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LET Reviewer: General Education Part 7

GenED LET Reviewer
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LET Reviewer: General Education Part 7


General Education Part 7
Choose the correct meaning of the "words".
1. The teacher-adviser "monitors" the class activities of his pupils.
a. Demands c. Identifies
b. Observes d. regulates
2. There is a need to "renovate" the old school building to avoid future accidents.
a. repair c. restore
b. repaint d. redecorate
3. The athlete was in a "sanguine" mood after the ball game
a. Frustrating c. sad
b. happy d. discouraging
4. There is a need for an "amicable" settlement between the parent and the teacher
a. embarrassing c. peaceful
b. humble d. continuing
5. There is an "altercation" going on between the teacher and principal in the office.
a. dispute c. settlement
b. competition d. jealousy
6. The English teacher is "proficient" in her teaching.
a. effective c. engrossed
b. expert d. perfect
7. Stipulate in your constitution and by-laws the qualified of the officers.
a. specify c. fasten
b. attach d. underline
8. "Integrate" values in all your subject areas
a. remove c. decrease
b. include into d. criticize
9. His "preposterous" reason made him the talk of the campus.
a. magnificent c. funny
b. ridiculous d. positive
10. The singer was "fidgety" as the judges were deciding on the winner.
a. appealing c. restlessly
b. with love d. none of these
11. He was "deprive" of a mother’s love
a. satisfied c. chosen
b. debarred d. given
12. The "flagrant" pupils came shouting with stones in their hands.
a. industrious c. notorious
b. group of pupils d. intelligent
13. There was a question of "fraud" among the notorious pupils who took the special examination.
a. cheating c. unfairness
b. injustice d. favoritism
14. Her answer was "explicable" in public
a. undetermined c. unacceptable
b. can be explained d. unreasonable
15. She looked "haggard" when she came in
a. fresh c. gaunt
b. at ease d. inspired
Subject-Verb Agreement
16. Everybody in the gymnasium _____ frustrated when the candidate did not appear in public.
a. was b. were
17. A bag of candies and a bottle of coke ____ on the table.
a. Is b. are
18. That _____ seem correct.
a. don’t b. doesn’t
19. Either the boys or girls _____ here.
a. is b. are
20. The number of teacher in the school ____ from year to year.
a. vary b. varies
21. One-third of the classroom_____ under water.
a. was b. were
22. She is one of those honor pupils who always _____ into confusion.
a. get b. gets
23. Each of the members of the club _____ a duty to perform.
a. Have b. Has
24. Mrs. Tecson’s creativeness and concern _____ well appreciated.
a. is b. are
25. There ____ many pupils here.
a. Is b. are
26. Many years of his life _____ spent in province
a. Was b. were
27. No one ____ at home.
a. is b. are
28. My leg and my arm _____ aching.
a. Is b. are
29. She _____ to read novels.
a. like b. likes
30. There _____ eight men in the game.
a. is b. are
Identify the figure of speech in the following statement.
31. Michael shouts like mike does.
a. hyperbole c. metaphor
b. simile d. litotes
32. Dona was tired to death after a long day of cooking.
a. simile c. metaphor
b. hyperbole d. personification
33. She has a Venus beauty
a. simile c. metaphor
b. hyperbole d. litotes
34. As the rain falls, the leaves dance merrily while the cool breeze touches my lips gently.
a. Hyperbole c. metaphor
b. litotes d. personification
35. Mt. Apo is a small volcano compared to Mt. matutum.
a. Litotes c. Metaphor
b. Hyperbole d. Simile
36. Chris was a limb in the group during the disco party.
a. simile c. hyperbole
b. metaphor d. litotes
37. Her lips are as cold as ice
a. simile c. personification
b. metaphor d. synecdoche
38. James was crushed by the death of Kris.
a. simile c. hyperbole
b. personification d. metaphor
39. Her skin is as white as onion
a. simile c. hyperbole
b. metaphor d. litotes
40. She has the King Solomon ideas.
a. Simile c. metaphor
b. Hyperbole d. personification
41. That food is delicious
a. looks good c. looks colorful
b. tastes good d. smells good
42. I won’t come anymore
a. come soon c. already came
b. never come d. any of these
43. The story is uninteresting
a. very interesting
b. interesting in some part
c. not interesting
d. some how interesting
44. She was attracted by the hedge
a. stone c. fence
b. low bushes d. none of these
45. The memo is compulsory.
a. must be done c. must be kept
b. a request d. optional
46. She has to economize.
a. earn more money c. put business
b. spend less d. spend more
47. The pond is shallow
a. has clear water c. is full of mass
b. is not deep
48. The oil trickles down the machine
a. flows rapidly
b. flows little by little
c. flows in large quantities
49. That pond is full of fry.
a. small fish c. mosquito
b. frogs d. wraps
50. I sneaked out.
a. went out noisily c. went out easily
b. went out without attracting
51. He hasn’t come yet
a. he’ll come later c. he won’t come
b. we won’t wait for him d. he will never come
52. You will sprinkle the flower once a day
a. change c. cut
b. water d. throw
53. These fish are fresh
a. cooked c. cheap
b. newly caught d. rotten
54. The light is dim
a. off c. colored
b. not bright d. very bright
55. The ants are motile
a. small c. numerous
b. movable d. big


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