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LET Reviewer: General Education Part 5

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LET Reviewer: General Education Part 5


General Education Part 5
1. Army men who are rescued from insurgent kidnap undergo medical check-up. Why is this done?
a. To protect the prisoner from further harassment
b. To avoid relapses from illness while in hiding
c. To determine the physical and mental state of the army man
d. To determine the loyalty of this army man
2. The reporter was accused in court because of his story. The story was ______.
a. A tainted with malice
b. A narration of facts
c. To personal to take
d. Full of distorted facts
3. The menace of drugs has affected the Philippines economy greatly. Which id these drugs are found most destructive to one’s brain?
a. Opium c. Methyl salicilate
b. Marijuana d. Shabu
4. Miss Victoria has many children. Her husband decided to send there to Manila and seek jobs. The eldest child is only 16 years old. What right is violated by the father?
a. Right of family to family living wage
b. Right to education
c. Right of the children to work and exploitation
d. Right of the children to assistance, proper care and attention
5. A prisoner was made to confess of his guilt. A lawyer of the respondent was present in the confession. What was violated?
a. The confession was without due consultant
b. The prisoner was approached properly
c. The prisoner should have a lawyer of his choice
d. The choice of the lawyer was [made by the accuser
6. The hostage victims were heard asking the rescuers to hold on to the fort. What was the message?
a. Disregard the peace negotiation
b. Rescues them fast and early
c. Surrender in arms
d. Keep on with the fight
7. When do doctors declare dengue fever as an epidemic?
a. When every one is suffering from a cold
b. When two are hospitalized from the neighborhood
c. When the proportion of patients reach at least 15% of the population
d. When every household of fine houses are sick with high fever
8. Parents are worried about student’s interest in interment. What is the most safeguard?
a. Check on learners interest while surfing
b. Allow internet only after classes
c. Supervise Internet use with parents consent
d. Allow students use of Internet instead of using library books
9. Families of OFW meet a lot of conflict. How does the government address this?
a. Increase insurance benefits
b. Encourage more opportunities for OFW
c. Provide scholarship for husband left behind to study
d. Creation of skills development centers for OFW
10. How does the Department of Science and Technology assure quality science teaching in secondary schools?

a. Open up science high school in every province
b. Share researches and distributes equipment to schools
c. Carry one science fair every year
d. Maintain a scholarship grant for deserving science and mathematics teachers.
11. Which illustrates the spirit of non-violence?
a. The act to submit oneself to the will of the powers that be
b. The move towards a gunless society
c. The use of strike as a bargaining power
d. The act to be quiet to preserve peace
12. With the Cold War in mind, which does NOT belong?
a. Dialogue c. Tension
b. Competition d. Conflict
13. Drug addiction, neurosex, and other psychological illness are indicators of ____.
a. Progress in medical science
b. Inner peacelessness
c. Fast pace and industrialization
d. Rapid modernization in society
14. Which body of the United Nations has peace among as its major responsibility?
a. Trusteeship Council
b. General Assembly
c. International Court of Justice
d. Security Council
15. What do we have in common with the beasts?
a. Our intelligence
b. Our manner of survival
c. Our material body
d. Our freedom
16. “Be honest livening if others are not. Be honest even if others cannot. “What do these statements imply?
a. Honesty remains a value even if nobody values it
b. Honesty does not pay
c. Filipinos seem not to value honesty anymore
d. Honestly is truly a value only if people possess and live by it.
