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LET Reviewer: Biological Science Part 1

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LET Reviewer: Biological Science Part 1


Biological Science Part 1
1. Where do producers obtain their energy?
A. From other producers
B. From the consumers
C. From the decomposers
D. From the sun

2. Why do you experience not seeing things clearly for some seconds when you enter suddenly a well-lighted room after coming from a dark room, you?
A. The pupils are not adapted to the dark
B. The eyes are adapted to the light only
C. The pupils are not dilated yet
D. Light had caused temporary blindness

3. What term is used to describe the ability to maintain a constant internal environment?
A. Metabolism
B. Growth and development
C. Homeostasis
D. Thermoregulation

4.What is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease?
A. Fatty deposits in the arteries
B. Inadequate supply of red blood cells
C. Lack of sodium in the diet
D. Increased heartbeat

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5.Which is the smallest unit of life that can survive and reproduce on its own?
A. Cell
B. Organ
C. Tissues
D. Population

6.Which region of a vertebrate forebrain is considered with the neutral-endocrine control of visceral activities?
A. Cerebellum
B. Thalamus
C. Hypothalamus
D. Pituitary

7.Which of the following is the building block carbohydrate?
A. Amino acid
B. Nucleotide
C. Fatty acid
D. Monosaccharide

8.Why it is necessary men have more red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood than women?
A. Man does strenuous activities and need more energy
B. They have bigger physique and need more blood
C. Man waste more blood cells and need extra
D. They are more prone to anemia disorders

9.Which of the following is the building block of protein?
A. Amino acid
B. Nucleotide
C. Fatty acid
D. Monosaccharide

10.Where does protein synthesis take place?
A. Ribosomes
B. Lysosomes
C. Endoplasmic reticulum
D. Golgi bodies

11.Why are our lips “redder” than our palm?
A. There is increased blood flow in the lips
B. Lips are heavily keratinized
C. Lip epidermis is thinner
D. Many blood vessels are located around the lips

12.Which of the following cannot be found in prokaryotes?
A. Cytoplasm
B. Plasma membrane
C. Membrane-bound nucleus

13.What do we call mutation that is brought about by the earth natural radioactivity?
A. Continuous
B. Induced
C. Lysosomes
D. Chloroplast

14.Which of the following organelles produces turbo pressure against cell wall and mainly acts as water reservoir
A. Plastids
B. Vacuole
C. Lysosomes
D. Chloroplast

15.What is the branch crobial organisms is used in the creation of genetically modified organisms?
A. Pseudomonas vulgaris
B. Bacillus thuringensis
C. Agro bacterium tumafaciens
D. Escherichia coli

16.What is the branch of zoology that is devoted to the study of fish?
A. Helmintology
B. Ichthyology
C. Chondrichthyes
D. Ornithology

17.The process involved in the production of mRNA using DNA as template is termed _______?
A. Transcription
B. Replication
C. Gene manipulation
D. Reverse transcription

18.What is the most abundant inorganic compound in the protoplasm?
A. Fluid
B. Blood
C. Plasma
D. Water

19.Which is the riches type of tropical rain forest in the Philippines?
A. Molave forest
B. Dipterocarp forest
C. Mangrove forest
D. Pine forest

20.What muscle is described as involuntary, not striated, and have a single nucleus?
A. Smooth
B. Skeletal
C. Cardiac
D. Connective

21.We feel warmer just before it rains because __________.
A. Heat is released by the evaporation of water
B. The clouds prevent heat from escaping the earth
C. There is an increased relative humidity
D. Heat is released by the condensation of water vapor

22.Which of the following is not considered as a reproductive cell?
A. Gamete
B. Somatic cell
C. Egg cell
D. Sperm cell

23.The cell wall of plant is made of _______.
A. Lipids
B. Cellulose
C. Protein
D. Cell membrane

