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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 3

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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 3


Agriculture and Fisher Arts Part 3
51. Which type of insect’s life cycle goes through the four (4) stages of development?
A. Complete Metamorphosis
B. Perfect Metamorphosis
C. Incomplete Metamorphosis
D. Imperfect Metamorphosis

52. The following are causes of disease, EXCEPT ___________ .
A. bacteria
B. fungi
C. viruses
D. blight

53. Which is the most intensively kept poultry in the Philippines?
A. Chiken
B. Geese
C. Duck
D. Quail

54. Which refers to the covering of the entire body of animals? Its main function is protection and, to a limited exent, regular of heat.
A. Skin
B. Feather
C. Fur
D. Coat

55. Which term refers to the ovulation period in animals?
A. Sex period
B. Heat period
C. Aroused period
D. Hot period

56. Which animals have a complex stomach system consisting of the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum. And the abomasums?
A. Rumenants
B. Romenants
C. Rominants
D. Ruminants

57. Which close breeding is a breeding between closely related to animals?
A. Linebreeding
B. Selfbreeding
C. Inbreeding
D. Cousinbreding

58. Which term is given to the mating of unrelated animals?
A. Close breeding
B. Outcrossing
C. Crossbreeding
D. Linebreeding

59. Which refers to feeds that have a high percentage of food nutrients per weight and constitute a relatively expensive part of the animal diet?
A. Concentrates
B. Forage
C. Bulk foods
D. Silage

60. The following e are factors to be considered in balancing the nutrients requirements with the nutrient value of the feed available, EXCEPT
_________ .
A. quality and quantity of food available
B. palatability of the food
C. cost of food
D. cost of raw materials

61. The following are importance of agriculture , EXCEPT ___________.
A. food production
B. provides unemployment
C. production of raw materials for industries
D. source of foreign exchange

62. Which farm implement is either pulled by a working animal or by a tractor ? It is used for tilling large areas, making furrows, and inter-row cultivation.
A. Plow
B. Rotavator
C. Harrow
D. Sickle

63. Which farm implement is either pulled by a working animal or mounted to tractor? It is used for tilling and pulverizing the soil.
A. Plow
B. Rotavator
C. Harrow
D. Sickle

64. Which farm implement is attached to a tractor and is used for tilling and pulverizing the soil?
A. Plow
B. Rotavator
C. Harrow
D. Sickle

65. These are practices of calf-rearing EXCEPT ___________ .
A. calf that has not suckled five (5) to six (6) hours after calving should be led to his mother’s udder.
B. calf should not be given concentrates at an early age for faster growth.
C. calf that is weak should be taken to his mother during bad weather.
D. calf should suckle colostrums milk from the mother within three (3) hours after calving.

66. Which type of cattle raising is considered the most challenging because the breeder needs to be familiar with the reproductive cycle and management practices involved?
A. Breeder
B. Growing-Fattening
C. Diary
D. Cow-calf

67. Which breed of cattle has color from light to silver gray and brownish dark gray to red?
A. Indu-brazil
B. Brahman
C. Nellore
D. Batangas Cattle

68. What is referred to as OVIS ARIES?
A. Domestic Goat
B. Domestic Sheep
C. Domestic Duck
D. Domestic Buffalo

69. Which is the common name of CARPA HIRCUS?
A. Domestic Goat
B. Domestic Sheep
C. Domestic Duck
D. Domestic Buffalo

70. Which livestock raising is very popular in the Philippines?
A. Swine/Hog Raising
B. Cattle Raising
C. Goat Raising
D. Sheep Raising

71. Which livestock is referred to as the “poor man’s cow?”
A. Sheep
B. Horse
C. Goat
D. Caraboa

72. At the age of 30-35 days, the American Quail will most likely weigh ________ .
A. 120 grams
B. 200 grams
C. 220 grams
D. 100 grams

73. In commercial duck hatcheries, when is sex determination of duckling done?
A. 1 to 2 days
B. 2 to 3 days
C. 3 to 4 days
D. 4 to 5 days

74. How many feedings a day are sufficient for ducklings over 2 weeks old?
A. 2 to 3 days
B. 3 to 4 days
C. 4 to 5 days
D. 5 to 6 days

75. Which breed of chicken is NOT under the fighting class?
A. ruble
B. hulsay
C. claret
D. osmosis


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