17. Values that are essential must be preferred over those that are accidental? Which illustrate this?
We prefer _______.
a. Money over sense of fulfillment
b. Health over beauty
c. Pleasure over money
d. Beauty over achievement
18. What is meant by the statement: Values are absolute? Values are ________.
a. Reflection on the moral thing to do
b. Discussion on what is good to do
c. Strengthening of the will
d. Conducting seminars on values education
19. To be ethical and moral what is the best thing to do?
a. Reflection on the moral thing o do
b. Discussion on what is good to do
c. Strengthening of the will
d. Conducting seminars on values education
20. Honey is extracted from bees. To ensure a supply of honey for food and medicine, what has been resorted to lately?
a. Culture honey bees for propagation
b. Encourage bee farm is chosen areas
c. Gather –honey from the forest
d. Discourage the use of pesticides in honey farm
21. Which is the greatest value according o the teachings of Karl Marx?
a. Health
b. Pleasure
c. Elimination of selfish desires
d. Absolute equality
22. Which expresses the polynomial in the following?
a. 2x+4x-3 c. x-x+9-3x+10x
b. xy-x-6 d. x-4x+2x-x+2
23. The weather report a temperature of 29*C in the morning and 35.50C at two 0’oclock in the afternoon. How many degrees higher was
a. 5.80C c. 6.50C
b. 5.50C d. 4.50C
24. Why are the Filipino overseas worker considered modern time heroes?
a. They became broad minded, skilled and economically stable
b. They have stabilized Philippine economy
c. They come home ready to feast their town-mates and friend’s
d. They sacrifice all-the family and economies just to improve their quality of life
25. The volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. When the pressure is 30 cm of mercury, the volume is 600 cubic cm. find the pressure when the volume is 259 cm.
a. 12.5 cm of mercury
b. 28 cm of mercury
c. 72 cm of mercury
d. 65 cm of mercury
26. The report from congress registered rejection of the proposed bill. This means _____.
a. Some changed parties
b. Some proved their lack of cooperation
c. Some favored the leadership
d. The majority failed to get the group support
27. A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew with up without knowing her mother and father. What right is deprived of the child?
a. Right to freedom of choice
b. Right to assert individuality
c. Right to quality education
d. Right to life
28. Form a sentence from these words.
1. The senator
2. As a legislator
3. Although he raised his voice
4. Accepted several amendments
Which is the best arrangement?
a. 2,1,4,3 c. 1,2,3,4
b. 4,3,2,1 d. 2,1,3,4
29. A swimming contest is held in a four lane swimming pool of 50 meter long. The contest is for the 200 meter. How many times will each swimmer run in this contest?
a. 10 times c. 5 times
b. 16 times d. 4 times
30. There are many cases of abuse on Filipino contract workers. Where can these workers seek justice and redress?
a. International Court of Justice
b. Department of Labor and Employment
c. Philippine Supreme Court
d. DOJ and Foreign Affairs Consulate Office in the Foreign country
31. Quality of education they say is:
a. Every citizen’s accounting task
b. Everyone’s responsibility
c. Everybody’s concern at times
d. Every parent’s and teachers responsible task
32. Only 682 examinees passed in a Nurse Licensure Examination out of 2550 examinees. What is the passing percentage?
a. 26% b. 26.7% c. 26.8% d. 26.5%
33. To assure healthy banking industry, the Bangko Central has encouraged.
a. Bank tie up with foreign banks
b. Bank Merger
c. Bank Closure and Declared bankruptcy
d. Selling of Stocks to interested buyers
34. The Department of Agriculture noted that only 1/3 of the palay produced are used to advantage. What measure was adapted to save observed harvest wastage?
a. Rice miling process
b. Palay-drying and storage
c. Rice Transplanting method
d. Palay Exchange and Marketing
35. In order to avoid unnecessary stress in the ARRM election, what measure under taken lately the government?
a. Maintained a status quo on personnel
b. Allowed a reorganization of the structure
c. Postponed the election to a later data
d. Started a motion for recall with the Comelec
36. A couple was just married when the groom is three scores older the bride. How old is the bride is she is one score younger?
a. 20 years c. 50 years
b. 40 years d. 30 years
37. Children in upland places are found affected by enlarged goiter. Which of this situation may he this group of children?
