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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 2

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LET Reviewer: Agriculture and Fishery Arts Major Part 2


Agriculture and Fishery Arts Part 2

26. Which is referred to as the hard covering of a seed?
A. Seed coat
B. Test
C. Flesh
D. Cotelydon

27. Which of the following is NOT one of the importance of plant classification?
A. Complicates plants collection initiatives, research, breeding and specialized development efforts
B. Facilitates efficient communication, dissemination and retrieval of scientific information
C. Helps in intergeneric grafting of Solanaceae
D. Indicates the similarities of crops in their uses, adaptation growth habits and method of culture

28. Which is the transfer of pollen from the anther of one flower to the stiga of another flower in separate plants?
A. Self-polliation
B. Cross-pollination
C. Mono-pollination
D. Dual-pollination

29. Which refers to the propagation of fruits, Vegetables and ornamental plants?
A. Crop Production
B. Farm Engineering
C. Horticulture
D. Agricultural Economics

30. Which latin words mean “field cultivation”?
A. Ager cultura
B. Flos cultura
C. Proventus cultura
D. Ager cultura

31. Where were the earliest planned sowing and harvesting of plants discovered through archeological excavation?
A. China
B. Fertile cresent of Egypt and India
C. Summeria
D. Pakistan

32. Which is the scientific and art of systematic production of useful plants and animals for man’s use and consumption through human management?
A. Farming
B. Agriculture
C. Horticulture
D. Crop production

33. Which crop are referred to as “garden crop” they are annual and perennial crops which are grown under an intensive system of culture and utilized with high moisture content, and therefore, perishable.
A. Agronomic crops
B. Solanaceous crops
C. Cole crops
D. Horticultural crops

34. Which pasture and forage are grown, cut, fermented and preserved before being fed to animals?
A. Spoilage crops
B. Beverage crops
C. Silage crops
D. Cereal or Grain crops

35. The following are the examples of cole crops EXCEPT __________ .
A. squash
B. lettuce
C. cabbage
D. pechay

36. Which of the following are the two classification of simple fruits?
A. Monoecious and dioecious
B. Aggregate and multiple
C. Herbaceous and woody
D. Dry and flesh

37. Which grafting method is used to bypass a damage area of a tree trunk?
A. Approach grafting
B. Bark grafting
C. Inarching grafting
D. Side-veneer grafting

38. Which type of soil has 23-50% sand, and 5-27% clay, It is soft. Smooth, gritty and feels like plastic. It forms a mold when dry but requires careful handling and can be handled freely without breaking when moist.
A. Sandy soil
B. Loam soil
C. Sandy loam soil
D. Clay soil

39. Which accessories are pulled by animals or mounted on machinery to make work eaiser?
A. Farm tools
B. Farm machines
C. Farm equipment
D. Farm Implements

40. The following are examples of parasitic plants, EXCEPT_____________ .
A. Cattleya
B. Dodder
C. Mistletoe
D. Lichens

41. Which of the following is NOT one of the toolsin nursery operations?
A. Nursery Calendar
B. Nursery Inventory
C. Plant Development Register
D. Water supply

42. Which of te process of transferring young and tender seeddlings from seedbeds into containers? It is carried out when the seedlings reach a height of 2 cm.
A. Potting
B. Hardening
C. Picking out
D. Planting

43. Which soil erosion in caused by improper planning and arranging of furrows along the land slopes?
A. Sheet erosion
B. Gully erosion
C. Rill erosion
D. Stream-bank erosion

44. Which are herbaceous climbing or twinning plants without self-supporting stems?
A. Lianas
B. Vines
C. Herbs
D. Shrubs

45. Which refers to any crops which are intended by the grower to become his main source of income?
A. Main crops
B. Intercrops
C. Nursery crops
D. Cash crops

46. Wich are crops from the regrowth of shoots retained on the plants after harvest?
A. Filler crops
B. Ratoon crops
C. Relay crops
D. Catch crops

47. Which tool in nursery operations keeps track of the species and numbers of seedlings in the different stage of development?
A. Nursery Calendar
B. Plant Development Register
C. Nursery Inventory
D. Records of Experiments

48. Which as/are the most essential and important resource for all life on the planet?
A. Food
B. Clothing
C. Medicine
D. Water

49. Which type of irrigation is also known as trickle irrigation, micro irrigation or localized irrigation?
A. Drip irrigation
B. Cub-irrigation
C. Sprinkle irrigation
D. Manual irrigation

50. What are all advantage of sprinkler irrigations. EXCEPT _____________ .
A. mobility of the system
B. less problem of clogging on the nozzle due to sediment laden water
C. greater conductive micro-climate
D. minimized fertilizer and nutrient loss is due to localized application and reduced leaching

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