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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 4

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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 4


Agriculture and Fishery Arts Part 4

76. Which lighting pattern is essential to prevent very early sexual maturity of chicken?
A. Increasing or constant
B. Decreasing or constant
C. Increasing and influence
D. Decreasing and fluctuating

77. Which term is applied to a group of organism with specific characteristics that distinguish them from other groups within that species
A. Inbreed
B. Cross-breed
C. Breed
D. Hybrid

78. Which is the collective term of domestic birds that are raised for either their meat or eggs or as pets?
A. Flock
B. Fowl
C. Bird
D. Poultry

79. Which described a snood correctly?
A. Fleshy appendage hanging down the skin to the throat or chin of goats
B. Fleshy flap of skin that hangs over the turkey’s beak, and similar to the caruncle, turns bright red when angered or during courtdship
C. Fleshy protuberance on the back of a cattle
D. Fleshy and usually red outcrop of skin atop the chicken head

80. At what age does improve breed of swine reach puberty?
A. 5 to 7 months
B. 6 to 8 months
C. 4 to 6 months
D. 8 to 10 months

81. Which of the following environmental conditions is NOT required for a successful incubation of egg?
A. Temperature
B. Humidity
C. Turning of the egg
D. Ventilation

82. Which kind of animals has bulk foods as basic diet?
A. Fowl
B. Aquatic
C. Ruminant
D. Swine

83. The best age to allow a gilt to breed is ________ .
A. 5 months
B. 6 months
C. 7 months
D. 8 months

84. In selecting boars, the following should be considered EXCEPT _______ .
A. vigor of pigs
B. masculinity, both in appearance and action
C. visibility of primary sex organs
D. different sizes of testicles

85. If you use chemical pesticides, how many days are you required before flushing the pond water into the river?
A. 4 to 6 days
B. 4 to 5 days
C. 5 to 7 days
D. 5 to 6 days

86. Which chicken disease is caused by virus and with no known treatment?
A. Avain Maria
B. New Castle Disease
C. Mareks Disease
D. Coccidiosis

87. Which cattle disease is characterized by septicemia and sudden death? It is caused by bacteria which is transmitted through inhalation or through flies and mosquitos.
A. Food and Mouth Disease (FMD)
B. Hemorrhagic Septicema
C. Pneumonia Disease Complex
D. Anthrax

88. Which fungal disease of plants causes seedlings to rot at the soil level?
A. Blight
B. Canker
C. Damping
D. Leaf Spots

89. Which viral disease of plants makes the leaves have irregular mottled areas with patterns ranging from dark green to light green to yellow to white?
A. Lung worms
B. Mange
C. Lice
D. Sand fleas

90. Which skin-irritation in between the legs, around the eyes, ears and neck of swine is caused by external mites?
A. Lung worms
B. Mange
C. Lice
D. Sans fleas

91. Which bacterial disease of swine causes abortion and infection of the reproductive organs in the male resulting to sterility?
A. Anthrax
B. Mastitis
C. Brucellosis
D. Trypanosomiasis

92. Which pest of animals suck the blood and causes skin irritation?
A. Lunge worms
B. Mange
C. Lice
D. Sand fleas

93. Which plant disease causes round swelling or growth on plants?
A. Canker
B. Mildew
C. Gails
D. Mosaic

94. Which plant disease blocks the uptake of water?
A. Root Rot
B. Wilts
C. Rust
D. Smut

95. Which plant disease causes small spots that occur mainly on the underneath side of leaves?
A. Root Rot
B. Wilts
C. Rust
D. Smut

96. Which plant disease causes open wounds on woody plant stem?
A. Canker
B. Galls
C. Leaf Spots
D. Mosaic

97. Which avain disease causes by virus? Its initial symptoms are leg weakness and paralysis of one or both legs
A. Avian Malaria
B. Coccidiosis
C. Marek’s Disease
D. Avian New Castle Disease

98. Which chicken disease is characterize by a watery, sticky, bad-smelling secreation from the affected membranes or the development on a membranes of yellowish cheesy matter, called pseudo-membranes?
A. Simple colds
B. Bronchitis
C. Roup
D. Fowl Pox and Diphtheria

99. Which avain disease usually appears during the hot months of the summer season?
A. Fowl cholera
B. Tuberculosis
C. Fowl Typhoid
D. Fowl Pox and Diptheria

100. Which crop disease causes blisters that burst open releasing black spores?
A. Rust
B. Mosaic
C. Smut
D. Mildew

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