a. Add iron to diet
b. Add iodized salt to diet
c. Expose the children to ultraviolet rays
d. Add iodine drops to diet
38. What word is not properly spelled and used in these sentenced?
a. There were confusions on admission
b. There were commission on the fare
c. There as confusion on directions
d. There was confusion in the plane
39. The Bible goes for parallelism. It says “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. This means
a. Heaven is not only for the rich but also for the poor man
b. Poor spirit can be open gate to heaven
c. Poorness in spirit it is not a way to hell
d. The poor can become rich
40. At the Philippine General Hospital, doctors reported on the abandoned patients. This means:
a. The patients do not permanent address
b. The patients cannot afford to pay their bill
c. The patients are left by doctors
d. The patients are left behind by relatives
41. The death of men in the mine was caused by:
a. Suffocation c. Erosion
b. Lethal smell d. Darkness
42. “A time patient is indefatigable in promoting political truth”. The question means
a. A hero practices political truth
b. Patriots are brave and cunning
c. Patriots are rich truthful
d. Patriots forget selves to serve others
43. Ano ang tawag sa mga titik batay sa bigkas ng Ingles?
a. Alivata or baybayin
b. Alpabetong Filipino
c. Alphabetong Romano
d. Alpabetong Pilipino
44. Ang sabi Romula sa isa niyan akda, ang Pilipino ay dugong maharlika. Ano ang kahulugan n.
a. Ang Pilipino ay sadyang matatag ang budhi
b. Ang Pilipino ay nanggaling sa malayang lahi
c. Ang Pilipino ay madaling maipagbili at mabola
d. Ang Pilipino ay di purong Pilipino
45. Ang Tagalog ang nagging opisyal na wika ng Pilipinas dahil sa:
a. Saligang batas ng 1986
b. Saligang batas ng 1973
c. Saligang batas ng 1935
d. Saligang batas ng Malolos
46. Di katakataka na ilang pulis a hinihiling kasangkot sa pagpalaganap ng krimen. Ano ang kahulugan ng kasangkot?
a. Kabalikat c. Kasabwat
b. Kabilang d. Kasama-sama
47. Ang di niya makalimutan ay isang ____ ng anak niya bago umalis pa Amerika.
a. Pagaako c. Paaako
b. Paako d. Pangako
48. Ang swimming pool is an equilateral triangle in shape. One side is 11 meters. How many meters are needed o enclose he pool?
a. 55 meters c. 44 meters
b. 45 meters d. 33 meters
49. Water is rationed in a village every other day. The truck tanks deliver 8 tons of water to 10 houses. How many tons of water was delivered in 4 days o each house by the agent?
a. 3.2 tons c. 40 tons
b. 320 tons d. 80 tons
50. Mrs. Alice’s bathroom has to be covered with tiles. The edge of the bathroom needs a rubberize tile. If the tub is 2.3 meters long and 1.8 wide, how many meters of rubberized tiles are required?
a. 9.2 meters c. 4.6 meters
b. 8.2 meters d. 2.3 meters
51. An executive office has to be carpeted. The area is 3m by 4m the carpet costs P1,000.00 per square meter. How much will be spent for the purchase of the carpet?
a. P120,000.00 c. P12,000.00
b. P10,000.00 d. P1,000.00
52. Write this ratio in its simplest form: 3 Cm to 20 cm
a. 20.3 c. 30.20
b. 20.30 d. 3.20
53. The Department of Health allow as sale of drugs and medicine after thorough laboratory test. Which of those drugs is discouraged for use because of its component?
a. Vitamin A and B c. Bangkok pills
b. Tea and sugar syrup d. None syrup
54. Food markets are encouraged to handle cooked food well. One incident in a wedding party sent hundreds of guest to the hospital. It was found out that the food
a. Was left uncovered
b. Was half cooked
c. Had ptomaine poison
d. Was contaminated with dysentery bacteria
55. Similar eruptions of volcanoes have affected lives in Zambales. Relief and evacuation were managed by the Red Cross in Mindanao, specify in:
a. Taal Volcano c. Hibok-hibok
b. Mayon Volcano d. Mt. Halcon
56. Modern science has used technology to help determine illness. A child bumped and fell his head hitting a concenter pavement. Which medical approach will determine the status of the cranial accident?