24.Which of the following is the correct sequence of the level of organization from lowest to highest?
A. Cells-system-organs-tissues
B. System-organs-tissues-cells
C. Cells-tissues-organs-system
D. Tissues-systems-cells-organs

25.At metaphase of the meiotic division, the chromosomes are attached to the spindle fibers as ________.
A. Double chromatids
B. Non-homologous pairs
C. Single chromatid strands
D. A tetrad of four chromatids

26.Which of the following is an example of behavioral adaption?
A. Thick green stems of the cactus plant
B. Thick fur of the bear
C. Shedding leaves during summer
D. Presence of cuticle on the upper surface of the leaves

27. The bipolar nature of the cell membrane is due to _______.
A. Presence of carries
B. Presence of oxygen
C. Phospholipids bilayer
D. Integral proteins

28.Which of the following is made up of diploid number of cells?
A. Zygote
B. Sperm cell
C. Egg cell
D. Both B and C

29.Which plant has underground stem modified for reproduction?
A. Ginger
B. Camote
C. Tubers
D. Strawberry

30.Which of the following structures serve as a passageway of food and air?
A. Epiglottis
B. Trachea
C. Pharynx
D. Larynx

31.Which kind of relationship is exhibited by algae and fungi in lichen?
A. Commensalism
B. Parasitism
C. Symbiosis
D. Competition

32.What do you call the finger-like folds on the inner linings of the small intestine?
A. Villi
B. Appendix
C. Rugae
D. Cecum

33. Aside from ADP, what else is the end production of the dark-reaction phase of photosynthesis?
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Sugar
C. Carbon
D. Starch

34.What is that flap-like structure that prevents the food from going the wrong way during swallowing?
A. Epiglottis
B. Larynx
C. Esophagus
D. Pharynx

35. Which pigment is dominant in red algae?
A. Phycocyanin
B. Fucoxanthin
C. Chlorophyll
D. Pharynx

36. What is the membrane that surrounds the lungs?
A. Pleura
B. Meninges
C. Peritoneum
D. Pericardium

37. What is that 3-carbon sugar formed during the dark reaction phase of the photosynthesis?

38. What is the product of carbohydrate digestion?
A. Fatty acid
B. Glucose
C. Amino acid
D. Nucleic acid

39. What process is responsible for the upward movement of the water in very tall trees?
A. Osmosis
B. Capillary action
C. Turgor pressure
D. Transpiration

40.What is the enzyme in the mouth that breaks starch to maltose?
A. Peptidase
B. Ptyalin
C. Pepsin
D. Maltase

41.What do you call the types of symmetry where the body parts are paired on either side of the body?
A. Dorsal
B. Bilateral
C. Radial
D. Ventral

42.Which is considered as the respiratory center of the brain?
A. Cerebellum
B. Medulla oblongata
C. Cerebrum
D. Thalamus

43.Which stage of incomplete metamorphism is undergone by grasshopper?
A. Nymph, pupa, adult
B. Egg, larva, pupa, adult
C. Egg, nymph, adult
D. Egg, pupa, adult

44.Which of the following is NOT part of the thoracic cage?
A. Clavicle
B. Ribs
C. Costal cartilages
D. Sternum

45.Where does the toxin substance secreted by bees and ants through their sting originate?
A. Silk glands
B. Intestines
C. Rectal glands
D. Salivary glands

46.What is the longest bone in the body?
A. Humerus
B. Ferum
C. Tibia-fibula
D. Clavicle

47.Which cause our bones to turn brittle and easily break?
A. Turning into muscle tissues
B. Increase in flexibility
C. Turbidity decrease
D. Removal of collagen

48. How many bones does an adult human body has?
A. 201
B. 200
C. 217
D. 206

49. What do you call automatic responses to an external stimulus?
A. Reflex
B. Instinct
C. Impulse
D. All of these

50.What structure provides flexible support and protection to the spinal cord?
A. Skull
B. Ribs
C. Vertebral column
D. Sternum

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