenship.

20. It is said that when Filipinos abroad sing “Bayan ko” the feeling to come home and serve the country is heightened. What does this tell about music?
A. Music is an opportunity for self-expression.
B. Music adds flavor to socials.
C. Music has a socializing function.
D. Patriotism and nationalism can be effectively taught through music.

21. Which of the following method is the best way to assess your environmental health risks?
A. Use of health diary and self-tests and monitoring of your surroundings
B. Self-assessment and analysis of emerging health risks
C. Pinpointing t09he problem places and times of day behavior and your environment could effect your health adversely
D. Intelligent choice and modification both in your behavior and your surroundings to eliminate potential health problems

22. Excessive radiation has delayed effects on the human body. Which of the following effects is the result of radiation.
A. Nausea and vomiting
B. Acid rain
C. Water Pollution
D. Air pollution

23. Which of the following environmental problems is most lethal to people worldwide?
A. Ozone layer
B. Acid rain
C. Water pollution
D. Air pollution

24. After drinking juice, in which garbage bin must you throw the tetra pack container?
A. Compostable
B. Recyclables
C. Biodegradables
D. Non-biodegradable

25. Which of the following is a mosquito-borne disease
I. Dengue
II. Malaria
III. Yellow fever
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I, II and III

26. The 4 common air pollutants according to WHO are the following EXCEPT?
A. Ozone
B. Nitrogen
C. Sulfur dioxide
D. Nitrous dioxide
27. A sound is considered noise and can cause hearing problems if it measures more than ________ decibels:
A. 80
B. 85
C. 90
D. 95

28. Which is NOT TRUE about global warming:
A. More floods can happen.
B. Sustainability of water resources will be compromised.
C. Some insect-borne disease are likely to increase .
D. Carbon dioxide emitted by cars and factories traps the sun’s light.

29. Which of the following actions protects the environment?
I. Regularly spraying mosquito breeding place with seconds
II. Using a water hose to clean your car
III. Burning dry leaves to lessen garbage in landfills
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I, II, and III

30. What can a first aider do to help a victim in severe external bleeding?
A. Cover the victim with blanket.
B. Give the victim some water.
C. Apply direct pressure over the wound with your fingers or palm.
D. Provide some medication

31. When an adult victim is unconscious, when should first aider be called?
A. After the ABC principle
B. After resuscitation
C. After opening the air way
D. As soon as the victim of heart attack?

32. What can a rescuer do to help a victim of heart attack?
A. Lay the casualty down, and raise and support her legs
B. Make the victim as comfortable as possible to ease the strain of his heart.
C. Keep calm and reassure the victim.
D. Give oxygen if it is available

33. The scene suggest that the victim has suffered poisoning. The first thing to do is _________ .
A. call a physician
B. check and, if necessary, clear the casualty’s airway
C. place the casualty in the recovery the recovery position.
D. Give oxygen if it is available

34. An athletic student has just vomited and now appears to be coughing up blood. He is now having cold, clammy skin and a rapid, weal pulse. What is most likely wrong?
A. He is having spinal injury
B. He is having mild stroke
C. He has having internal bleeding
D. He has head injury

35. You are caring for a victim with minor burns. Blister that form should never break as they ________ .
A. aggravate the pain and swelling
B. damage nerves and fat tissues
C. interfere infection into the wound
D. introduce infection into the wound

36. For a child who is unconsciously choking, you would ________ .
A. perform CPR
B. tilt the head back to open the airway
C. do Heimlick maneuver
D. encourage him to cough to help dislodge the obstruction

37. A student is having a tonic-clonic seizure. What should you do as a first-responder?
A. Restrain the student.
B. Put something between his teeth so that he will not bite his tongue
C. Loosen tight clothing, i.e., a necktie
D. Palace him under the shade.

38. Your brother accidentally cut himself in the foot with a rusty blade. What is the first thing to do?
A. Apply ice to prevent swelling
B. Request for tetanus vaccine in the nearest clinic
C. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water
D. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding

39. The following should be performed to a person who figured in a motorcycle accident EXCEPT?
A. Asses the airway by titling the head up and feeling the flow of air out of his mouth or nose
B. Control bleeding
C. Observe the chest for spontaneous breathing
D. Call an ambulance

40. What is the most important strategy to deal with drowning?
A. Mandatory CPR training for all lifeguards
B. Provision of complete emergency kits and equipments in all swimming facilities
C. Educating healthcare providers and legislator about risk and circumstances of drowning
D. Designing safe pool environment and use of isolation fencing to prevent kids wandering into the adult pools

41. When would you not advise HIV testing
I. Previous history of sexually transmitted disease?
II. Had male to male sexual intercourse
III. Had intercourse with a sex trade worker
IV. I would advice HIV testing of all of the above situation
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I, II and III

42.Which of the following is NOT TRUE regarding breastfeeding ?
A. Exclusive breastfeeding can provide adequate nutrition for infants less than 1 months.
B. 7-12month-old babies need complimentary feeding on top of breast milk to meet their nutrition needs.
C. If the mother is not producing milk of the baby’s birth, supplemental formula feeding should be given immediately to avoid undernutrition.
D. Lactation prevents the onset of menstruation in the mother thereby contributing to natural family planning.

43. What is the best treatment option you can advise for a child who is having diarrhea?
A. Antibiotics
B. Antidiarrheal medication
C. Gatorade
D. Oral rehydration solution

44. If you are to interview a 14 year-old female which of the following questions should you ask to determine her overall health?
I. Do you have a boyfriend? Are you sexually active?
II. Have you ever thought of or tried killing yourself?
III. Do you smoke and/or drink alcoholic beverages?
A. I only
B. II only
C. III ony
D. I, II and III

45. The following are TRUE regarding child abuse EXCEPT?
A. neglect children constitutes child abuse according to R.A 7610
B. children with chronic medical illness are at risk of being abused
C. failure to gain weight can be a sign of child abuse
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I, II, and III

46. Which is true about tuberculosis?
A. It is hereditary
B. Using a TB patient’s utensils will make you sick.
C. 1 month of treatment is needed to cure the disease.
D. After 2 weeks of medication the patient is no longer infections.

47. Newborns in Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital are wrapped against their mother’s chest in a direct skin-to-skin contact. Which is LEAST TRUE about this so-called Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)?
A. This hospital lacks enough linen, warmers beds to provide for all those newborns
B. This method promote breastfeeding and early discharge from the hospital
C. The father can take the mother ‘s role in the kangaroo care
D. Premature babies can benefit from KMC even without putting him in an incubator

48. The blood vessel that supplies nutrient to the brain is the _________ .
A. jugular version
B. aorta
C. carotid artery
D. superior mesenteric artery
49. Which substance when abused leads to hearing loss, peripheral neuropathies, brain damage?
A. Marijuana
B. Cocaine
C. Methamphetamine
D. Rubber-based contact cement (“rugby”)

50. Flexion of the knees and extension of the hips are functions of which muscles?
A. Gluteus maximus
B. Hamstring
C. Quadriceps
D. Gastrocnemius


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