a. Submit the child to chest X-ray
b. Submit the child to cranial X-ray
c. Submit the child to cranial scanning
d. Open up and so surgical operation
57. The city government of Metro Manila had been closing and raiding night spots. What is the basic reason of the campaign?
a. Many homes are destroyed by these night clubs
b. The values of the young affected by these clubs
c. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS are traced to these places
d. These spots are areas of crimes
58. In the Philippine government, the earliest and smallest service of governance is the.
a. Manucipality c. Barangay
b. Poblacion d. Barrio
59. Personal income tax should be paid and filed every year by employees and corporation. Who among the group are exempt from filling income tax returns?
a. Government employees on daily, contractual and consultation basis
b. Government employees receiving less than P 18,000.00 per year
c. Retired government employees receiving only pensions
d. Overseas workers
60. Protests from inhabitants close to dumping sites of Metro Manila waste arises from some observe factors. The most serious of which is:
a. Presence of human being dumped in the sites
b. Unlimited seepage of waste into the water shads
c. Presence of files and mosquitoes
d. Noise pollutants from garbage trucks
61. Philippine eagles are identified as rare species. Lately, in Davao more eagles were raised through.
a. Catching eagles are raised them in cages
b. Artificial insemination through fertilized eggs
c. Incubating eggs from their nests
d. Putting up eagle farms under the Bureau of Wildlife
62. Scientific attitudes require of learners accuracy and verification of data. Which manifestation in observed in experienced?
a. Objectivity c. Curiosity
b. Rationality d. Critical mindedness
63. The proper disposal of garbage has improved the environment. The best process ]of handling waste is through:
a. Utilization of organic compounds
b. Burning non-biodegradable
c. Emerging waste soluble waste
d. Recycling biodegradable waste
64. The nervous system has its specific function. Which is the closest function?
a. The spinal cord links the finger tips to the brain
b. Impulses transmit messages to the brain by electrical signal
c. Human body activities are all in the nervous system
d. The nervous system defends most on the brain
65. A provincial governor was convicted for using prisoners to build his summer resort. What should the prisoner demands?
a. The right to refuse the job
b. The right to vote
c. The right to live in standard rooms
d. The right to just compensation
66. A priest gave all his possessions to disabled children. What right may they claim?
a. Right to just treatment
b. Right to proper treatment
c. Right of disable to equal treatment
d. Right to disabled to equal protection
67. The case of farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon was won by the landowner. How was the case decided by the Supreme Court?
a. Final judgment was made because of political pressure
b. The farmers were paid beforehand
c. The farmers were landholders of a farm
d. Final judgment was made after it was established that the farmers were not legitimate holders of titles of the land.
68. A peace officer opens the house of a drug pusher. The drug pusher complained on the police officer’s actuation because he alleged that:
a. He was not around when the incident happened
b. The officer had no warrant of arrest
c. The officer was armed
d. The right for privacy was violated
69. A candidate was detained for working against a dominant political party. Which right can be invoked?
a. Right to his political beliefs
b. Right to his aspirations
c. Right to seek redness
d. Right o vote according o one’s conscience
70. The entry of data and commands into the computer system is made possible through the:
a. Keyboard c. Printer
b. Diskette d. Monitor

71. Which of the following values is CLOSEST o the square root of 4000?
a. 63 b. 200 c. 22 d. 19
72. The arithmetic mean of a set of 50 meters is 38. If two numbers 45 and 35 are discarded, the mean of the remaining set of numbers is:
a. 37.24 c. 37.0
b. 37.5 d. 36.5
73. If 5x>0 which of the following must be TRUE?
a. II only c. I and II
b. II and III d. I only
74. If P is a positive integer in the equation 12p=q, then q must be a:
a. Positive even integer
b. Negative even integer
c. Positive odd integer
d. Negative odd integer
75. Ikaw ba ang dapat sisihin sa nangyari?
a. Pagsasadula
b. Pagbati
c. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon
d. Pakikipagkapwa
76. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?
a. Ang mga bataan sa lansangan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan
b. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan kung maliwanag ang gabi
c. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro kung maliwanagang buwan at nagtakbuhan sa lansanngan
d. Ang mga kabataan kung maliwanag ang buwan ay nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan at naglalaro
77. Kabaliwan at paglulustay ang iyong ginagawa taun-taon. Higit na marami ang maralitang nangailangan ng salapi at duong. Ang nagsasalita ay –
a. Maramot c. Matipid
b. Praktikal d. kuripot
78. Piliin ang gawi pagsasalita: Ayokong sumunod sa mga sinasabi mo.
a. Babala c. Pakiusap
b. Pagtanggi d. Pamungkahi
79. Ikinalulunkot ko ang mga nangyayari.
a. Pagsagot c. Panghula
b. Pagtanong d. Paghingi ng paumanhin
80. Ipinagmamalaki mo siya, BAHAG naman pala ANG kanyang BUNTOT. Ang ibig sabihin ng may malaking itik ay.
a. Mahiyain c. Kuripot
b. Traidor d. Duwag
81. What is the range of the following: 86, 70, 83, 90, 85, 78, 79, 81, 87.
a. 12 b. 15 c. 16 d. 20
82. Which of the following audio-visual sets of equipment can best project visual materials in a classroom that is difficult to darken?
a. Filmstrips c. Opaque projector
b. Color materials d. Overhead projector
83. Change the following percents o decimals: 23%, 5%, 3%, 3.5%.
a. 2.3, 500, .30, 30.5
b. .23, 0.05, .03, 0.035
c. .23, 05, .003, .035
d. .023, 5.00, 3.0, 03.5
84. If the scores of 10 students are: 76, 80, 75, 83, 80, 79, 85, 80, 88,, 90, the mode is
a. 79 b. 85 c. 80 d. 88
85. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline o travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-up, I travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many liters of gasoline will it take for the vehicle o travel 230 kilometers?
a. 23 liters c. 23.15 liters
b. 20 liters d. 20.15 liters
86. If each of the five members in a basketball team shakes hands with every other member of the team before the game starts, how many handshakes will there be in all?
a. 8 b. 10 c. 6 d. 9
87. How many twenty thousand are there in one million?
a. 500 b. 50 c. 100 d. 1000
88. What is 1/5 called a unit fraction?
a. The unit is less than one
b. The number 5 is the denominator
c. I is between 0 and 1, the basic unit
d. Unit fractions have 1 as the numerator
89. A rectangle has sides of 10 and 12 units. How can the area of a square be computed if it has the same perimeter as the rectangle?
a. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 4
b. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by
c. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then square the quotient
d. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, the multiply by 4
90. Rabies comes from dog and other bites. How could this prevented?
a. Tie the dogs at all times
b. Keep the dogs in cage
c. Kill the dog that bites
d. Have the dog vaccinated with anti-rabies
91. A father was misunderstood by his teenage boy because:
a. The father abhorred and mistook modernization as being fresh
b. The father imposed on his values on courting and marriage
c. The father did not understand the teenage values on dating
d. The father could not tolerate a live-in arrangement of his son.
92. The death of the kidnapped victims by the terrorists was considered:
a. A deviation from protocol
b. A revenge for atrocities of civilians
c. A neglect of priorities
d. An affront o the leadership
93. Voting is a privilege in a democracy. Those who are deprived their votes are normally.
a. Franchised c. Disenfranchised
b. Exiled d. Execute
94. How do countries register dislike or disagreement of another country’s discussion through diplomatic means?
a. File a diplomatic protest
b. Recall all its nations
c. Declare war immediately
d. Retaliate by arresting nationals of other country
95. How did recipient of operation title transfer react to taxation?
a. They wanted the landlords to pay taxes
b. Assessment of transfer titles are recognized by local offices
c. Cooperatives do not explain the tenants role on taxation
d. Paying taxes was obviously not the land owners concern
96. Without limiting the rights of parents to rear their children, the constitution provides compulsory Elementary education for:
a. All children of pre-school age
b. All children of school age
c. All physically able individuals
d. Adult citizens and out-of-school youth
97. Which of the following causes the seasons?
a. The rotation of the sun about the earth
b. The distance of the earth from the sun
c. The rotation of the earth about the sun
d. The tilting of the earth on its axis.
98. Which of the following statements best explains why copper is the mental most widely used in electrical wiring?
a. It has high resistance to electricity
b. It is best conductor of electricity
c. It is cheaper than aluminum
d. It is better conductor than aluminum and cheaper than silver
99. What is the social scientist’s explanation of the relationship of a leader of history?
a. Leaders are a product of their times
b. History is a reflection of great leaders
c. Every great movement is the lengthened shadow of a great man
d. Had any great leader been different than he was.
100.Mass society is described as being composed of anonymous individuals. The word “anonymous”. It used to convey the idea that the individuals involved:
a. Are unaware of other individuals exposed to the same stimuli.
b. Are known only to those who control the mass media
c. Are unaware that there are mass audience
d. Have little influence on decision making since they are not organized
101.What is LEAST likely to be function of a trade association?
a. Protecting the reputation of the industry
b. Standardizing types of products
c. Influencing government policy
d. Encouraging completion
102.In every society, a certain positions are assigned to individuals on the basis of age, sex, marital status, and other criteria. These patterns are:
a. University accepted and practiced
b. Cultural defined
c. Learned from parents
d. Taught in school
103.To be a moral person is to:
a. Known and act upon the “ought to be” and the “ought to do”
b. Be integrated in speech, feelings, thinking and action
c. Be able to follow the dictates of one’s conscience
d. Be acceptable by society
104.Which of the following characterizes the behavior pattern of differed gratification?
a. The minority groups
b. The lower class
c. The upper class
d. The middle class
105.The El Niño phenomenon which grabbed control of the world’s weather machine is identified by climatologists as:
a. Lack of rains, droughts, crop failure
b. Landslides, flash floods, warm air currents
c. Heavy downpours, tropical storm in some parts of the earth
d. All of these
106.A storm or a group which has an excess/deficiency of electrons is called:
a. Proton c. Electron
b. Molecules d. Ion
107.When lighted, the energy of the alcohol in a lamp is:
a. Transformed from, chemical energy
b. Transformed from chemical to heat
c. Lost while heating is done energy
d. Completely destroyed
108.Radium was discovered by:
a. Pierre and Marie Carrie
b. Albrecht Van Haller
c. Joseph John Thomstom
d. Albert Einstein

109.Fossils are most likely to be found In:
a. Ocean floor
b. Sedimentary rocks
c. Igneous rocks
d. Metamorphic rocks
110.Four circular holes of equal size arranged from top to bottom were cut 2 cm apart into a large plastic bottle. The holes were covered with tape, and the bottle was filled with water. The tape was the removed. Which of the following statements will BEST described the result?
a. The sudden release of water will cause the bottle to collapse
b. Water from each hole will squirt out the same distance from the bottle
c. Water from the op hole will squirt out 0the farthest
d. Water from the bottom hole will squirt out the farthest
111.Symbiosis is defined by biologists individuals of different species living together in intimate association, regardless of weather the association is harmful, neutral, or beneficial. All of the following pairs are examples of symbiosis EXCEPT:
a. Human and tapeworms
b. Dogs and fleas
c. Ants and aphids
d. Cats and mice
112.“How much money did you bring for shopping?”. Which of the following answer this question?
a. I have some change in my purse.
b. None, but I have a credit card
c. I have P500.00 inside the envelope in my desk
d. All the cash I have was spent at the grocery store yesterday
113.Adults acquire new word and experience primarily through –
a. Casual explanation from peers.
b. Formal instruction in school
c. Exposure to their use
d. Use of thesaurus
114.A readability mismatch happens when the reading levels of books exceed the reading levels of the students. In this situation, the students experience frustration and they fall short of the expected desired output. A student who finds himself/herself in such a mismatch will likely do which of the following?
a. Present an argument that the selection or story read was not properly written.
b. Write a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the selection or story read.
c. Give an intelligent critique of the selection or story read
d. Manifest an expected and commensurate emotional reaction to the selection or story read
115.An electric industrial company has developed a computer program that can use photographs of feces to predict how an unborn child will look like.
a. A computer analyzes facial characteristics from a photograph
b. A computer can predict the looks of future children as well as their parents
c. A computer can choose the right mate and predict the ageing
d. A computer can predict the number of children for newlyweds.
116.According the current linguistic theories, which at the following is the best definition of the meaning of a word?
a. Its general, dictionary definition
b. Its objection to which it refers
c. Its corresponding idea in the mind
d. It use is a particular situation
117.Teachers have a responsibility for the development of children’s competence is basic concepts and principles of free speech. Therefore, if were children to develop their own voices in a free society, teachers must support participatory democratic experiences in the daily classroom activities through.
a. Consideration for cultural gender differences
b. Concepts and principles of free speech
c. Indoctrination of the principles ]of society
d. Developing children’s citizenship competence
118.Kami ang kabataang siyang magiging pag-asa ng bayan.
a. Pagtula c. Pagtukoy
b. Pagtatanong d. Pasasalamat
119.Ikaw naman kasi, nagpahuli ka pa
a. Pagkontrol ng kilos ka pa
b. Paglikha
c. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon
d. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin
120.Alin sa mga sumusuno maliban sa isa, ay ilan sa mga akdang pampanitikang nagdala ng maling impluwensya sa buong daigdig.
a. Ang Koran
b. Ang Divina Commedia
c. Ang Banal na Kasulatan
d. Ang Romeo at Julieta
121.Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?
a. Ang pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila malapit sa amin ay bago’t malaki.
b. Ang bago’t malaking pabrikang pinagtrabahuhan nila ay malapit sa amin.
c. Ang pinagtatrabahuhan nilang malpit sa amin a bago’ malaking pabrika
d. Ang pabrikang malapi sa amin, bago’t malaki ay pinagtatrabahuhan nila.
122.Alin sa sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?
a. Nagpapabata ang pulbos sa kutis na Clinique
b. Nagpapabata sa kutis ang pulbos ng Clinique
c. Nagpapabata ng mukha sa kutis ng pulbos na Clinique
d. Nagpapabata sa kutis ng mukha ang pulbos na Clinique
123.Piliin ang gawi ng pagsasalita: Kasiyahan ko nang makitang kayo’y nagmamahalan.
a. Pangarap
b. Pagkontrol ng kilos
c. Pagkuha ng impormasyon
d. Pagbabahagi ng damdamin
124.Ang kaugnayan ng pagkakapantay kina Burgos, Gomez at Zamora sa panitikang Pilipino ay –
a. Nanatiling masigla ang diwang Pilipino
b. Nakagising saa damdaming makabayan ng mga ]Pilipino
c. Natuong lumabag sa batas at lumaban sa may kapangyarihan ang mga Pilipino.
d. Naimpluwensyahan ang diwa alipin ng mga Pilipino
125.Walang tubig kahapon. Ito ay pangungusap na –
a. Walang pandiwa c. May panaguri
b. Walang paksa d. May paksa
126.A computer system is actually made up of actual physical machines known as –
a. Monitor c. Printer
b. Hardware d. Software
127.Which of the following gives the sum of the polynomials (a2 + b2 + ab) and (3a2 + 4ab – 2b2)?
a. 4a2+b2+5ab c. 3a2+5ab-2b2
b. 5a2+5b2=5ab d. 4a2+5ab-b2
128.Of 50 students enrolled in the subject. Curriculum and Instruction 90% took the final examination at the end of the term. Two-thirds of those who took the final examination passed. How many students passed the exam?
a. 33 b. 45 c. 34 d. 30
129.A cube is a rectangle solid, the length, width and height of which have the same measure called the edge (e) of the cube. The volume of the cube is found by cubing the measure of the edge. What is the volume of the cube whose edge is 4cm?
a. 27 cm3 c. 206 cm3
b. 64 cm3 d. 125 cm3
130.“While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition, investigators studied the different aspects of language development. “An inference which parents my make from this passage is that they should –
a. Be concerned when a child imitates their language
b. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex
c. Realize that their child’s imitations may reflect several aspects of language acquisition
d. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities
131.If function is defined by set of ordered ]pair (1,2), (2,4), (3,8), (4,16). (5,Y0, then the value of Y is-
If n<m and a<b, then ____________
a. n + a > m + b c. n = a
b. m = b d. n + a < m + b
132.if the scores in a Mathematics test of 45 students are arranged from the highest to the lowest, the 23rd score is the –
a. mean c. median
b. variance d. mode
133.To find perimeter (P) of a rectangle that has a length of 16 inches and width of 12 inches which of the following equation can be used?
a. P=2(16)(12) c. P=2(16)=(12)
b. P=(16)+(12) d. P=2(16+12)
134.What is the cube root of (32 x 3)?
a. 9 b. 3 x 3 c. 27 d. 3
135.A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline to travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-up, it travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many gasoline will it take for the vehicle to travel 230 kilometers?
a. 20.15 liters c. 23.15 liters
b. 23 liters d. 20 liters
136.Which of the following is the numerical form for “twenty thousand twenty”?
a. 2,020 c. 20,020
b. 2,000,020 d. 20,00020
137.How many twenty thousand are there in one million?
a. 100 c. 50
b. 500 d. 1000
138.Which of the following statements is TRUE of nuclear fission?
a. The energy process is identical to that which occurs in the sun
b. Energy is obtained by getting nucleus of the atoms to break up o split.
c. After from the lighter atoms is changed into energy
d. Scientists can combine lighter atoms to form heavier atoms.
139.The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during –
a. Puberty c. Adolescence
b. Babyhood d. Adulthood
140.Metabolism and combustion are chemically similar. They both result in the oxidation of some compounds. If completely oxidized which of the following foodstuffs would yield the MOST thermal energy?
a. A cup of ice cream
b. A cup of sugar
c. A cup of milk
d. A cup of flour
141.In countries where medical skill and a public understanding about health and disease are wide spread, which of the following changes are evident?
I. Accidental deaths have decreased
II. The communicable disease death rate has decreased
III. Infant mortality has decreased
IV. More people live a full life
V. People live ]long enough to succumb to degenerative disease
a. I, II, III c. I, II, III, IV, V
b. II, III, IV, V d. I, II , III, IV
142.Which of 0the following parts of the circulatory system carries digested fats away from the intestines?
a. Pancreatic duct
b. Arterial capillaries
c. Pulmonary artery
d. Lacteals
143.When water evaporates, it changed into which of the following states?
a. Solid c. Gaseous
b. Matter d. Liquid
144.Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE about comets?
a. Comets are mostly frozen gases and cosmic dust
b. Comets glow by their own light
c. Comets generally have elongated, elliptical orbits
d. Comets may go around the sun in any direction
145.A British physician and bacteriologist, Sir Ronald Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for his researches in the –
a. Liquid fuel rocket
b. Prevention of hepatitis
c. Transmission of malaria
d. Control of cholera
146.A thermometer measures
a. Energy c. Pressure
b. Heat d. Temperature
147.Which of the following forms of energy travels in waves?
a. Chemical energy
b. Sound energy
c. Mechanical energy
d. Electrical energy
148.The history of the earth has been divided by scientists into eras. Which of the following shows the arrangement of these eras into proper sequence form the oldest to the most recent?
a. Precambrian, Mesozoic, Cenezoic, Paleozoic
b. Paleozaoic, Cenozoic, Precambrian,
c. Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic, Precambrian Mesozoic
d. Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic
149.Which of the following is closes to normal body temperature?
a. 32 degrees F
b. 50 degrees C
c. 212 degrees F
d. 37 degrees C
150.A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a new substance is called.
a. Nuclear change c. Physical change
b. Mechanical change d. Chemical change

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